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Found 8 results

  1. Morning Everyone Well here we are then... I'm also not a big Sci Fi builder. I think the last time I built something was a Star Wars Snowspeeder and a Millenium Falcon absolutely yonks ago (thats not including lego stuff ) My choice is from Dust Games seriously cool range of alternate WW2 models. Its all based around an alternate version of what happened in WW2 after 1942ish and discoveries and advancements made that allowed these cool machines to appear. For more info follow the link below: http://www.dustgame.com/introduction.php This is the Luther Its basically a single crew two legged walker with a great big rotary magazine 88mm cannon on one side and a ten barreled rocket launcher on the other. Its a full resin kit and the castings are just fantastic. I bought this a few years ago and it was quite an expensive kit coming from Europe, so I wasn't really very impressed when I found out that there were no instructions for it Anyway, I had made a start on it, basically putting the body together, but I didn't like where it was going so I took it all apart again and that's what I have this fine morning, a big box of bits... The picture I have in my head is a small diorama base with a figure, (maybe 2), but I can assure you that there will not be a German 3 colour, Panzer grey or white washed piece in sight... I'm going to find or come up with my own camo scheme for this Ok, that's it then. This afternoon I have to go to our local model club and clear some space on my desk so I can actually start building I must say tho, I'm really looking forward to building this
  2. Here he is - everyone's favourite safe cracker - Karl-Otto Alberty... This is the third "Kelly's Heroes" bust I've done from Mitches Military Models, and just as I think I've finished he goes and releases the Telly Savalas "Big Joe" bust. Well it'd be rude not to buy that one pretty darn quick and get him painted up so that I can re-create that classic "high noon" stand off scene from the film where Big Joe, Kelly and Oddball have their Powwow with Karl-Otto. I had a few challenges with this one, such as when I painted the blonde hair I realised I had painted the face too dark. Note to self - get the hair colour blocked in before going too far on the facial tones next time. And I also has fun getting the shading on the tunic to a point where I was happy with it. One of the things I try to do with figure painting is not get too bogged down trying to do a perfect job. I like to do each figure a little better than the previous one and when I feel I'm trying to push my skills too far I back off a bit and call it done. More pictures here if you're interested - http://www.makingmodels.co.uk/completed-builds/19-v-bust-ss-tiger-tank-commander-karl-otto-alberty-kellys-heroes/
  3. Here's a figure I painted a short while ago. I'd be happy to hear your comments and critique on this one guys. I'm always looking to improve so any comments will be welcome. Honest
  4. Slovakian Focke-Wulf Fw 189A-1 I've had a serious run of bad luck with forum builds in the last couple of years, with the ones that I try to feature being more prone to screwing up, such as the awful P-39 Airacobra kit from ShittyKittyhawk. My bin can certainly overfloweth. In an effort to buck the trend, I thought I'd build perhaps my most ambitious project yet....the HpH Fw 189A-1 resin kit. What could possibly go wrong! If you want to take look at the review I wrote for this, check HERE This is a very new project for me, and I'll post a few photos in the next days. Work so far consists of cleaning up the main components, such as the boom halves, stabiliser, wing, wing centre section, engine cowls etc. I have also glued the steel reinforced spar to the centre section and the outboard wing spares. For this, I'm using HpH's own epoxy glue with a 24hrs waiting time. CA will be used for everything else. This kit is supplied with an amazing set of 'Wet Transfer' decals which contain no carrier film. All that is left on the model after application is the ink. All I will use here though are the stencils, as this model will be finished in a scheme over than what is supplied. For this build, I will depict a Slovakian machine. I've always had a hankering for a Slovakian scheme ever since seeing it supplied with the old Matchbox 1/32 Bf 109E-3 kit. Markings on this will be airbrushed, with masks courtesy of Miracle Masks. The Slovaks operated the A-1, as well as the A-2 versions. This is what I aim to achieve. Stay tuned folks!!
