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  1. Here's a reminder to say that we do also get new kits in stock as well as what's on offer. We've recently got loads of new 1/72 kits including Airfix's re-issued Spitfire Vc in stock. We've also got Special Hobby's F-84 Thunderstreak in both the USAF and French (Suez Crisis) boxings as well as the Russian/Finnish P-40M Warhawk. Other recent releases include Arma Hobby's excellent new Sea Hurricane IIc kit and AZ Models Bf109G-6 with Wgr21's and the Luftwaffe ordnance set. All of these are 15% off UK RRP and are available on our website now https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ Watch out for more
  2. We've got several 1/48 aircraft kits that are better than half price! Yes that's right, better than half price! We have the Hobby Boss Su-27 Russian Knights Flanker kit of just over £26,it's RRP is around £55 - if you don't want to use the decals in the box, this is a very cheap way of getting a 1/48 Flanker B - handy if you have aftermarket decals. We also have the Hobby Boss Chinook A and D kits for a few pennies under £40 and they're RRP is £83. In addition we have a home page full of kits and paint sets with 20 - 40% off UK RRP in the categories below 1/350 Hobby Boss
  3. We've had a decent restock here @ MJW Models today! Lots of 1/72 and 1/48 kits are back in stock, many of which are between 20-45% off UK RRP Have a look on our website and see if there's anything you fancy! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ Also on order for this week, the latest Eduard kit releases and restocks of recent releases here @ MJW Models. The new releases feature and all new tool Bf109F double kit in 1/72 and weekend editions of the 1/48 Zero and Tempest II kits. In addition we'll have the 1/48 Malta Spitfire V set back in stock, plus the Tempest V weekend Edition and Fokker DR.
  4. We've had a restock today with more bargains and we've also added even more 1/72 kits into our 1/72 kit sale. Of note we now have a few Meng 1/35 bargains - their Jeep is about 40% off UK RRP at just over £17. We have got their King Tiger back in stock, it's only 15% off UK RRP but at just over £28, I think it's a bargain for a large and excellent looking 1/35 tank kit, as it is. We've also got the Leopard 1 A3/A4 for just about half price! The ICM 1/48 Ju88D-1 is half price at under £25! We have a few large Hobby Boss 1/48 kits, like the Osprey, Growler, F/A-18E Super Hornet,
  5. We've added even more 1/72 kits into out 1/72 kit sale! Just added at 20% off UK RRP are a couple of Sword Avengers, including the Midway boxing and an North American Fury. Now at approx 1/3 off UK RRP is the Special Hobby Vampire Mk 3 and The KP (AZ) Models Spitfire I with the Yellow nose and a pair of Mk II's, including the LR boxing. Check out our website homepage for more details! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/
  6. 1/72 kit sale @ MJW Models! We've reduced prices on loads of 1/72 kits to 20% or more off UK RRP! Some will be 33% or more off UK RRP! Newly added kits to the sale include the very recently released Arma Hobby Sea Hurricane and IBG Fw190D-9 prototype! Also there's loads of KPM (AZ Models) kits like Tempest V's, Spitfire I/II and V's plus an Alpha Jet! Check them out now on our website homepage! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/
  7. We've decided to have a sale of all the Special Hobby Bf109E kits we have in stock. They are priced between £10.12 and £11.10 and include the various E-1, E-3, E-4 and E-7 models, including the brand new Romanian/Slovak aces boxing. That's approx 24-30% off UK RRP. There's also a Romanian/Slovak one with a slightly damaged box for just over £8. If anyone hasn't seen these kits, they were developed with Eduard and are probably the best Bf109E kits you can buy. As for other items, our regular prices are still 15% off UK RRP for kits and paint sets and our homepage still has loads of offers
  8. Col.

    Seafire III

    In an effort to prove I do build models rather than sitting around critcising everyone else's here's something I've been working on for about a month now as part of a group build elsewhere. Having found some appealing profiles for Pacific Fleet Seafires I pulled the Special Hobby kit from the stash and got going with it in an attempt to produce a model of NN460 H6-Z when involved in Operation Lentil, providing top cover for Fireflies and Avengers as they attacked the Japanese oil storage depot on Sumatra. The Special Hobby kits I have are for Mk.IIc Seafire but contain enough parts to m
  9. 1/32 Tempest Mk.V “HI-TECH 2” Special Hobby Catalogue # SH32070 Available from Special Hobby for approx. 79,00€ Unlike Spitfire development, where even major airframe revisions saw the type keep its original name, Hawker’s Typhoon project was different. The Typhoon wasn’t without its problems, such as a seemingly unstoppable leaking of carbon monoxide gas into the cockpit, and of course that tail unit which had broken away completely on some aircraft, ending with a series of reinforcement straps that were designed as a simple fix for this. Like the Hurricane, the T
  10. Hi all, you didn't think I'd actually build a Spitfire did you??? So here is my contribution to this ere group build, a kit I've built before and enjoyed more than the eduard Spitfire Mk.viii I built at the same time. Colour scheme is up in the air at the moment but watch this space. To me the Seafire iii is the best of the bunch for ww2 Seafires (unfortunately the Mk. XV was just too late) and did everything from artillery spotting on D day to attacking Truk at the end of the war. It was still a bit of a hodgepodge with various mods being made along the way. Anyway here's the
  11. Hi All, this was a review build for Scale Aircraft Modeller this month I just though I'd show it here as the article says not the easiest build but its done Painted using Gunze paints
