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Madhatter Mk2

Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

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thanks guys

I am really struggling to keep on with it when I have a Zvezda SD and the 2199 Andromeda in the pile ready to start, but I am going to finish this kit first - no matter how badly I want to build the others.

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It's been almost a year since I last updated this. I have been working on it on and off again in the time since but I have had to wait a month or so for the replacement clear frames from Revell in Germany. It was quite a process to get it done, but worth it. I royally screwed up the first frames using the wrong tint and paint but not so this one.

I've run a dark euro Vallejo wash over the wooden decking to give it a richer colour than pine. It has soaked in nicely and I am very happy with how its come out

A couple of the pools have the railings and water added as well




The power socket for the top half of the ship lighting has been installed and ready to go:



The bridge is almost ready for lighting:


I have also added clear plastic strips and pieces as windows for the bridge and the forward facing part of the super structure:




The back lighting for the Ship name is done:


The (dry) fit is less than stellar here:


And the sides are done as well:


There are other smaller sub structures done as well but not worth photographing yet.

I'm trying to move on with it now in  time for Expo, but it may not get there this year.

That's all for now, but thanks for looking


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Thanks for sticking around. I think this is just one of those builds that just keeps going on and on with lots of small details everywhere that need attending to, a seemingly endless supply 

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Your model is looking great - did you manage to get it finished?

I am starting the same model soon and am wondering if you could help me with a few points.

In the instruction manual it shows some sort of pen - do you know what it is? and what did you use? (in the used symbols page it says that it is not included)

Also, did you put a base colour on the hull before applying the grey/black and burgundy?

Thank you!!

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hey there - welcome aboard

I haven't touched it for months since the last update. I've had other projects on the go as well which has contributed to the stagnation

I'm assuming by pen you mean a paint pen for the window frames? I used a paint brush from memory. Very carefully applied. Any spill over can be cleaned up with a toothpick soaked in thinner.

In regards to the hull, I sprayed and masked the white before spraying the red which was then masked ready for the Tamiya Midnight Blue in the middle. Don't spray black in the middle because it isn't black. Its very dark blue.

I really must get back to building this beautiful ship. I saw one today for sale at Expo and it reminded me of the neglect I have shown this. Hope to see yours one day!

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