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500 Books For Auction, MANY Rarities, Low Start!

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To reiterate, I am primarily an aviation and military book dealer by trade, so here is my first eBay auction link.

New eBay listings are now live:


By around 9pm tomorrow (thursday 15th June) there will be 500 books listed. Many dozens of rarities, including both volumes of the EE Lightning books by Stewart Scott, the first 'Luftwaffe Over Czech Territory' book by JaPo Publishing, lots of Classic Publications titles, no less than 4 of the rarest 'Famous Russian Aircraft' books by Yefim Gordon and over 3 dozen rare USAAF Unit histories.

All books located in the UK - I will post Worldwide with a few exceptions, and I will combine postage costs.  I have paid the extra fees so that items are also visible on eBay.com and eBay.ca.  There are also a few listings on eBay Germany, in German, with prices in Euros. Obviously, and items won there will be sent with items purchased on eBay UK, although I will have to invoice you separately from eBay Germany for the books won there.

For all bidders I offer a service whereby you can bid on and win items, and I will then invoice you for the book(s) only. You can then set them aside until my next monthly auctions and try and win more items. In this way you can build up a pile and get them all sent for one shipping cost. The obvious catch is that you must win more items in the next auctions!
If you win items and wish to take advantage of this offer, please let me know at checkout time otherwise I will invoice you in the normal way.

As usual, 99% of the time I start listings at £0.99 regardless of rarity, in order to give everyone a fair chance. The final selling price is up to you!

Thanks for looking,


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