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Airfix Swordfish Decal Issues - Cry for Help!

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I'm currently building the Airfix Swordfish Floatplane.

Last night I applied the decals, and only afterwards noticed the issues: Firstly, the red and white chevrons don't seem to align with the fuselage centreline as they should - they point downwards slightly.

Secondly, and worse, the spacing between the chevrons is all over the place - some gaps are wide, others narrow. It's obvious at the sides of the gun trough:


So the only option I'm left with is to try and get some spare decals and cut strips to apply to correct the issues.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Would some kind soul be prepared to sell me a spare set of decals - maybe if they've used the other scheme option from this kit?

Thanks very much in advance!



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58 minutes ago, Walrus said:

I had a similar alignment problem with the fuselage chevrons on the Airfix Eindecker 
PM your address Doc, and I'll get the decals to you asap
If I do that scheme I think I will paint the chevrons 



Walrus to the rescue. 


Much appreciated; I hope I can correct it because I've put a  hell of a lot of hours into detailing the cockpits and engine.

I did consider painting the stripes, but the issue there I think would be matching the rather bright serial numbers and roundel centres with the red of the chevrons.

If I were doing it again, I'd cut the individual stripes out and apply separately. This would also solve another issue that's not apparent until you apply them - they are out of register and some edges have a white border.

PM sent, thanks again.

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17 hours ago, Walrus said:

Message received Doc! 
The thought of painting them and getting the thin white stripes right is making me think of doing the 1940 camo scheme! lol 

Measured the stripes with my scale rule.  Total width varies from 4'3" to 4'9" at the top.

Thanks. I just did a comparison with some dividers - they're all over the place, so even if they were pointing in the right direction, they still can never be spot-on.

Why do I so often wish to go back in time a couple of modelling hours? Why do I never learn to triple check stuff?

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Just a quick update as a "Thank you" to Walrus...

I've not worked on the Swordfish since February, because motivation due to endless issues with sink marks on the upper wing. I've noticed these on other Airfix Swordfish models online, and it seems to be a mould design problem, ie there's a cut-out for a spar in the upper wing, which results in a non-uniform section with sharp edges:


Anyway I've tried to correct it with partial success.

Back to the decals, a combination of Walrus' spares and some silver strips improved matters no end:



The new decals were different from mine in terms of chevron spacing (the new ones would probably not have needed correcting), so I don't know what's going on there.

And the model is progressing again:


Still a lot of small details to add.

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  • 3 months later...

All, just wanted to thank everyone very much for their help with my Airfix 1:72 Swordfish questions on here over the past months (decal request, tail light colour questions, aftermarket bomb info, etc). It has been a real struggle, but worth it in the end: At Scale Model World, it got a Gold medal, and the Jim Howard Trophy for best seaplane or flying boat:


It was only finished a few days before the show. I’ll post pictures when I get around to taking some.

Thanks again all - particularly Walrus, without whose prompt dispatch of his spare decals, it would have gone in the bin through pure frustration - you know how it is.


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6 hours ago, goon said:

Nice one! I sometimes think a kit that fights back a bit brings out our best work, and are the most satisfying completions. (I’m looking at you Mach 2 Coleoptere!)


I think you’re right. The only reason I entered it was that SMW was the goal to get it finished by (after a year of grief with it on and off), and since I was entering other models, I thought what the hell - it’s free. I never, ever thought it could win something. Maybe we focus on every tiny error or disappointment, and miss the bigger picture? Either way I’m extremely grateful: it’s given me my motivation back, and I’ve already started the Airfix Vulcan I got as part of the Airfix Trophy. Strictly OOB, and I’m loving it so far.

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