  12. Ooh er. Academy tooling, Special Hobby injected canopies, resin and P-E parts
  13. Greetings everyone! It's our weekly news! First off, I posted earlier about the Meng 1/32 Fokker DR.1 - we have our last one priced at £48 to clear - we won't restock it. The biggest news this week is that we have ordered the late arriving Eduard February kits as well as the March releases - they should be here in a few days. This includes the reboxed 1/48 ICM Do17Z-2 Ltd Ed kit, new Fw190A-5 Profipack and the 1/72 Du Doch Nicht set amongst others. Special Hobby are releasing a new series or Mirage III and 5 kits in 1/72. The first of which (Mirage IIIC) has been added to our Sp
  14. Been working on it for a while will get better pictures soon
  15. Hello everyone, I'm thinking about making a weekly update starting now! The idea is to let you know about any new stuff we've had in, any future news and any bargains. New Stuff! - This week we saw the first batch of the all new tool AZ Models Bf109E. There's 3 different 109E-3's and an E-7/Trop to start with. They look a similar quality to the earlier releases of the Bf109F/G and K, so should be decent kits - https://mjwmodels.co.uk/az-models-172--kits-524-c.asp Future Stuff! - We've updated the future release categories on our website. We've updated the selection of Airfix
  16. Special Hobby 1/72 A. W. Meteor NF12 Modeller's whose thing is post war RAF will have been anticipating this release with some expectation. I don't think they'll be disappointed. The Meteor needs little introduction to aviation buffs and there always seems to be great affection for the night fighting variants with the unfeasibly extended proboscis. These versions have been served before with the somewhat maligned Matchbox effort. I've seen some very nice models built from the Matchbox kit, but to be perfectly honest when you see the effort required in order to get a result that
  17. Special Hobby, Siebel Si 204D Part no. SH48170 History, The Si 204 was planned as a small all-metal passenger aircraft with two crew and eight passengers for German airline Lufthansa (DLH). Development was initiated in 1938. After the beginning of the war, the aircraft was redesigned as a trainer aircraft with a full "stepless" glass cockpit, as had been initiated with the which seemed to be better for Blind Flying in the Si 204's case. The first two prototypes only were delivered as passenger aircraft with the old cockpit. The maiden flight of the first protot
  18. Special Hobby 1/72 SAAB J-37 Viggen One of the more unusual shapes to grace the skies during the cold war era, now retired (in 2005), although the Swedes still operate one in their historic flight. You wouldn't call it a pretty aeroplane - well I don't - but handsome is as handsome does and my recollection from Viggen displays back in the day, such as that 'The Hall' (that dates me!) would suggest that the Viggen could deliver, handsomely. I seem to recall that apart from the dazzling aerobatics, the real party piece was a STOL full stop landing, followed by a three point turn usi
  19. I started this for the RAF 100 GB and i was determined to have it done ready for our club table at Telford so here it is, out of the box apart from Top Notch masks for the Camo
  20. 1:32 WWII Bristol Centaurus engine Designed for Special Hobby Tempest Mk.II Catalogue # 129-5129 Available from Special Hobby for €52,92 The Centaurus was the final development of the Bristol Engine Company's series of sleeve valve radial aircraft engines. The Centaurus is an 18-cylinder, two-row design that eventually delivered over 3,000 hp (2,200 kW). The engine was introduced into service late in the Second World War and was one of the most powerful aircraft piston engines to see service. Like most Bristol Engines designs, the Centaurus was based on the mechanicals
  21. 1:32 Fieseler Fi 103 (FZG 76)/V-1 Catalogue # SH32071 Special Hobby Available from Special Hobby for €20,16 The V-1 flying bomb (German: Vergeltungswaffe 1 "Vengeance Weapon 1")—also known to the Allies as the buzz bomb, or doodlebug, was an early cruise missile and the only production aircraft to use a pulsejet for power. It was developed at Peenemünde Army Research Centre in 1939. Due to its limited range, the thousands of V-1 missiles launched into England were fired from launch facilities along the French (Pas-de-Calais) and Dutch coasts. The first V-1 was launc
  22. So this will be the second build but I don't think I'll get it finished in time in which case I'll finish it in the WIP section In this scheme All I've done so far is a masking tape dry fit and it all looks good
  23. 1/48 Miles M.35 Libellula Planet Models Catalogue # 129-PLT270 Available from Special Hobby for 1.231 Kč (approx. £43) Miles’ diminutive M.35 design has always been something that has intrigued me. This was an aircraft that earned George Miles a firm slap on the wrist from the Ministry of Aircraft Production, as it was conceived, designed and built without official sanction. Miles’ intention was honourable with the aircraft being inspired by the unusual tandem-wing Lysander test layout that was being trialled at the time. George Miles saw an opportunity to build
  24. Special Hobby Model 239 Buffalo “Taivaan Helmi over Finland” No.48180 The Brewster F2A Buffalo was an American fighter aircraft which saw service early in WW2. Designed and built by the Brewster Aeronautical Corporation, it was one of the first U.S. monoplanes with an arrester hook and other modifications for aircraft carriers. The Buffalo won a competition against the Grumman F4F Wildcat in 1939 to become the U.S. Navy's first monoplane fighter aircraft. Although superior to the Grumman F3F biplane it replaced and the early F4Fs, the Buffalo was largely obsolete when the United Sta
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