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Due to the rather hotch potch manner in which my modelling sort of progresses I have been reticent to post WIP threads.
Instead I thought it would be more useful for myself to throw all my projects into a single Blog type post.

Have developed a fondness for 1/72 armoured cars, built without frill or even reference straight from the box.
That didn't last too long as I started a Science Treasury Humber MkII.
I heard mixed news about the kit, some saying it was a crappy knock off of the old Hasegawa kit.  Others said it was a licensed kit.
So I bagged one cheap to suck it and see.
The only license was with the truth and it is clearly the former.  

The stickers were just that. Stickers.  Which went straight in the bin.
So I bought a Hase kit just to get some decals.  The Hase kit shows its age, with metal rods for axles and some crude detailing but the plastic is good.
I started putting them both together and this is more or less  where I am with them atm 

The Science Treasury Imposter!

As you can see there is a lot of plasticard added to try and improve the kit.
Fit was poor.  I had to get the Hase instructions online as the photocopy of a photocopy on toilet paper instruction sheet only had Psychologists' Ink Blot tests on them.
Had no idea how to assemble the kit using them, but I did find that I have repressed childhood memories of being bullied by little girls.


I replaced the gun barrels with aluminium tubing.  Unfortunately I have a tendency to make improvements as hoc rather than planning for them and doing proper research.
You will see this is a recurrent error on my part.  The little hatch on the turret was placed with reference to the Hase kit, I suspect it should have gone further forward.
Have removed the overscale aerial brackets as I think it should be on the turret rear.
Having cemented them on, I removed the lights from the mudguard and turret, as they look too clunky.
(This kit did not have the small sidelights on the front mudguards)



You can see how much crisper the Hase kit is, with barely any filler required.

The Hase Daimler MKII is a little sweetie! Note the clunky light bracket though.  Will replace that 



One area where these kits are lacking is in the tractor and transmission department.
While the Daimler at least has the drive shafts the Humber is lacking entirely.   Sytrene rod to the rescue

The kit improvements will never be 100% accurate, but a big reason for building these lits is purely for fun
If you made it this far thanks for  the time and effort.  


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Duncan, I picked up those chocolate coins after Christmas to put aside for this year's Chrimbo.
They will be well past the sell by date of course, but the kids won't notice.

Well, not until the Boxing Day projectile vomiting.  

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5 hours ago, Michelle Edwards said:

Too small for me but looking forward to seeing them

That's a set up for a self depreciating joke if ever I saw one, but I don't want to get the banhammer, so for once I shall refrain! xD
Thanks Mish

Duncan, & Jockster, they are indeed, great fun

Last night I decided to do some surgery on the undersides 
No idea how I am going to replicate the differential housing 
TBH I have no idea what it looks like either! 
Wish me luck!:clover:


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The world of flatpack has finally come to plastic modelling

This was how I received my RPM Model T Ford Reconnaissance Car and Polish Armoured Car kits 9_9
Started on the Recon Car which suffered in transit.  there were some of the tiny lanterns missing, some parts that aren't on the instructions and a lot of parts that need replacing

The chassis frame came without one half of the leaf suspension 

Which was replaced by some styrene strip and a bit of sanding

The exhaust "pipe" is supplied having a D cross section, with a baffle in two halves that don't quite match up
The Vickers Machine Gun is okay but a tad basic.  

Added a bit of detail inside which is based on what info I could find and the rest made up of imagination and error
But hey ho, it's better than the rather barren interior offered by the kit imho
The steering column and mg stand are the only parts provided 



Replaced the exhaust with styrene rod and wire.  The front axle was so badly misaligned along the mould line that I had to sand it back and add some styrene.


The bracing rods were totally inadequate and the rear set far too short according to some photos I found online so were also replaced with styrene rod.
I reattached them to the engine block after seeing this photo.  They looked okay with the naked eye! 9_9  


So am just on to some more detail work and hopefully improving the final parts 
The steering column and  handbrake are made of aluminium tube.  just need to add a lever to the handbrake handle.

Thanks for looking as always

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Thanks Duncan! 

With the innuendos again, Mish!
What a Carry On! xD

Well butter my buttocks, finally uploaded a whopping total of two pictures to Photoshop.
It's only taken 24 hours! 

I wanted to show this comparison between the Humber and the Model T Ford 

Also sliced off the rudimentary semi-relief moulding of the differential box and filled in the trough for the supplied metal rod axle.
I think this will improve the look of the model as it will mean the axle will be slightly lower and raise the body up.
IMHO the kit wheels sit too low if built OOB.
May be wrong but it's too late now to worry about it! xD 


Haven't been able to do any work on these for a couple or three days but have thought of a cunning plan to make the axles.
Hopefully will be able to get something done over the weekend 


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Amazing detailing work going on here, tiny exhaust pipes! 

