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Airfix Saturn V Apollo Launch Vehicle.

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the Airfix kit is rather old and a bit basic by todays standards, but I always wanted one as a kid, so I did a bit of updating on it by adding missing fuel cells, in fact you could go to town on this adding all the pipework and trunking to the mighty F1 engines. This is just a catchup on the build I did a while ago, so it's not a work in progress.


adding small details like fuel cells using plastic BB s from my son's toy gun.


the actual kit was a fast build, just the added bits and pieces made it a longer build.


of course adding detail is a waste of time if it's covered up in the end product, so I wanted to make this separated into stages, that's difficult to do if the model is Vertical.


so "A little bit of scratch building every now and then is appreciated by the wisest of men"

and a base board, of concrete.


you can see where it's going now....


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stands that hold the model separated out in it's flight stages.


what to do at this end?


time flies by when I'm the driver of a train as ride on the footplate there and back again.

the Lunar Module, the only part of the whole vehicle designed only for space flight.



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so test fitting the whole thing together prior to bonding the stages in place, stand back, does it look right?



then when it's all settled and bonded down, time for some glass to keep aspiring little Astronuts fingers out.


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people in 1/144 scale as visitors to the space center were all fine about being painted black, head to feet, just so they don't distract viewers and just provide a sense of scale.




looks nice on top of the drinks cabinet, a fitting tribute to Ed White, Gus (Virgil) Grissom and Roger Chaffee. Who lost their lives making the dream come true.

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1 minute ago, Michelle Edwards said:

I remember building one of these a s a kid, didn’t look anywhere as nice as yours.

I was just thinking the same thing.

Fantastic result.

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