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Found 39 results

  1. so here we go for the vertical learning curve! Haven't built a bike since a revell easy rider style chopper when i was about 8 so this is going to be interesting. For this one I wont be stripping chrome or other such funny business (last time i tried that I ended up with a melted aluminium pan!). It will be one of the 2 red/white bikes but thats it. so on with the pics Not sure about screwwing the thing together but hey ho
  2. This was passed to me quite a while ago, I keep being distracted by other builds. So I've taken to opportunity to get started with it. Good weather meant a chance to prime the majority outside (Halford rattle can) It's big! Anyway, you get the point. I'm grateful that this is to be a clean build, no hatches open etc. Thinkna couple of days at Lakenheath for some detail shots... well that's my excuse.
  3. Whilst waiting for some glues and paints of annoying unrewarding fiddly bits to dry on other stuff, I have started the next aeroplane for the work bench. This is Tamiya's aging Beaufighter with a few tweaks here and there, and I plan to model it on RD136, one of a small batch of Weston built aircraft which retained the Hercules XVII but received the Mk.XII wing and the Mod T361 tailplanes and enlarged elevators. It also sported a Lockheed tailwheel. First up was to attempt to improve on the "fishbelly" appearance of the Tamiya kit. I did this with 3 saw-cuts per side, and whilst both sides were marked out with a scriber and the lines washed with black paint, I cut and glued one side at a time retaining the other as an alignment reference. As a confession - I did this on a TLAR basis, and removed 2mm of depth at that second panel line from the tail. This is how it went back together compared to the unmolested other side The second side was hacked up to match and the centreline seam taped to help ensure it would all go together in the end (Yes, I know, I'll have to fettle the nav's internal compartment pieces) A trial assembly shows a more Beaufighterish outline, which will do. Time to tidy up the joins etc. I hope this turns out nice! Whilst the filler on that dries, I've started an Italeri boxing of Accurate Miniatures' B-25
  4. Evening Everyone Ok so the usual story, I have 7 or 8 kits on the go at the mo, so obvious thing to do is start another one All the kits on the desk are cars bikes or trucks, except one, and I feel the need to build another tank, so started on this.... Tamiya's newish (2018) Crocodile.... I love these 48th scale kits. I don't care if people call them shake and bakes etc, they fit beautifully, they are a pleasure to build and are great quality. I built the Sherman Firefly a couple months ago, and that was quite an involved affair, but this one seems a bit more simple... Literally and hour and a half later I had this... The fit is perfect, (yeeees, the usual blah blah... ) and another two hours later we had some colour... (Tamiya XF 61 Dark Green) On the tracks too... (Tamiya XF 84 Dark Iron) What a brilliant couple of hours that was this morning. No faffing around with anything, just building, cleaning up and airbrushing, great fun! Taking advantage of this great momentum I decided to finish off the airbrushing on the truck you can see in the background, and as soon as the paint hit the needle it jammed solid Turns out after about an hour of cleaning and investigating, it was the trigger pin that was playing up because it was dirty... I took this as a sign that all painting should cease for the day, so I built the turret and the trailer instead Brilliant, I just love it when modelling is like this More painting to come, and a bit of weathering too..
