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Found 13 results

  1. In order to prove that I do, occasionally, make a model and even more occasionally finish one here is my first of the year, A Spitfire PR.1b in 72nd scale from the recent Airfix starter kit set. Started on 27th of December and tried to keep it simple. This resulted in me finishing it yesterday after only 10 days. Adding some very basic seatbelts from foil along with the seat adjustment handle from plastic rod to the kit part after thinning down it's sides and drilling out the small slot in the back and removing the gunsight from the instrument panel was the only changes made to the kit interior. Externally the wing gained the majority of the attention with the gun access panels and ports filled in then holes drilled in the undersurface to represent the camera port in each wing and the messy lumps close to each tip replaced by small sections of rod to better represent the navigation lights. A little extra work was done on the radiator cowl and the rudder control rod added. Then the kit canopy had it's windsreen armour filed off and polished up to represent the curved PR type windcreen before the centre section was removed and replaced with the blistered piece from a Pavla replacement set. With the aerial left off and it's location hole filled as well as the rudder tip post removed the model was ready for a coat of some old Humbrol Hu230 enamel. All went well until I started adding the Model Alliance decals from their Photo Reconnaisance Spitfires Part 1 sheet MA-72131. Some big claims are made on the instruction sheet about how marvelous these decals are but the reality is rather different; the lighter colours lack density with the white in particular turning a dirty grey when applied over the PRU Blue, the yellow faced a similar fate and was also printed slightly out of register - ironic when the red centers are supplied seperately to avoid this issue. In the end only the slightly fuzzy serial codes were used and all four roundels were replaced by ones taken from various other Airfix Spitfire kits. This later move delayed the proper finishing of our subject by a couple days while I cursed MA decals and tried to think of a solution other than hiding an otherwise fun project in the back of my display cabinet. In summary I can honestly say I enjoyed this one. So much so I've started two more PR Spitfires using the same kit
  2. I hope I'm in. I can not post in time, becouse of the forum shotdown. Here is the start.
  3. Hot off the workbench - in fact, still on it in these pics - is Tamiya's Spitfire IX, supplemented with a Yahu instrument panel and Barracuda wheels, and with markings from Xtradecal. The aircraft depicted is serving with 73 Sqn RAF, based at Prkos, Yugoslavia, in April-May 1945. They were flying mainly ground-attack sorties at the time, hence the name "Bombfire". 73 Sqn was one of the very few units to wear pre-war-style unit markings during the war - after serving in the Battle of France and the Battle of Britain, in Hurricanes, they transferred to the Desert and revived the markings there. Anyway, on with the show - these are on the bench, I'll do some proper "beauty shots" later. Thanks for looking.
  4. Airfix Spitfire PRXIX 1/72

    Here she is, PM631 in all her glory. AIRFIX PRXIX, OOB, in valejo PRU blue with resin cameras, and decals from an old Airfix BBMF fighter set.
  5. Eduard Spitfire Mk.XVI Low Back

    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XVI. And personal aircraft of AVM James Milne Robb, who was head of Fighter Command at the time. And who had the gun bays modified to stow luggage. The AVM specified the special Light Blue colour to make it more conspicuous. AVM Robb took delivery of SL721 in February, 1948, and used it to tour Fighter Command bases around the UK. SL721 was based at RAF Hendon and RAF Northolt until it was involved in a serious landing accident when SL721 was being flown by AVM John Boothman. While SL721 was being repaired, Robb was promoted to Commander-in- Chief, Airforces Europe and the three star rank pennant on the fuselage was upgraded to five stars. In 1951, when Robb was due to retire, he flew Spitfire SL721 one last time - to RAF Little Rissington, home of the Royal Air Force’s Central Flying School (and later, the Red Arrows). The figure is a CMK one, that I did last year. And is just there to give scale. DSC_7177_5880 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr DSC_7179_5881 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr DSC_7180_5882 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr DSC_7181_5883 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr
  6. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX

    Due to the speed at which I complete models, and the fact that this is the only one I care to share photos of, here's the Airfix 1/72nd scale Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX I completed last year. It was painted with Tamiya acrylics thinned with lacquer/cellulose thinners. Final varnish is Winsor & Newton Galeria Matt, panel lines accentuated with a medium grey "Les's Dirty Wash", streaking and staining by same, exhaust and ejector chute staining by chalk pastels. Noisy photos courtesy of me and a lack of light:
  7. Spitfire IIa

