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  1. Teaser.... Wow! Wow! Wow! And I've not even seen a single episode of The Mandalorian!
  2. 1/48 Horten Go 229 Brothers Reimar and Walter Horten began experimenting with flying wing glider designs in the early 1930's with a view to designing an airframe with the least parasitic drag possible. They had sufficient success with this that by the latter part of the decade they had been rewarded with a contract to continue development of their designs from the German RLM. By this time they had progressed to a powered and swept wing design that had successfully been flown. Official interest waned, but the brothers continued with their advanced concepts privately and unofficially, and, th
  3. It's a Star Wars TIE Fighter, what's not to like?! Plus this has folded panels, I can't think of any other kit with this feature, although if there is please feel free to put me to rights. The scale is a bit of an oddity, but Revell have had a 1/65 kit that has been released multiple times since first release in 2011, so it must be a really good selling product. This particular kit seems to be based on the 2011 tooling with added parts for the panel folds as per the Mandalorian series. It wouldn't look completely out of place with 1/72 TIE Fighters. It's going to be difficult to resist...
  4. I've been posting a load of stuff over on the RevellAtions pages, it's a lot easier to link rather than re-post, so if you want to have a look click here If I get anything interesting sent for review I will continue to post on the forum for your convenience and as it happens there should be a couple of interesting kits arriving next week.
  5. This is an RF-4ETM from 173 Filo 'Safak', in the then new disruptive camouflage scheme. This particular aircraft was shot down by Syrian air defences above the East Mediterranean on June 22nd, 2012. Basic kit is the Revell RF-4E because I could get one, and reviews suggest it is a decent compromise between accuracy, detail and ease of construction; better than the Italeri and a fraction of the price of the much better Hasegawa. Research suggests the ETM upgrades were largely internal to do with systems and electronics so I should be OK with the basic kit if we agree to ignore the instrume
  6. Finally started Bens Ford. As it's a 2019 racer, there are a few modifications to make to the Revell kit, minor ones, but needed. Starting with the shell, as its the bit that needs most corrections. First the telemetry arial has to go, the 2019 Fords had it repositioned. And a rub down and fill in. And rub etc and prime. Thoight it was smooothe, but firs coverings said otherwise. So will let that dry and keep going. First light coating of Zero Paints Wynns Purple. A start at least.
  7. I don’t know what made me think this was a Tamiya kit, when it’s clearly a Revell 🤦🏼 I have only built one other Revell car, a NASCAR and I hated it, the plastic would not cement together. Also this is the first F1 car I have ever built. I’ll be building Lewis Hamilton’s car. I hope to be making a start on it later today.
  8. This is the old Revell kit build from the box, just with the addition of spares folder decals as I bough her second hand. A simple kit with minimal interior detail, but I did like the surface detail and it looks quite nice built up. I went hard with the weathering as these aircraft tended to get pretty filthy. Not a modern "uberkit" but still a nice build.
  9. Afternoon Everyone Looking around for something a little more challenging to keep myself entertained... I'd actually forgotten about this little beauty. (but beware, the nice shiny box has demons within) I love the classic lines of the 570, the complete opposite of the new Senna Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin... I have already started this kit, back in 2019. I got to a point and basically had a haffie and put it back away in its stupid side opening box, (which I modified to top opening) The reason I had a haffie... Well to honest, this is a PITA
  10. Afternoon Everyone Been having a couple of off days, and on those days I usually go digging around in the cupboard looking at models and generally making a nuisance of myself on here I noticed that I have only spent 19 days on this GB, so I thought maybe I'll have a dig around at the back of the cupboard, under the display case, you know all those places things tend to hide... And I found this... and here's the price tag Okay, okay I got this from a Model Railway flea market a couple or years ago (makes sense when you think about it ) You can buil
  11. Now here's a thing I'm baffled at why the OOP Revell pilots fetch bonkers money (the average lately is £30-35). Virtually 99% of adult modellers (who could afford this) build on the ground uncrewed planes, usually with cockpit detail so are folks collecting as "investments?" I remember this with Revell 1/72 Hunters and Mig 21s where folk would pay silly money and then winced when Revell re-released them- I picked up a pile of the Raf Legends release for £8.99 each from an ebay vendor last April that have been steadily gracing buyers display cabinets. Now I'll put my hand up
  12. Time to bite the bullet. Back in May I was asked by a friend of mine to build a Tonka for him. There was one on 56Sqn that he worked on regularly and that's the one he wants built, but could I actually do 2. 1 for him, 1 for someone else on the Sqn. "Not a problem" Said I. "What scale??" Errrrrrr. I'd like So big, Right, 1/48. Never having built that scale, this is going to be fun. I managed to track down 2 and was about to go extras shopping when the offer of the Eduard kit happened, so now, I have 3 - 1 for me! So, here we go! The last Revell I build was their 1/72 Lancaster, and I
  13. First up. Revell 1/72 Douglas Boston mk.III (or Douglas A-20C Havoc depending on what paint scheme it is wearing). A late 1960s kit - box colours don’t seem to have great evidence for them but interpreting the star insignia and desert tan mottle applied in the field over RAF roundels and Western Europe camouflage gave me a chance to pause halfway into the painting and recreate a model built from a kit my Gran got me from Beatties in Ayr a great many years ago. If I remember rightly it was an Airfix Boston in RAF colours, painted with enamels and probably the only biggish mode
  14. 1/72 Junkers Ju 88 A-1 The Ju 88 needs little introduction to aviation buffs, being a mainstay of the Luftwaffe throughout WWII. This was a multi-role combat aircraft before the phrase had even been coined and in predating the British Mosquito could well lay claim to being the first. There are parallels with the Mosquito, the '88 was originally a fast bomber that became a heavy fighter/anti-shipping and night fighting. There are quite a few '88 kits to choose from in 1/72, not least from Revell themselves in the form of their A-4 and C-6 kits. The release of this kit seems to
  15. Hi all, Now that the magazine it was published in is no longer available, I can show pictures of the Revell 1/32 Arado 196 that was built for Airfix Model World, where it made the front cover. It was done using the Eduard PE set for the exterior, and was mounted on an aftermarket resin beaching trolley. Some 'beach scene' photos first, followed by a few shots from the in-progress stages. Hope you like it...