  5. Now Ebay is a funny thing: I came across this gem a week ago and thought, hmm easy to do wheels up, has a pilot, cheap masks, lots BoB schemes from the big H and the vallejo crud is simple to get rid off. Lets bid £9.00 for this and it'll make a nice wheels up sales piece thats easy to screw together and I'll do a really nice BoB paint job. Plus saves climbing into the loft to retrieve one of the many I have in there. Who cares if it's the old one, with the canopy closed, pilot in and on one of my patented magnetic stands it'll do the business. Or so I thought... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TAMIYA-1-48-SUPERMARINE-SPITFIRE-PART-BUILT-EXTRAS-INC-PAINTS-MAG-ETC/223966156724 Now it's already up to £18 plus postage ( granted its got an Eduard Look panel and AF mag) and climbing, seriously? You can hit some of the Japanese stores and get it for £18-20 delivered new...I swung for a couple of new AF re-issue 1/48 Spit 1s on preorder for Jadlam for less that this botched relic. Now the AF might have its problems but a new one would be cheaper than this part started obsolete Tam version,, arrive with usable decals and if you wanted to go nuts,has a decent cockpit and you can even open up the gun bays which AFAIK have acceptable 303s ( not that I would do that ever). Sometimes the mentality of ebay buyers baffles me and that includes paying £99 for one of my built 1/72 FW190s..I can only think that the folk bidding on this tat are under the impression its the brand new and super detailed version...I'm peeved because now I have to assemble all the fiddly bits for the AF version which I was trying to avoid, meh. Disgusted of Basingstoke
  6. This is a model I built back in about 1998/99. It was fine by my standards then, but not so much now. I put it on EBay with the intention of using the money to buy a new kit to super-detail. I then decided I couldn't part with it! As a compromise, I decided to strip it as far as possible, and then rebuild it as a detailed "kerbside" model (ie with the body on). I have subsequently bought another kit, which will be displayed alongside this one, but with the body off and full mechanical detail on show. I intend to make a base with my 1991 Silverstone BGP ticket, and Senna and Berger autographs. Anyway, here are the "before" pics: Doesn't look bad does it? That's until you look a bit closer: Makes me wonder how I could ever have thought it was a good model, even 16 years ago... I've now stripped it to the extent I need to correct the paint and add a few bells and whistles. A lot of it is bolt together, and luckily I'd not been too careful about removing paint from the bonded surfaces when I built it, so most of them cracked apart with little or no damage: The decals on the radiators silvered, and always looked a bit naff. They will be partially stripped and re-painted with Alclad and a proper wash (now I know how to do a wash!), since they are clearly visible with the body fitted: Wing end plates are hand painted on the insides. They might get a carbon decal, or just new paint: Same with the front wing endplates. Even though I sprayed the parts, it was with a TS can, and the paint was too thick, plus I got dust on them: All body and wing incidence fasteners will be replaced with p/e parts. I'll apply carbon decals on all visible surfaces where necessary, e.g. brake ducts, vortex generators etc.
  7. Good day to all! Here is my latest completion, Tamiyas venerable Swordfish in 1:48 dressed up as an aircraft from one of my former squadrons 810 NAS from 1938 (obviously before my time lol). I bought the kit last year from the HMCS Shearwater Hobby show for a decent price and it also came with the rigging etch as well. I invested in the Eduard cockpit set mainly for the harnesses but it also came with a nice instrument panel so used that as well. Im not a great fan of Tamiyas decals and wanted to do something nice and colourful, luckily I came across a set of decals representing a recent incarnation of an RN Historic Flight aircraft which itself was a version from 1938, the sheet also provided information and alternative decals for the original. The sheet was from Scale Model World, and the decals went down very well the only snag i felt was the blue/red strip had a tiny bit out of register, apart from that perfect really. The build itself was relatively painless as you would expect from Tamiya, but I did find a big snag (which may be down to my own hamfistedness or Tamiyas engineering.....you decide lol!) I followed the instructions to a T when assembling the wings. It says to do them separate (even if spread) and then insert the rigging wires, before fitting to the aircraft. I got this all perfect but then when I fitted the wings it forced the rigging out of shape! So in the end I just removed it and as it was badly distorted ditched the kit rigging and replaced it with wire AFTER I had fitted the wings. The only other touch I added were the control wires for the rudder and elevator. I also decided to tool her up to the max, whether she could take off in this configuration is debatable but I think it looks better fully laden! So here she is!...... Apologies for the crappy phots, taken with my crappy phone! Cheers now Bob
  8. This is a build of mine from a few years ago. It’s a RMASG Centaur, based on Tamiya’s Cromwell. To achieve this, it has scratch built wheels, howitzer and custom made decals. There is quite a bit of scratch built pieces on it and anyone interested in the build can find the WIP here; Thanks for looking. John.
