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8 hours ago, RWG686 said:

What does a Triumph P400 look like?

Might be a motorbike, I'm not very up on those bizarre forms of transport that have a wheel deficit of at least two. Why there isn't a trope in common usage of  "As easy as falling off a motorbike" instead of a 'log', I'll never know.

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...so anyway, rubbed down and repainted black under-fuselage areas, which are now much better....


...removed masking tape.....


.....and have almost no paint bleed under the tape. I'm happy with the fuselage, though still haven't attempted the windscreen yet. Wot a wuss.



....those 6mm curved silver stripes you see just outboard of the wing roots are where the masking tape lifted the grey paint from the wings!

As you can see, the paint on the wings turned out a bit (a lot) gritty and i was looking for a solution - which came from an unexpected source. The awful Humbrol metallic silver I used, didn't dry properly, was sticky to handle, and prevented the aircraft grey from adhering properly, so.....


..a quick test with some frog tape rip-off followed by a bit of a wipe with white spirit and it looks like I'll be able to take the paint off the wings without losing the detail by sanding.


This project now looks so far from being over that the fat lady has just booked a two month holiday in Torremolinos

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Just showing off now really, 



I know I shouldn't stick the home-made stickies on till I've finished the rest, but they looked so good I couldn't wait!
I will also have to work out the split of the fuselage stripe since the A4 blank decal sheet isn't long enough to do it in one go. I suspect it will be fun (not) working out the curves on the nose and under the tail.

Meanwhile, removing the wing paint just took a giant leap forward by the use of brown parcel tape...


...almost total removal of the grey paint plus a layer of the awful silver too.

And I started on the much-feared windscreen...no more mister nice guy!

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Still plugging away at the, now third, repaint of the Orion quick (!) conversion. The paint is all off the wings, at least the horrible silver is, mostly. The parcel tape treatment is still underway on the tailplane....


...and a first (again) coat of gloss grey has gone on...


...which went reasonably well.

Despite washing the wings down and lightly scrubbing with an old toothbrush, there seems to be residue of bits of grot hiding immovably in cavities just waiting to emerge when the paint goes back on. Fortunately, this was only a first thinned coat, so a little local application of the ole' wet'n'dry P600 should polish those out before No2 coat goes on

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