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Revell 1/96 Thermopylae

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Hi all well it's finally finished.
Just one question, I know which one goes on the main mast from the box art but where do these other flags go.

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The large red ensign flies at the stern, usually from the peak of the driver's gaff. The 4 signal flags are the ship's call letters and will fly from a mizzen yardarm, usually the downwind to allow the flags to fly free of the sail and be seen. That red ensign with the crest in the fly looks a lot like the Canadian red ensign, but I really doubt that it is. I'd have to see it closer to be certain.

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Tis a veritable maritime marvel; straight from the 'Onedin Line.' I did do a double take on the 4th phot looking at the rigging below mizzen top gallantĀ then realised it was a whirligig.

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