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  1. Done in the record time (for me) of 4-5 months! Got 2nd Prize in ACT-2023 Canberra National Contest
  2. I'll be using the Tamiya 1/48 kit for this build, along with the Rising Decals Dying Sun Part II. I also have a small etch set that I picked up cheaply which might lend some parts to it. Unfortunately the 1/48 sheet only gives you the tail designation and writing for this machine, so I will have to source a few US markings elsewhere along with painting the fin flash. The aircraft will be the former yellow 343S-23 of the 343rd Kokutai based out of the Philippines in early 1945. Stripped and repainted in American markings it was brougth up to airworthy status. I believe the intent was to sh
  3. @Mad Steveis right, it is time I built a bike, although that wasn't this evening's plan. I was waiting for the glue to cure on something else and happened to open this box An hour later this had happened The first ten bits cleaned up and glued together. Well it's harder for the carpet monster to steal one big bit than many little ones, right? The main parts took a wee bit of cleaning up around their edges to get good fit but nothing excessive and a chunk of scrap plastic has been glued in to fill a hole above the oil filter housing before that gets added. The next step woul
  4. Here's my attempts to build the Tamiya 1/35 Land Rover Ambulance with numerous figurines. I started in well over 20 years ago, and got stumped by having to brush-paint white gloss on the inside of the medical bay. Well, I now have an array of white Tamiya rattle can paint that I can employ. Note that the interior already has a coat of white primer sprayed on it. I can't remember if it was Humbrol, Tamiya or Mr Color that I used. Another hiccup was the breaking off of the steering wheel from its column, with repeated attempts to re-attach it failing miserably. So much so that I was going to rep
  5. Finland captured a number of Soviet armoured vehicles of various types, enough to be able to field units of them in the Continuation War. After the winter of 1942-43 the survivors were repaintd in a new three colour scheme. This is where confusion sets in. Vehicles supplied from Sweden such as the L-60 derived Anti II SPAA were left in their delivery colours of sand, green and brown. Vehicles obtained from Germany (e.g. Pz.Kpfw IV and StuG III) were also left in the original three colour camo. Home built armour, and captured Russian vehicles were repainted in the scheme already used for Finish
  6. Grunhertz

    Lotus 49

    It's finished! And I learned loads, like never build 60s tooled tamiya kits! Seriously for its time it must have appeared light years ahead of anything out there, but now it's time it was replaced. Anyway here's what I did to it, Reprofiled top front wishbones to remove the wing strut mounts that wouldn't have been on the car in 1967, removed the AA battery box in the floor, plumbed and wired the dashboard, put the correct offset on the steering wheel. scratch built the pedal box, scratch built the elbow pit on the left hand side of the tub, starter motor cable was added Stripped
  7. So I got this in lieu of work done for someone because if you know me I'm tight. But I'll be honest even if I wasn't this is in my opinion nowhere near the RRP value
  8. Please read carefully! All the kits are complete and unstarted. Payment by Paypal only. UK post is £3.75 for kits under £20 and £4.75 (tracked) for kits over £20. Tracked airmail is a lot more. Offers can be considered and ask questions before buying if anything isn't clear! Everything aircraft is 1/72 !!!! 1) Airfix Lancaster B.Mk II (the sprues have been out of the bag but otherwise like new) £26 2) Trumpeter Wellington B.Mk III (mark on box but otherwise like new) £24 3) Revell BAe Harrier GR.Mk 7/9 (ex-Hasegawa kit, the sprues have been out of the bag but otherwise like n
  9. Evenin All This is that young Indian fella's fault, the one building the Sturm Tiger Every time I read his posts, I look up on the shelf at the Tiger sitting there and keep thinking, mhhhhh.... I'm not the biggest fan of German WWII armour, but I am a big fan of Tigers The original Tiger 48th scale Tamiya released was the first 48th kit I built, so time for another one hey This one is the late production variant and I have the lick & stick Zimmerit decals for it too... I'll upload some more pics tomorrow
  10. Greetings all. I will be building Tamiya's Sturmtiger as my entry to the GB. Sorry for the delay, as I had exams and was travelling. I decided to get down to it, as it would be poor form if the GB originator built nothing. I decided on this kit, as it is an interesting vehicle and it's an impressive one too. Work will start in a day or two
  11. Good evening (or whatever part of the day it is in your corner of the world). VMW (Vaastav Model Works) proudly presents an in-box review of Tamiya's 1/35 38cm Assault Mortar 'Sturmtiger'. Ok, grandiose introduction out of the way. The Sturmtiger is a self propelled gun that carries a 38cm Mortar with the aim of lobbing the rather large projectile over the walls of enemy fortifications. They were all built on existing Tiger 1 chassis (late model) and a total of 18 vehicles were built. They came too late to have any significant impact on the course of the war, but saw action in the Ba
  12. Hi all, I seem to have lost all enthusiasm for all things military at the moment so I thought I'd get cracking on this little beauty, Tamiyas very old (1967) Lotus 49 this is a rebox that came out a few years back with pe parts. The kit seems to have held up well but, I did start work on it a couple of years back by removing the chrome parts using caustic soda (the usual suspects did nothing) my mistake was I put it in an aluminium cooking pan oops, anyway out of the box build I may add a few flourishes but this is being done just for fun
  13. Tolvcat

