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Pocher 1/4 ducati pangalie

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HI my missus promised me this kit for my birthday (I will be 60) then surprised me more by saying I could have the upgrade kit as well (since I'm such a good boy) that takes the kit up to £750.00
Well since we're on hols I was just browsing and was checking out Jadlam models and toys and found it for £474.95 so I nearly wet myself with excitement and ordered it, idiot course I got an email today saying it will be delivered tomorrow, I've managed to get the del changed to next Tuesday.
The update kit is coming from the USA no idea how long that will take to get here (obviously not allowed to touch it till October 26th)(we'll see) I can't wait looking at it (obviously haven't seen the actual model ) but judging by the size of 1/6th bike kits I'm going to attempt working indicators operated by the actual indicator switches also not sure if it's big enough for that but maybe even operating high/low beam.
Can you tell I'm excited.
Here in hunstanton you get a lot of superbikes parked along the seafront so I'm hoping to see a ducati then I will ask to take some detail picks of wear on an actual bike to get that right.

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