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First if you are new and at whatever level, welcome and perhaps welcome back to those modellers who have returned to the hobby after a hiatus. I returned to modelling aircraft some years ago and wish to thank HogFan, LloydKing and a few other friends for helping me. Despite a a trove books, videos, magazines etc. there were gaps that I just did not get. If you post up your work here we will do our best to help, positively criticise and answer any questions with a view to helping you acquire knowledge and skill towards taking your modelling to where you want it to go. Different disciplines require different skills, There is always more than one way to achieve the same result. No matter what your level of modelling, please do share your ideas with other members. 

If you don't want to share in open forum, PM (Private Message) me and I will try and answer your question or ask one of my fellow modellers to chip. 


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I do lots of experimentation on things that I am not confident about.

I experiment until I get the idea of what to do or use. Then with that new confidence I attempt the newly learnt skill, tool, or material to the model.

Akin to experiment is practice. Both are needed to improve one's skills and know-how.

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