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1/72 Planet Models SR/A.1

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I picked up this kit of a very pretty and unique aircraft this summer – and have built it already!!

It is an all resin kit from Planet Models. There were a few bubbles here and there and the fuselage was quite warped, but otherwise the molding was very crisp, with nicely defined recessed panel lines. After carving away some large casting blocks it has all gone together quite well.

I used Zap 2-part epoxy to hold it all together, with a brass rod spar for the tailplanes and plasticard butt straps for the wing attachment.

Undercoated overall with Halfords Grey and rubbed down to varying levels of smoothness to give a variation in the BMF finish. Some panels were also painted gloss black to add to the effect. Looking at some of the videos, the finish actually looks very even and is probably painted Speed Silver – but I had some Vallejio Air Duraluminium to try…

The kit decals just fell apart on wetting, so out came the aftermarket decals for all markings and registrations.

The Vallejio went on very well, though you really do have to use very light coats. Klear to seal the paint and then the decals and a coat of artist acrylic matt varnish to pull it all together and dull down the shine a bit.

Rare Earth magnets hold it onto the pole and Deluxe Materials – Making Waves used for the water effect.

Any and all comments welcome.










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Thanks folks. It will be on the Splash table, so you can see how flattering the photos are! Unfortuantely I shan't be able to get there myself this year.

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Sweet build and display, Grant
Beautifully done.

Hope the video clip will be of interest for anyone who hasn't seen the real thing fly.  

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Sweet mother mary, I used to clean that fugly brute at Solent Sky. I also have scar on my shin from its wretched "Beryl " engine ..Your pictures are defunct though.

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