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BlackMike Models

Wingnut Wings Sopwith Dolphin out of the blue and into BlackMike Models

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Wingnut Wings have given us another Christmas surprise and have just released a Sopwith Dolphin (so now we know why there was a gap in the numbering of the Camels, actually there was 2 gaps!).

The kit will take a few weeks to make it to many of the Distributors in Europe, mine has told me they expect their stock to arrive on the 22nd of December but obviously they have to clear Customs and then be taken into their stock before being dispatched out to me. So with that in mind I expect the kits to arrive with me sometime in the first half of January.

As with previous Wingnut Wings releases I am taking pre-orders and have now opened the BlackMike Models website up for pre-order sales. For more details please follow the link below:



Duncan B

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