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Found 16 results

  1. You know I said something about not flooding the GB? Well... I had this on pre-order as soon as I heard about it, and I've been itching to build it so today (yes, I've done it start to finish today) seemed like the day. Current events made making something even historically Russian problematic, but a quick Google showed these were in common use by the Polish first army so that waas the colour scheme sorted. The original vehicle based on a lengthened version of the T-70 light tank chassis and armed with the 76 mm divisional gun M1942 (ZiS-3). Its quite simple construction and multipur
  2. Zvezda 1/100 M3A1 'Scout' belonging to the 7th Mechanised Corps during their drive from Brno to Prague, April 1945. Built straight from the box in a tearing rush. Usual mix of Vallejo, Tamiya, Akan and Citadel paints and stuff. Decals are from a generic Soviet sheet by The Plastic Soldier Company. Alongside a 1/48 Tamiya carrier for scale. In the cupboard with some of his pals. Andy
  3. After another horrible week, I needed a little boost this morning, so I dove(? dived??) in to the Zvezda scout car I posted yesterday. Box - nice action painting. Zvezda concentrate on the Eastern Front for their wargames stuff, but they include a lot of British and US vehicles that were supplied as lend-lease. They also do two versions of this M3, with and without the honking great MG up front. Sprues, two of containing parts. Phew. This would be a short build elsewise The instructions they're laid on run to a whopping three construction stages. A lot of these kits make do w
  4. No not a Darren in miniature but the rather nice Zvezda 109F2 which I got from @BlackMike Modelsa short time ago. I've done the Revell repop but wanted one in the winter scheme so I made a start today.
  5. Zvezda 1/72 Sukhoi Su 57 Another in the line of Sukhoi combat aircraft and successor to the Flanker series. Having watched a video of one in action it goes without saying the performance and handling is of another order and in the now established tradition of aircraft emanating from the Sukhoi design bureau. The planform is very similar to the F-22 and I'm sure the folks at Lockheed-Martin will permit themselves a smile at the thought of Sukhoi 'borrowing' their design. The fact is that when designing to a very specific profile then different design teams are likely to arrive a
  6. Hi all, this is my first attempt at a review so take it with a pinch of salt please. Zvezda released this M4A2 Sherman in April of 2020. M4A2s were supplied to the USSR under the Lend-Lease agreement. They were diesel engines and known as 'emcha' by their crews on account of the M and the 4 looking like the Russian letter for 'cha'. I got this as I was commissioned to make an M4A2 for someone and this one was cheaper and new. The box is an end opener... But wait this is just the cover, with the box art on it. After opening that, you are greeted by this:
  7. This is Zvezda's 1/35 offering of the T-72B with ERA. I built it as the Indian version called Ajeya. It's paint scheme is that of the Republic Day parade. The main issues were the positioning of the ERA bricks, as they are very different for the Russian one and the Indian one. I would like to thank @Gorby, @Grunhertz, @Mad Steve, @Col. and @Walrusfor the support and laughs along the way. Pictures:
  8. For the past some time, I have been only making foreign vehicles. However, I decided that it would be great if I had an Indian tank in the collection too. I will be doing it in Republic Day parade Camo with minimal weathering. The kit is Zvezda's T-72B with ERA. Obligatory box top shot. The ERA depicted at the front of the turret is different from the Ajeya's ERA, but as they come as individual bricks, I'll arrange them accordingly. The sprues in the box The look I am going for (I'll tweak it of course) Let me know what you think. I am lookin
  9. Hi folks. I just bought this: ... partly because I like Russian helicopters but also because I'd seen Quinta Studio's new 3D-printed-on-to-decal-paper cockpit parts and wanted a relatively low-risk project to try them on. It arrived yesterday, and today I made a start. To use the Quinta Studio set there are a few of small consoles the instructions say you have to scratchbuild in order to attach the printed parts to, so I started with that. I've then gone about prepainting most of the interior and fiddly bit
  10. First of 2020. Lovely Zvezda kit, Mr Color paints and Print Scale decals ( well the nose badges only). Tried masking and spraying the main markings and walkways with moderate success, Not really worth the effort for the main markings and but a good test for the wing walkways which always silver or have thick film. It's off to market and see if Covid-19 has created a panic buying for 109Fs yet.. WIP here: Cheers Anil
  11. Well with so much talk of Mojo Loss recently , I decided to to follow my own advice and get this straggler from September done and sold asap. This was the sitrep as of this morning: Decided it's going to be one of these depending on how much masking I'm in the mood for post Xmas. Note these are for F4s not an F2 as per the kit, you'd think I'd care about that wouldn't you? First off , pre-shade...hate it truly but this is a sales job and the punters love this and smoky gun trails Ultra thin RLM 78 misted on and still showing the shading, note the extreme glos
  12. I forgot to drop these Imperial Twins on the forum - here are a pair of the Revell Zvezda Avenger Class star Destroyers I have been focused on over the last week or so now the marathon trek on the R-Cooper kit is over. I've been twiddling with the Sand Crawler in between drying times on these twins - they are ready for the paint shop tonight and were a delight to build and a welcome break from working in resin and all the self-engineering that is associated to resin/garage kits. A combination of Shapeways and Falcon 3D parts were used on 1 of the kits, and the other kit which is 99% OOTB
  13. Eduard BF109F4 Weekend edition a comparison History; The BF109 needs no introduction as it along with the Spitfire was in service from day one to the last days of world war 2. The aircraft really came into its own with the emergence of the “E” series (Emil) when the intended powerplant for the aircraft was finally ready in the form of the supercharged Daimler Benz 601 engine, particularly the fact that this engine had Bosch fuel injection which helped no end in combating negative G effects that had a detrimental effect on its contemporary opponents which had a tendency to cut
  14. Hi everyone! Here's my latest project done. This is the excellent Zvezda 1:72 MiG-29 in S model (izdeliye 9.13) built in the markings of aerobatic group Strizhi (Swifts). You can access full article with photogallery here: https://vvsmodelling.com/2016/10/23/mig-29-9-13-fulcrum-c-swifts/
  15. Hi everyone Here's the first blog post of my current project, Zvezda's 1:72 MiG-29 9.13 in the markings of aerobatic group Strizhi (Swifts). Link to he blog: https://vvsmodelling.com/2016/10/12/mig-29-9-13-swifts-pt-1/
  16. Hi there, here is my Mil Mi-24 A from Zvezda in 1/72 scale that I did some time ago. This build was featured in Meng Air Modeller issue 65. Most of my scratch build efforts went in the cockpit as it was pretty bare. Otherwise this is a great kit. INBOX REVIEW The whole build you can find on the link: To The Mi-24 Hind A Build Article All comments and critiques are appreciated. Best regards Metodi
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