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James Hatch

Our Rules - Simple but essential

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Dear members,

We don't want to burden anyone with long lists of onerous rules that guide your every ability to be a member of Brexitmodeller. We like to think that we generally all know how to behave around others, whether in public, or in an online forum. Of course, there will be times that your patience is tested, maybe here, other forums, or on Facebook etc. This does happen, and non of us are infallible when it comes to posting angry messages. All we ask here is that if you are in a position where you are incensed by something, that you take a few deep breaths and compose yourself before hitting the keyboard and ruining your evening. Simply put, here are our basic expectations:

  • Don't troll, or gang up on any Brexitmodeller member.
  • If you strongly disagree with someone, then please agree to disagree and leave the conversation with your reputation and friendship intact. It really is better this way.
  • Remember that religion and politics are explosive on forums, and the two together, even worse. Please try to steer clear.
  • If you feel you need to post something that could be contentious to a member, then consider posting it via our Private Message system. This of course isn't there to be abused, but can be a place where members can resolve their differences, and then move on.
  • You may have some strong feelings regarding how you/friends have been treat on another forum. Brexitmodeller isn't here to publicly bash those forums, but instead to redress the balance that seems to be lost on one of them in particular. Please don't publicly bash those forums or their staff/members here. Allusion is a better tool to use when the circumstances have been arrived at. As adults, that is something for you to measure and apply yourself.

We will no doubt have to arrive at a small number of secondary rules for things as we evolve, such as buying/selling/trading and other things, but any rules will be fair, evenly-handed and non-protrusive. We can learn where others have failed, and are seen to continue to do so, and hopefully create a forum where we can attract all modelers from the very new, through to the seasoned. We all have much to learn, and our aim is that we can do that here, and have crap-loads of fun in the process. 

My friends, alea iacta est!

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