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Found 16 results

  1. Teaser.... Wow! Wow! Wow! And I've not even seen a single episode of The Mandalorian!
  2. It's a Star Wars TIE Fighter, what's not to like?! Plus this has folded panels, I can't think of any other kit with this feature, although if there is please feel free to put me to rights. The scale is a bit of an oddity, but Revell have had a 1/65 kit that has been released multiple times since first release in 2011, so it must be a really good selling product. This particular kit seems to be based on the 2011 tooling with added parts for the panel folds as per the Mandalorian series. It wouldn't look completely out of place with 1/72 TIE Fighters. It's going to be difficult to resist...
  3. Inspired by a friends CosPlay mash up of Captain Marvel and Boba Fett. Have decided to have a play about and do my own version.
  4. Tango1

    UT-60D U-Wing

    Hello! It has been an age since I finished anything so I wanted to restore my mojo with a quick and easy build. This is Revell's 1:100 U-Wing which I have re-painted and added a few small details to. The cockpit was detail painted as well as the crew figures. I added a door gunner and some figures to the base. It was completed in a weekend and was great fun to do. Hope you like it!
  5. Bandai Y-Wing Starfighter 1/144 Scale Vehicle Model 005 Bought on ebay for £5.99 So I bought this on eBay for a fiver as due to stupid licensing rules Bandai kits aren't available in the UK. I didn't know what to expect but. Here goes. So in the tiny box which is a tray and lid type box we have 4 sprues in white plastic and a stand in black. Along with a sheet of stickers? And the first thing that comes to mind is why stickers, but then when you see the size of this kit you understand that these kits are probably aimed at the casual modeller, kids or wargamers.
  6. Wow as i say a real time Bandit. I think this is the longest build of a Falcon i have had. I was watching the TT pre race shows on tv when i started this. I have been building it every evening since. Wow what a model though. Its just amazing and really lives up to the hype. It fits together flawlessly. This is the Perfect grade standard version. This means it comes with stickers instead of decals and no light system. Dont be fooled by the fact they are stickers and not decals , they are made of a very thin vinyl and settle down as good as decals , and were easier and quicker to use. The light
  7. So with the big Randy Cooper now off the work bench surfaces and boxed up ready to go to shows and the photographers, next up on the resin production line is the 1/96 scale Randy Cooper JAWA SAND SCRAWLER Its a fab kit, big and like Randy's star destroyer, is crying out for LED and fibre optic lighting Here's where it starts..and with a tad of Jawa desert humour too
  8. Greetings, members of the resistance. Fine Molds 1/48 X-Wing has been brutally tickled into a rendition of Luke's ride. Sadly, Revell's decals don't measure up to the eye watering 70 odd beer vouchers indicated on the box being pixilated, stiff and impervious to anything south of a welder's torch, so the markings were rendered in paint. Notwithstanding the decals, the kit's a ton of fun. Bare Metal foil was used for the oleos. Come in Red 5...
  9. Thank you to all of you who followed the many months long build journey of my Randy Cooper Models 1/1500 scale Avenger class Star Destroyer that I have now finally completed and managed to successfully display at Scale Model World 2017. The hardest part being left to last; designing a display stand strong and sturdy enough to mount the model and allowing underside viewing of the hangar work. Many thanks to my friend Paul Martin of IPMS Farnborough for helping me lug around the huge wooden carry case, and to Sam and Josie for taking the kit home from SMW - my Fiat 500 is almost smaller than the
  10. Revell Anakin Skywalker's Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor With the arrival of the new interceptors, Anakin began using this star-fighter instead of his yellow Delta-7B. He flew his Eta-2 in numerous battles during the closing days of the Clone Wars, proving time and again his superiority as a pilot. Often at his side was his former Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Although he was impressed with Anakin's skill, Obi-Wan often remarked on Anakin's reckless piloting. Obi-Wan and other Jedi were also concerned about Anakin's obsession and possessive attitude toward the ships he had for personal use.
  11. Hi - so I'm a newbie to the site but certainly not new to the hobby. I've enjoyed 3 or so years IPMS membership at the Farnborough club who are a great gang and really make the hobby fun and are a wealth of knowledge. I've been modelling since the age of about 5 having placed the hobby on pause for around 10 years or so in my 30's to focus on bringing up my family if ankle biters, however 2 of my lads got into war gaming which soon brought me back to the hobby bench and into mainstream modelling once again. The naughtier and more outspoken few at my club recommended this site as a good al
  12. 1:43 Millennium Falcon Well, if you want EPIC, then this has to be the definition. In the next weeks, I'll start to put together an abridged build log for this model. For more info, check here: http://www.model-space.com/us/build-millennium-falcon.html Now, I simply can't build this 'as is'. That wouldn't be sporting...with all that interior detail etc. This will be enhanced further with multiple exterior lights, fibre optics in the interior, as well as lights in the corridors etc. It will also have some 3D-printed additions, as well as pulsating hyperdrive lights to rep
  13. Hi guys and gals, Despite still collecting and not starting my Millennium Falcon, I thought I'd dive into this and make a start....very soon. I have this on sub from DeAgostini, but bought the first issue as they have billed me for 2 & 3, due soon. In the meanwhile, Issue 1 is ready to go! I normally build model aircraft, so this is a real departure for me. This is like a dream come true.....a working R2 unit that can run around, all on its own In this for the journey. AND....Issue 2 & 3 arrived! I've constructed the first three issues as f
  14. Afternoon all, Long time no speak! Here's my first completion in almost a year after something of a hiatus last year. It's another beauty from Bandai, their lovely TIE Interceptor, arguably the coolest looking ship of them all. I mixed up a concoction of blues and greys to achieve the blue/grey of the ships from Episode VI, although I'm not entirely sure I've got it quite right.... As usual I've cut and engraved my own base from acrylic to finish the model off. Bandai 1/72 TIE Interceptor by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Bandai 1/72 TIE Interceptor by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr
  15. The Empire Stikes Back The Battle for Hoth I had this mad idea to try and recreate the scene where the Snowspeeder 'lassos' the Imperial AT-AT. I initially thought about building it in 1:72 but the cost and sheer size changed my time so I opted to build it as a smaller scale. I opted to use the F Toys models. The scale is a bit iffy but it is just a bit of fun, The AT-AT was weathered, the snow is from Treemendous and the Battlefield turreted blaster was made from the top of a CA 'kicker' bottle and a much-modified turret from a 1:72 Sherman Firefly.
  16. Evening all, Thought I'd share a selection of images of my most recent builds. All are 1/72 courtesy of Bandai, and all were a joy to build. The engineering in them is just incredible! The bases are custom made using a laser engraver at my work. Bandai 1/72 TIE Fighter by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Bandai 1/72 TIE Fighter by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Bandai 1/72 T-65 X-Wing Starfighter by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Bandai 1/72 T-65 X-Wing Starfighter by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Bandai 1/72 T-65 X-Wing Starfighter by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Bandai 1/72 TIE A
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