  9. Having been given the encouragement by Richard to post some of my builds on here, this is one I built a few years ago. Apologies to those who have seen this before, but I’m a little short of new builds at the moment. Basically, this is a 1/48th build of a RMASG Centaur based on he excellent Tamiya Cromwell. When Tamiya first issued their 1/35th Cromwell, back in the 90’s, they followed it up with a Centaur, so I naturally assumed that when they did the same in 1/48th scale, they would do the Centaur also. Sadly, no. But that’s what modelling is all about, and if it’s not available as a kit, scratch build it. This build would need several items scratch building, most obvious of which are the road wheels and the 95mm howitzer. Also, the distinctive markings would need to be sourced from somewhere as none were available in this scale. But I’ll cover all of these items as I come to them. The vehicle that I wanted to depict was one of the earlier Centaurs, carrying the name of “Seawolf”. This meant that there would be more scratch building needed as the front track guards on Seawolf were different to the ones in the Tamiya kit. In Normandy there is a memorial with a Centaur on a plinth and it is named Seawolf, but it’s not the original. I believe that it is cobbled together from various vehicles, including a Centaur dozer. This one is the original. Okay, so I’ve laid down a marker, and with any luck I’ll start the WIP properly in the next couple of days. Thanks for looking. John.
  10. Morning all, Thought I'd share my latest completion, my first for nearly two years, and it really shows! Tamiya's 1/72 FW 190 D9. Being horribly out of practice meant I made a catalogue of errors with this one, particularly around the canopy framing which frankly looks awful, and my inability to get a nice, tight line finish from the airbrush without spatter means this falls into the category of looking good from a few feet, but its nice to have got something built and regain some enthusiasm after such a long hiatus... Tamiya 1/72 Focke Wulf FW 190 D9 by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Tamiya 1/72 Focke Wulf FW 190 D9 by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Tamiya 1/72 Focke Wulf FW 190 D9 by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Tamiya 1/72 Focke Wulf FW 190 D9 by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Thanks for looking, comments welcomed, Shaun
  11. This is my first completed build post on here and it was built last year. It's the Israeli M1 Super Sherman and I built it using Tamiya's M51 Sherman with some additions and alterations. The lower and upper hull and the running gear are from the M51 kit with the engine deck coming from the Tamiya M1 Sherman (the one that Tamiya incorrectly call a Super Sherman). The lower rear hull plate needed altering with the addition of air cleaners from the M1 kit. Turret is also from the M1 kit with the RB Models M1A1 main gun and the dust cover and hatches from the M51 kit. There are also some scratch built additions; brackets to hold the spare track links, first aid box, infantry telephone box, stretcher, track guard supports and the stowage. The searchlight came from the Dragon M50 and the tank that I've depicted is (as far as I know), the only on that carried one. It was painted with Mig's IDF Green. The decals are from a couple of sources, Microscale and Star and were adapted. I weathered it quite heavily as these tanks collected a lot of dust. Hope you like it. John.
  12. Here is my Tamiya 1/48 Brewster F2A-2 Buffalo in the markings of VF-3 from USS Saratoga. Paint from Colourcoats with the exception of the white Aluminium which is AK Interactive Xtreme Metal. Decals by Yellow-Wings. And with it’s compatriots Duncan B
  13. Hi all, this is the ancient Tamiya kit (which still scrubs up well. i started painting this with the Gunze Olive Drab modulation set then played around with oils and pastels with this just a play around with the effects
  14. My desk has a clear space on it (shame the shelf and boxes just off to the left don't!) so it's time to get the next project rolling. Yellow (wings) fever is still coursing through my veins so it's no surprise that my next build will be another colourful Pre War US Navy theme. The subject next in line to be butchered is the diminutive Tamiya Brewster Buffalo in 1/48. I only have the B339 Pacific War version but no matter as all I need to make an F2A-2 is in the box anyway and aftermarket decals were always on the cards. Some introductory photos of the items to be sacrificed and my scant references (I've been surfing the inter web for photos. Jings there's lots of them but I must start looking at F2As soon !). I am hoping this will be a quick build but I say that every time. I'm going to keep it as simple as possible and not add too much to the modest parts count on this occasion so maybe I can get this finished in double quick time? Duncan B
  15. This is Tamiya's superb 1:72 Mitsubishi A6M 2b "Zero", finished as the machine of Lt. Masao Sato, Imperial Japanese Navy, Aircraft Carrier "Zuikaku", 6th December 1941. Build thread here: Thanks for looking!