    Austin Tilly

    Tamiya 1/48 Austin Tilly, HQ Company, 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, 1st Polish Armoured Division, Falaise Sector, France, August 1944. Built almost straight from the box - I swapped the Division sign from Polish 4th Infantry to Polish 1st Armoured, using 15mm decals from Plastic Soldier Company. Akan, Hataka, Tamiya and Citadel paints and inks. Andy
  14. Afternoon Everyone I feel like something a bit more racy for the next build and I think this will do nicely... 2004 Ducati Moto GP bike, with decals for Troy Bayliss & Loris Capirossi. If the bike looks a bit bare and plain, its because there's two huge fag decals on the fairing that aren't included in the kit, as seen in the pic below. I'm not going to stress about the Malboro decals, not that much of a biggie. Been a while since I've built a Moto GP bike, so should be fun Ok then, the bits inside... And that's it.
  15. Hi all. This Tamiya T-62 is one of my earliest kits and was made when I was on a steep learning curve and therefore I tried to apply all techniques on this one tank. It depicts a Russian T-62 during the first Chechnyan fiasco with additional armour etc. Thought to post it here as it's one of the few early models that I'm actually proud of. Comments and critique welcome.
  16. Stug III Ausf B, StuG Abt. 203, Russia, summer 1941 Tamiya 1/48 kit blitz built OOB, painted with Vallejo, Tamiya, Akan and Citadel acrylic paints and inks. And finally a penny shot for scale (but only if you know how big a British penny is). Andy
  17. This will be my entry into this build, The Tamiya Honda NSX
  18. skwonk

    1/35 Sherman

    Done. Restrained weathering and filth which is unusual for me. And I've just noticed I didn't drill out the end of the turret MG.
  19. This is almost finished, so it's going to be a quck photo montage before I write up the final stages. Tamiya give you three schemes, the box top is 502 Heavy Tank Battalion, Leningrad, spring 1943. The others are a North African tank and an overall grey Herman Goring regiment one. I'm bored with painting sand/dark yellow so fancied the grey but the markings are boring. A bit of research showed 502 got grey Pz. IIIs in August and September 1942 to work with their first Tigers and they got some rough and ready winter camo over that so that was the choice made. Box: M
  20. I'm planning to build Gleed's Spitfire Vb Trop with the Aboukir filter and clipped wings. I have both the Tamiya and Italeri kits, that have all the relevant parts in the box (and decals) to build this aircraft, without any conversion work or scrounging parts from other kits, so it's going to be one of these two kits. So with that said, does anyone know the size/shape issues with each kit and overall which is best in this aspect and only this aspect? I've built both before and know which is the better kit to build, so it's purely which is the more convincing looking when built.
  21. This golden oldie has just been dragged out today. Last made this kit in '97 and it still looks good in the box. I do like the cast texture on some of the surfaces and the serial numbers or whatever they are on the cast bits. A little progress this evening.
  22. Hi all, I'm between major builds right now and I decided to make Tamiya's SAS Jeep (the one I got for my birthday) One reason I really want to make it is that I can configure it however I want, so there's versatility. Also, jokes and drifting welcome on the thread. No politics though please, we have enough here. The box art: The sprues: Phir milenge.
  23. Picked this up at a club meeting for a tenner about 8 months ago, the wife started it but ran out of steam, with me wanting to clear the decks I decided to finish it so here we are it was more a weathering experiment that anything else.
  24. Been clearing a backlog of 1/72 so time to get back into a Mustang Groove : My Californian collector has a thing for 353 FG Ponies so what better than the lovely Tamiya kit and in the colours of George Preddy? I opted for this as it will be wheels up and of course there's a pilot so the box and sprues: I must say after the challenging Spit Vb last month I'm looking forward to this The decals are a lucky save, I ordered a set of the long OOP Superscale P-51D Mustang Aces (352nd & 359th Fighter Group) from Aviation Megastore but the decal didn't actually exist in thei
  25. Good day to you all from glorious Nova Scotia! Hope you are all doing well. This is my latest release in her (technically!!) finished glory. This is the Tamiya 1:32 Birdcage kit, done up as a Fleet Air Arm Corsair Mk I JT190 of 1837 NAS, based on the Eastern board of the US. This particular aircraft belonged to Squadron CO and Fighter Ace Lt Cdr Jackie Sewell DSC RNVR. Ultimately the aircraft claimed his life during a training flight when he collided with his Senior Pilot S Lt David Watson RNVR in JT198 over Yarmouth, Maine. Both pilots lost their lives and they both now lie at rest at the Mil
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