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SU30 MKK Flanker Now SU35S

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On 08/02/2021 at 05:39, Grunhertz said:

so I've made a start and had to order more AM due to the fact I'm building the second prototype, the aircraft has SU27 Antennas which the production aircraft doesn't have. 

so some quickboost antennas have been ordered, but a dry fit of the cockpit shows what to me is one of the best Injected pits I've seen. 




Pardon my late arrival 😬. Regarding your photos above, no wonder that kit commands AU$150! I’m enjoying you build greatly as I read through it slowly (and will make do with my ‘Mini Hobby Models’ reboxing of the 1/48 Trumpeter 1999 kit 🤣).

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Alex it is a really expensive kit yes and I only bought it a couple of years ago because a friend was selling it cheap, but I'm tending not to buy all and sundry kits anymore and just the ones that attract my attention,  

It may be expensive but it needs NO filler it is thoughtfully produced with things that need painting in traditionally hard to paint areas (undercarriage bays) produced separately for ease of painting full length engine trunking means no horrible join along the engines but this stuff costs money. 

I am attracted to flankers purely because they look so damn graceful its one of those aircraft that looks fast sitting on the ground. Unfortunately I don't think we'll see the likes of aircraft like these ever again going by the su57, f35 etc gen 5 fighters just look plain ugly to me 

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Yes current current generation of fighter, Sukhois and that flying bathtub lemon thing that is currently coming into service in Five Eyes air forces aren’t the most beautiful things - but the Flankers are in a class of their own. Lovely shapes, and as you say, look fast even when parked.

A well engineered kit is worth it (says he in the throes of trying to defeat a 1/35 Dragon oh dear oh dear). There’s also a Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 Flanker B in storage against the day when I can apply glue and paint without removing any resemblance to the original - kit or full size :hrhr:.

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19 hours ago, BlackMike Models said:

I should take up fishing! I cast that one especially for you 😂

Duncan B

You know I'm shallow and predictable but it doesn't change the fact you still haven't finished them yet :P

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@Drichc 's fans and Stators arrived this week and all I can say is they are brilliant , Drop straight in and look the part just make sure you get the right bits together though as I didn't to start with but painted up we have this........


I could then get the rest of the engine trunking in and it fits beautifully, just needs a bit of clamping until it dries but heres where we are, 


Burner cans have been assembled as well as the leading edge slats, next up, the fins 

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so progress has been made, starting with the canopy and the internals, so lots of scraping, polishing and a final t-cut, yes t-cut the rear section of the canopy had a coat of a mix of tamiya clear yellow and smoke (it gives a tea like colour) i then white glued the canopy on without the internals, internals that led to me and the wife completely emptying the model room looking for an inch long piece of plastic, found it in the end and then threw away the tweezers that allowed it to ping across the room in the first place. 

Then it was on to paint i tried various paints here with a mule and I had the following, 

Vallejo SU 27 set, colours weren't bad but vallejo has the adhesion properties of cooking oil on teflon for me and they didn't have 35 colours in there 

Mig specific SU35 set light blue and grey arent bad but the dark blue???? wtaf were they thinking it would be a suitable blue for an SU33 whats more if you spray mig paints according to their methods it would have taken about a year to paint with very thin misted coats sprayed from all 360 degrees. 

So my options were a mix of Gunze paints or Rich @Drichc put me onto Mr.Paint which have specific SU35/Yak 130 colours so i gave them a go and erm it wasn't overly positive to start with, firstly this stuff stinks!!!!!!!! secondly it takes a lot of paint to cover but the light blue went on and all was ok then it was the turn of the light grey erm if you look at the photo below the grey has been sprayed 



So one of my messenger conversations with duncan @BlackMike Models i told myself to try the darker blue before making a decision and its not bad and needed the 3rd colour to bring out the grey. (it still doesnt look good in photos) 


Anyway then it was onto the anti-glare panel and the gun protection area, so more masking and flat black XF1 on the anti-glare followed by an X1 undercoat on the gun panel and tail planes and then Airframe aluminium Alclad on the tail with Alclad stainless steel on the gun panel and heres where we are as of tonight. 


Then the metal work starts on the Stabilators so thin strips of masking  tape (ongoing, three more sides to mask)  then a titanium top coat with heat staining 


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Colours look good to me mate.

Mr Paint certainly does smell, and does take time to build up, but that gives amazing control of colour density. I’ve also not found anything that sprays as well. Well apart from maybe Tamiya Lacquers.

Good luck with all the metal shading.


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