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Reeeeeeally looking forward to this. :sleeping:

This kit has been substituted at the last minute due to a temporary* brain malfunction - the kit I'd lined up for active service turned out to be an impostor. Fortunately**, I received this as a gift from Santa (the fat git). Although It's RRRRRP is £11.99, no one in their right mind would pay that when Aldi and the Daily Heil have been known to pay you to take them away (pretty much).

* In this instance 'temporary' is defined as the second half of my life.

** Correct use of irony.


I'll lay out the corpse before you in the hope that it's going inspire at least one of us:





I won't be starting yet as I've got a Blackbird nesting on my workbench and I waiting to see if it's going to lay eggs, as I'm hoping for a few of these:


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18 minutes ago, Lost Cosmonauts said:

Cool, Do you need the three-view drawings and specification of the type 305 scanned and posted? 

Thanks for that but I haven't the enthusiasm to make this build any longer than it needs to be - it's a sort of contractual obligation type deal. In other words "Big boys are making me do it" - (bad Darren! :fish:).

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10 hours ago, RWG686 said:

and do this 

I'm going full out rivet-counter torture with this one - no idea yet but no rush. I'm going to completely ignore whatever Mk. it is and throw some paint at it and see what sticks. :evil:

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55 minutes ago, Gorby said:

I'm going full out rivet-counter torture with this one - no idea yet but no rush.

There’s always going full Michael Bay as an option... 




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Here's your civvy Spit paintjob Gorbamov:


Also known as AR213,one of the Westland built Mk.Ia's,seen above in November 2017 on her first

post restoration flight with non other than Jonathon Whaley doing the driving.

Sold in 2011 for £3.2 million,a "notable"pilot who flew her during her service career was Ginger Lacey

whilst instructing on 57 OTU.

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