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Mercedes Unimog Paris Dakar 1986 two or three seats??

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Hello I think this is going to be be hard question, but I maybe some fan of Unimog Paris Dakar truck will know the answer.

Im building Unimog U1300L Paris Dakar from 1986 with number 610 (K.-F. Capito / J. Capito) from the Revell kit, and I would like to ask you if this Umimog had 3 or 2 seats? (In the kit are just "armchairs" which were never used in rally truck.

 I found a picture from Unimog 1985 (start number 614 registration plate SI LD 10)where is clearly visible that there are only two seats https://mercedes-benz-publicarchive.com/marsClassic/en/instance/ko/Unimog-triumph-in-Paris---Dakar-Rally.xhtml?oid=4910874

But on Daimler truck Page there is written infomation that Unimog from 1985 with registration plate SI LD 10 was improved for Paris Dakar 1986 by better engine and three Recaro seats

But I can not find any picture where is clearly visible that in 1986 had Unimog with reg.plate SI LD 10 (start number 610) three seats? 

If you have some in your archive which you could share that will be great.
Helpful will be also picture of the Unimog's interior (dashboard) fromParis Dakar 1986  and if the engine was green? As says Revell instructions.

I have added some images of the Unimog (which I am planning to build) with start number 610 which I have found but difficult to judge if there were 2 or 3 seats?







Thanks for your help.


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6 hours ago, beowulf said:

as a big fan of the Dakar i look forward to this......weather its got 2 or 3 seats!

Thank you, just short information what I am planninng to correct in the kit to original Unimog start number 610 (regarding this pictures).

-Replace "armchairs" by Recaro seats (two or three?)

- Rear mudguards needs to be changed to round on 610 (in the kit are provided only different mudguards for number 611 /Dakar 1986/ or 614 /Dakar 1985/)

- tarpaulin on this truck 610 need to be lowered, see the pictures it is copying the heigth of the cabin (in the kit us much higher (again this is correct only for number 611 or 614).

- I will add dust guards on the front wheels and the rear ones will be replaced as in the kit are extremely thick.

And maybe during the build I will notice some other differences to the original so I will mention all corrections after this model will be finished ( or if I will some time I could make some short WIP) 









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29 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

Martin, have a read of this


It explains in the text, they have three Recaro seats 😬👍

Yes, I have read that so I will add 3 seats...just some picture to proof it will be nice ;)

And one sad information about Unimog Dakar 610 from 1986. This truck was damaged  during the race in 1986 by accident :(. So this will be tribute build to number 610.


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