  16. Grunhertz

    Mustang iii

    Got this one done too
  17. Stated this weds when I started clipping bits off the sprue, 8 needed something as an easy build. I didn't think it would be this easy. I make it 4 hours total to get here. If you want a kit to fight you all the way don't buy tamiya
  18. Tamiya's lovely P-47D 'Razorback' OOB. Painted with Gunze / Tamiya acrylics, weathered with Oils and Pigments. One of my Go-To kits, as it's so well engineered and is a pleasure to build, and you end up with a Jug - what's not to like. Not a huge fan of the Ammo Matt varnish though, it had a tendency to rub off when weathering, so probably only really works as a final coat WIP available here
  19. Started Today, a nice relaxing build, an lovely Tamiya Jug So today, made up the cockpit - probably the nicest OOB cockpit i know Peter
  20. Seeing Brian's Warbird build that included a venerable Tamiya 1/48 Fw190D-9 I decided to have a dig into my stash and drag the one I have out to give it a go. I don't remember how long it has been in there but it is a long time. One reason it never got made was that I also bought the Aires engine and cockpit set for it at the same time and I realised that I didn't have the skills back then to successfully attempt it, we'll see if I have them now! It'll be a slow start as I have a titchy tank to finish so will be only spending time on this one between painting sessions if I have time (once the tank is completed I'll move this to the head of the line, sorry Fujimi Phantoms you'll have to wait a while longer!). There's no turning back, those of a squeamish nature look away now. The firewall was removed from it's pouring block and dry fitted to see what needs fettled. First impression is that it's quite a good fit, nothing that a bit more fettling and some epoxy won't fill. So that's where I'm up to. I don't expect to get much done until the weekend now. Duncan B
  21. Started today Started by making up the RB Models metal barrel Then assembled the lower hull Then added the gas axe marks where the large plates were cut Peter
  22. Well that was a cure for modellers block! This was a really fun build that took me back to my childhood when i used to build the tamiya bike kits and then my youth when i used to strip and rebuild my motorcycles. Oh how i miss those days. I have had so much fun i have bought some other bike kits. Kit was an easy build and considering its age still has so much detail in it and looks great. Right Ducati 916 next , then maybe a Honda NR750 , 1000 Virago , R1 and as many others as i can get
  23. Tamiya Kit, Tamiya Zimmerit, RB Barrel. The zimmerit isn't great, would rather do it myself now, but was worth a try. Painted with Tamiya Acrylics and weathered with Oils / Pigments Peter
  24. Hot off the workbench - in fact, still on it in these pics - is Tamiya's Spitfire IX, supplemented with a Yahu instrument panel and Barracuda wheels, and with markings from Xtradecal. The aircraft depicted is serving with 73 Sqn RAF, based at Prkos, Yugoslavia, in April-May 1945. They were flying mainly ground-attack sorties at the time, hence the name "Bombfire". 73 Sqn was one of the very few units to wear pre-war-style unit markings during the war - after serving in the Battle of France and the Battle of Britain, in Hurricanes, they transferred to the Desert and revived the markings there. Anyway, on with the show - these are on the bench, I'll do some proper "beauty shots" later. Thanks for looking.
  25. Tamiya kit, 1/72 scale built straight from the box. All painting done with Tamiya acrylics. All comments and critics are very welcome Cheers
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