  16. A challenging build because of the complex decals but enjoying it.
  17. Ok, these Luft '46 birds seem to be popular right now and I have few of these so let's get to it. Interestingly I shared a bedroom with this one a few months back, Lovely plane in flight and looks completely daft on the ground, with that ridiculously huge nose wheel ( allegedly from a crashed B-17). Sprues and box: Lovely crisp moulding and according to Nigel (Heath) everything fits perfectly unless you use a photo etch IP, so there, now you know. Scheme wise I'm not sure, it's either of these or I may change my mind completely.
  18. Hi all a mojo restarter Not going to reveal what it is yet but I've done the fiddly bits at the end of the build first More to come of course
  19. Another week, another finish, the venerable Revell 1/72 Me 262A: Amazon sent me this as a freebie so why not? Lovely delicate panel lines as good as the Hasegawa and infinitely better than the Airfix in the stash. Fit was mostly excellent, clicking neatly together apart from the smeary and non-fitting canopy: easy fixes and again not worthy of a WIP or tales of angst in their remedy. Added a gun sight from the AZ 109G joy pack that seems to have more spares than parts needed to build their kits! Paints were Mr Color except for the RLM 81 which was AK RLM 81 v3- much more believable than
  20. 1/35 Fordson W.O.T. 6 I am only an occasional armour modeller, even less with softskins, so when this one came my way my interest was piqued. It also meant I had to do some research! Fortunately for me the kit is a re-box of one first released by ICM early in 2018, so it wasn't too difficult to get a handle on what's what with it. I did know that Fordson was the commercial arm of Ford UK and that they manufactured vehicles for the British Army, but W.O.T. 6, what's that all about? Apparently it stands for War Office Truck number 6, there being quite a range of Fordson typ
  21. 1/72 Rockwell OV-10A Bronco The OV-10 was designed to fulfill a requirement for COunter INsurgency (COIN) and as a Forward Air Control (FAC) platform, artillery spotting and directing other airborne assets. The aircraft was intended as an option rather than use helicopters and STOL performance was also required. The design brief for these roles was such that good load carrying, long loiter time and outstanding visibility from the cockpit would be paramount. North American Rockwell (asit then was) adopted a twin boom layout with the cockpit pod placed well forward under ex
  22. Heres; this weeks finisher: The truly horrible "new tool " Revell 1/72 Spit VB. Words will fail you when see the bad detailing, 0.75mm rivets jutting out of the nose cowls and the canopy buried in thick flash. And wait till you start building, ejector marks everywhere means nothing closes properly, strong CA and grinder just about tamed this into submission. Its wearing the wrong decals for a clipped wing as the right ones turned opaque when applied, Cheers Anil
  23. IAI Kfir C.2 (03890) OK, there are times when a box art sells you the product, right? That was the case with this one, especially as I already knew the plastic in the box was not a new tool, but a re-box of a thirty two year old kit! Why so beguiling? A combination of the multi colour IAF camo with the big splashes of orange in nicely composed setting ticks all the boxes for me. The Kfir (pronounced Ka-fir, so I'm told by a Hebrew speaking friend) came about as a result of a French embargo of military equipment to Israel. Israel went ahead and built unlicen
  24. So, after waiting months to get my hands on it, it finally arrived a week or so ago and despite going to wait until the new year, the desire to get going took over Ever since the car arrived on the scene I've admired it. Heres the kit; And what Revell have done is subtly rework their Ford GT road car kit that has been out for a year or so. This is both good and bad. Good, as predominately the majority of the kit is the same, the changes being to the tub and cockpit area, where only 1 seat is needed and where the passenger would be is now safety and electronics. But sadly,
  25. Leopard 2 A6/A6NL (03281) Confession time: I'm not a big fan of modern armour, but I'm glad I've been given the opportunity to have a look at this kit. This variant of the Leopard oozes menace and in real life it's pretty huge, a feature that is perhaps exacerbated by the elongated turret and long gun - even longer on the A6. Leopard tanks have been around for a while, but the A6 is a variant the appeared mid-noughties and has numerous upgrades over earlier versions. I have to admit it looks pretty cool. For the modeller the Leopard gives you options in respect of it havi
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