    Just to establish what I really love - I could almost build nothing but - I'll start with a Spitfire. The kit is the Revell 1:32 Mk IIa, and I used the MDC correction set, Eduard wheels, MDC harness, and some generic codes to produce a later Mk IIa of no 313 (Czechoslovak) Sqn, RAF Portreath, where the Squadron was based between August and November 1941. The particular aircraft was flown by Fg Off (later Lt Gen) Frantisek Fajtl. http://www.telegraph...isek-Fajtl.html https://en.wikipedia...František_Fajtl The aircraft only joined 313 Sqn on 2 October 1941 following what seem to have been major repairs at AST (http://www.airhistor...tfire/p005.html) I chose this subject because I have considerable interest in the Czechoslovak, Czech and Slovak air arms, and it's a IIa just after colours changed from Dark Earth and Green over Sky to Ocean Grey and Green over Medium Sea Grey. I particularly like this variant of the day fighter scheme, with ocean gey and green, but with the A/A1/B markings. The aircraft was fresh out of repair, so it seems likely she was in the new scheme. So I kept weathering to a minimum, in keeping with the circumstances: in particular there's no gun staining and very little exhaust staining, and underneath just the beginning of the characteristic Spitfire oil stains. I did this one for a group build over on LSP, a tribute to Edgar Brooks, so if you're interested here's the WIP thread. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=59953&hl= Thanks for looking - comments and constructive criticism welcome.
  8. Revell Spitfie 1/32

    Good afternoon gentlemen with this first post in this new forum, I'd like to share with you a few pics from my second airplane. My first one was the Tamiya FW190 A8 in 48th scale. I'm actually a diorama builder and AFV guy and used to overlook planes. But recently I regained my interest in planes and especially the Battle of Britain. So here goes my Revell Spitfire Mk.IIa by Revell in 1/32 scale. Nothing spectacular so far, but I thought you might like it. Best Gunnar As you can see, thereare some imperfections in the canopy I need to get rid of. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. Just some smartphone shots.
  9. Lonesome Polecat has always had a spot in my heart. Growing up, I got a book from my grandparents, "Fighter Command" that featured color photos of the ETO during World War 2. The Polecat was one of the planes with numerous photos and I decided then that I would build her someday. Then Eduard came out with their offering of the Mk. VIII and Eagle Strike released a set of markings for the 31st Fighter Group and my dream became a reality. My color selections are questionable, but when color correcting the old photos, the US Sand seemed to be a better match, IMO, than the Middle Stone. So that's what I went with. Colors were from the Mr. Paint line. The rest of the completed and WIP photos can be found here.
  10. This is the superb Tamiya 1:72 Spitfire Mk1.The model is of N3249, No.92 Squadron, Biggin Hill, September 1940. I've added an Aires detail kit comprising gun bays, engine and cockpit, plus Eduard p/e flaps, Xtradecal decals and a partial vacform canopy (windscreen section is Tamiya becasue it was a perfect fit). Overall I'm pleased with it, although it's by no means perfect - I'm not really happy with the framing behind the spinner, I think it's too high, but there's not much to be done without major surgery of the Aires engine. Here it is with the Airfix BF109 E4: This model won first prize at the 2014 IPMS Wakefield model show at Huddersfield: The tools are from a 1:72 Brengun Models set, and the table and chairs are 1:76, from Dan Taylor Modelworks.
  11. So after a bit of hassle with the wheel covers and alignment (still don't think it's 100%, but not much scope for adjustment) I'm calling this one finished. It's built OOB apart from Eduard belts, acetate gunsight and Techmod decals. Not a bad kit considering its age, but there were some issues with the canopy framing being poorly defined, particularly the rear section which is pretty much DIY. Anyway, here are some pics: Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IXc, 306 (Polish) Squadron, F/Lt Jozef Zulikowski, RAF Northolt 1942.
  12. Spitfire Mk.IIa for ADH Book

    This was sure a fun model to build, and was built from a test shot for the ADH title: How to Build the Revell Spitfire Mk.IIa I've heard some folk say that this model is hard to build. Well, apart from the troublesome windscreen, I'd have to disagree. It's far from a perfect model either. Poor wheel well detail, missing and poor cockpit detail, machine-gunned rivets on fuse and stab, awful wheels, and naff looking prop and spinner. That's for starters. No problems with this kit are insurmountable to the average mortal, with perhaps the exception of the fat wing root that would require more work and patience. Having said that, it sure looks a beautiful model when completed. Here are a few pics from my book. To buy this title, click THIS link
  13. Spitfire FR Mk.IXc

    Hi folks, I finished this one a couple of months ago for Military Illustrated Modeller. This is a home-brew conversion of the Tamiya Mk.IXc Spit, adapted with a Williamson F-24 camera. I don't have any other photos of this than what I posted here, so if you want to see the others, you'll have to buy the mag! Sorry about that. Model is finished with MR PAINT PRU Pink.