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Paul Brown

Millennium Falcon (Revell/Fine Molds)

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Supposed to be done for SMW, but failed miserably, although I might show it as a WIP. Hull dry fitted, plus sub-assemblies.


The kit is humungous, everything fits beautifully with little clean up required, but fahzands of little pieces that drive you nuts. Great for stress  busting, although many of you will think I've lost the plot. Actually most of you think I lost the plot yonks ago.  :whistle: 

I'd like to have a peep at the Bandai kit, it's bound to be radically different as well as gorgeous, but I doubt I'll be handing over the required spons to acquire one. This Revell release is relatively Bargain Basement in comparison (although the wallet did go off in a sulk, even at a heavily discounted price) and it's a wonderful thing.

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I've started, so I'll finish (thinking about the pile of money that bought the kit). Hopefully much more advanced by the next Rivenhall meet.

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I've been plugging away on this one - having splashed out on a big bucks kit like this it would be daft not to see it all the way through. The thing is, this kit is a blast all the way, whoever designed it was a plastic engineering genius, there is nothing that has given me the least bit of trouble at any time, other than through my own doing. 

You gotta laugh sometimes, one tiny part went ping under the side-cutters and I actually saw it accelerate close to the speed of light over my left shoulder, only to disappear into that dimension outside our own space-time continuum reserved for tiny plastic parts. I've been doing this long enough to know better, but there you are, we all get complacent sometimes. Anyhow I scratched another one together (it was one of three), not bad, but not brilliant. I doubt anybody would notice, it's pretty small. The upshot was that I was having a tidy up the other day and the original part was actually in front of me on the bench behind some Tamiya jars. 

On with the build. On Sunday I was a bit fed up with a dose of man flue and decided getting around to painting the crew figures would be a suitable distraction. This worked a treat, four figures sorted and the cockpit assembled, something that I had previously avoided doing because figure painting is not really my thing. I left the cockpit assembly to harden up overnight, then the following day fixed it to the main hull, so the bulk of the construction work is now done. I also spent a lot of time with a fine brush and Mr Surfacer 500 plugging all the tiny gaps where the surface pipe runs don't meet. This took a while but was worth it and I've since sanded and scraped them all so they look nice and tidy. Here's some pics. 

The main hull test fitted and screwed together temporarily:



The figures painted and installed into the cockpit. I'm not a lot of cop at this aspect of modelling and the camera does me no favours (actually, if you want to improve your modelling, take a lot of close up pics and spend some time looking where you're getting it wrong, it's very instructive), but I think they'll pass muster at normal sort of viewing distances under the transparencies. C3P0 was the easiest, a quick squirt of Alclad brass, sorted:




Transparencies on - they were masked off the model:


And finally the bulk of the hull complete:



Next up will be an overall blast of primer before the painting fun begins. Might need to stock up on Mr Surfacer!

Did I mention this has been a hoot all the way?! I baulked at the investment required to buy this kit, but it's been worth every penny.


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