Those boxes, euch! I hate Master Box boxes, they have a tendency to revert to 2 dimensions with the slightest of provocation (I'm sure a sunny day would be enough) and once they've collapsed they won't stay in 3 dimensions ever again. VP Packaging just loves them, not.

Duncan B

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Thanks Duncan
I've not been doing any modelling after my abortive attempt to improve the Model T's Vickers Machine gun

My energy and now mojo are low.
Dug out my Airfix HMS Mauritania kit but a) this kit nearly scuttled my desire to ever model again, and b) is probably not the best project to get me enthused again 

Not when nothing fits and much fiddly filling and filing will be required. 
I just get that, "I really can't face doing that job right now" feeling! xD

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Over 2 years since I posted here and only the little Model T Ford has been finished! 
Think I've started a couple or several 1/72 vehicles since then, too!  :whistle:

Was looking for something and chanced upon the Attack Marmon-Herrington MkII kit in a plastic tub and had a sudden compulsion to do a bit more work.
The kit is definitely short run injection with plenty of flash and soft details

As I haven't done the box and details I'll post a link to a really helpful online review build that shows what can be done by someone that knows what they are doing 
It's a neat guide for some of the things I missed.  Although I wasn't planning on doing a super detailed project I had already started removing plastic to open up the radiator door louvres and the windscreen.

Since the radiator doors will be opened have modified the rather crude parts and added some styrene 
Because it has been so long since I last worked on the kit, forgot to attach the bottom plate, from which the incorrect upright central support and headlamps were rmoved.

The kit sand boards were just too crude and I abandoned the idea of drilling the lightening holes and scratched a pair.
Not being happy with the result I scratched another pair since the photo was taken.


The holes for the Vickers mg gimbals are too large and there is nothing but air to glue the guns to.
They were backed with scrap styrene, packed with Green Stuff, the gimbals liberally coated with KY Jelly which were plunged in.
Once the Green Stuff had cured the guns were removed and the excess GS easily cleaned off with a sharp scalpel blade.

On to the undersides...

ps   Made a right mess of the wheels trying to remove the very prominent seam line.  
Will just have to pretend they have gone bald and the car is a long way from the nearest Quickfit Fitters  (Other tyre replacement services are available)

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Will have to try and re post the Botophucket pics.  Thanks Botophucket! 

Primed the Marmon with Vallejo Brick Red and made the mistake of using AK Interactive Light Stone from their Caunter Scheme set.
Would have been better off using thinned gnat's pee! xD

After losing count of how many coats had been applied, it still needed more.  I did what I should have done in the first place and used Vallejo Green Ochre 
One more coat of Light Stone did the trick.  

Just for fun I sat the Polish Model T Ford armoured car next to the Marmon-Herrington


And then the Roden Rolls-Royce


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I assume the model T armoured car is the same scale as the other two. It looks like a light breeze would knock it over.

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22 minutes ago, Gorby said:

I assume the model T armoured car is the same scale as the other two. It looks like a light breeze would knock it over.

It's is and probably did Mark!  

1 hour ago, Grunhertz said:

That light stone is an interesting paint isn't it? 

I used several adjectives to describe it, Darren! 

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Marmon Harrington II is all but finished 





I realised that I have been neglecting the JB Models 1/76 Bedford MK Refueller which is so close to being completed.
I'm not sure what colour the tarpaulin is supposed to be.  I've seen Green and Turquise.
Any info would be gratefully received :help:




Just need to make some wing mirrors and decide on what would be the most appropriate finish 
Again any suggestions would be welcome. :help: 

It isn't always easy to make decisions when you don't know nuffin! xD
A lot of the pictures I've seen online look like restorations 

Thanks as always for looking! 

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Thanks Darren.

Got the model finished with a coat of matt varnish which is now dried.
Just need to make some space on the kitchen table to take some photos for the Gallery

Here's a quickie of how the little chap looks on the shelf atm
Eventually to go in a display case


Overall been a fun project despite the "Limited run" quality of the plastic.
I'm happy with the results even if the tires are balder than a boiled egg xD 

Would really like a Caunter scheme version with Boyes AT gun.
A "Hi-Tech" Attack kit is available but for an extra tenner I could get the IBG 1/35 version! 
But I have so many 1/72 ground vehicles to finish and 1/35 kits now starting to swell the stash, I will be good and abstain for a while 

As always, thanks for looking

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34 minutes ago, Gorby said:

it would be better if it was in a scale big enough for me to actually see

That's what all the girls say  :(

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