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So i did this as a pre-empt into building the rather lovely Great Wall Hobby SU35S as I wanted to practice a few bits and pieces before I did and for the most part get where i wanted to get where i wanted, I still need to get the engine sections right and that will be the next one. 

the Trumpeter kit is a peach of a build (i'm not sure how accurate it is, It looks like a two seat flanker to me) 

I bought the Kit when Richard @RWG686 was having his stash clear out along with the Zvezda SU27 SM 

I now have a slight addiction to these aircraft oops 


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Trumpeter's research department does seem to get their Eastern bloc subjects accurately enough. It's the Western ones that suffer. And the fit, finish and paintwork are truly excellent.

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thank you for the kind comments guys, it really has been a pleasureable build.

 @Col. I'm still trying to get the exhausts right and will do better on the Big beastie up next I speant today on the Pz iv, but I also seem to have picked up a dose of sciatica from working at home for the last 2 weeks straight teaching via zoom (just had to but a better office chair as well as a new compressor, (its been an expensive month)  

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