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I have a number of others on pre-order which I am looking forward to and dreading having to pay for. I am particularly looking forward to the appearance of the Ffrom/Azur Fairey Battle which I have one of each version of on pre-order. I am hoping that the Battle will appear as promised before Christmas but they have already been put back several times so I'm not holding my breath. 

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50 minutes ago, Hutch6390 said:

I've just found an e-mail from Airfix, sent earlier this evening, announcing that the 1/48 Gannet is "now in store" - Tally Ho!

As long as it’s not short-shot like the Me410 example. That’s really put me off Airflicts (again) :rant:.

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On 23/11/2023 at 03:35, Ian Campbell said:

Looking briefly at the Rumourmonger on the other channel I see someone has upset Special Hobby rather badly and they’ve given them a stuffing.

Some people never learn😂

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch :PMSL:.

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Long story short.

Apparently Special Hobby and AZ models were going to release Mosquito's with two stage engines.

As you will know doubt know th SPECULATION  ran rampant.

Everything from cowling length to materials used for the moulds was discussed along with the usual wrong scale crap.

After about six pages of drivel SH has bitten back giving short shift about various things mentioned.

One of his posts has been deleted but basically the message was BUTT OUT it's our company.


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