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3D scanners

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There has been mucho chat about drawing up items in a 3D drawing program, and I have seen some non-aero production that is sooo-perb. But does anyone have any experience/knowledge of 3D scanners (hand-held or turntable mount), their output, and their ability to be imported into a 3D drawing program for editing?

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My experience of raw, unprocessed scan data is that there is so much noise in it, you might as well draw from first principles. Maybe it's better now and maybe there's software that can filter out the dross, but looking at the scans Airfix put up on their blog from time to time there's a lot of work involved in creating a 3D model from a scan. I need to get up to speed in 3D modelling because I'm looking to get a printer some time, but I don't think a scanner will be on my shopping list.

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