  5. Time for a quick out of the box build. Actually, this may be true. Things have progressed at a rather rapid rate of knots. First off time for some primer, I use this stuff for metal and resin, nice fine spray and good coverage. So far it hasn't clogged up fine details such as etched grilles. So I sprayed a few things. Then I thought up a design for the stand. Then I carved it up, but reversing it, it looks better with the long bit at the bottom. I'll spray it silver. Then I did a little painting. Revell 76 for the sides and Revell 78 for the decks as per the colour callouts. Then I finished up the hull construction. Then onto bending up some of the railings to see if the RB set was as good as they claimed. Sure enough the railings were weakened at the bend points and they all fit perfectly. I've left the straight sections on the fret until I start fitting them to the model. This piece has 12 bends and they match the bridge roof exactly. Impressive! Then I just started making stuff. Some tiny parts to assemble here such as these bases for the main davits. Or this little collection of parts to form the winch. And this is where I'm calling it quits for tonight. Top row has the stern jerry can racks and camera(?) mast, bottom row has the two main davit bases, the Palfinger crane base and the winch. The winch took two hours to assemble, I think there is a pile of my own hair under my bench now! So far so good, what a great little kit. Shouldn't be too long before I post up some more. Thanks for tuning in! P.S. There is a review of this kit in the, er, review section!
  6. Here's a snap of a figure I have on the bench at the moment. Have made a rough start on the tunic - black is always "fun" to do And also getting the blond hair to look somewhere decent without looking too "Pat Butcher". The eyes have been painted, but he has more squint than Clint so they're not very easy to see. Probably about 40% done at the moment.
  7. RB Productions - L.E. Roisin Probably better known amongst aviation enthusiasts for their seatbelts and decals, RB Productions have released a little gem of a ship kit in the form of a Mixed Media 1/350 scale Offshore Patrol Vessel L.E.Roisin. The ship. Commissioned on 15 December 1999, Roisin (P51) is the lead ship in her class of two vessels, Niamh (P52) being her sister. Weighing in at a svelte 1500 tonnes and a maximum speed of 23 knots, these ships serve the primary role of coastal security for the Irish Naval Service. Armament consists of a 76mm Oto Melara rapid fire main gun supported by two 20mm Rheinmetall cannons, two 12.7mm Heavy machine guns and two 7.62 GPMGs. She also carries two 21ft and one 18ft Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats but does not carry any aircraft. The Kit. Packed in a sturdy 9" x 6" x 2" cardboard hinged lid box, the kit consists of resin, photoetched brass and stainless steel parts, turned brass parts and a decal sheet all carefully bound in bubble wrap. The resin components are sharply and cleanly cast in a nice light grey, slightly flexible, resin with no signs of bubbles or short shots. The detail is crisp and well finished with plenty of locating grooves and indents to help with the placement of the etched parts. A good shot of the locating grooves on the forecastle, the cable holes below are actually blanked off but are so thin that a poke with a needle will open them up with almost no clean up. The casting blocks for both the hull and upper structure are already ground off by the factory, all that will be required is a little fine tuning between the two mating surfaces. Dimples and engraved lines along the sides and decks will make the fitting of smaller parts a breeze. Detail continues onto the textured walkways of the bridge wings. The resin is flexible enough that slight pressure will pretty much eliminate the gap between these main pieces. The casting blocks have been located at the easiest points for clean up. The aftermost bulkhead has only one door on a flat surface on the real vessel. The stern is just smooth and flat. No detail to lose when filling and sanding. There are nine resin 'sprues' clearly marked with their part identification. Again, detail is nice and sharp with no bubbles or defects that I can find. There is a little bit of very thin flash that a toothbrush should be able to take care of without much trouble. Main turret, RHIB davits, hull stabilisers and deck lockers. The flash that exists is gossamer thin. Nicely detailed parts throughout such as these davits. Radar, rudders, bilge keels and 20mm cannon bodies. RHIBs, Funnels, liferafts, chocks and bitts. The hydraulic arm (X) for the small RHIB and chocks (Y). The detail is excellent in this scale, the hydraulic arm is similar to those you would see behind the cab of a truck delivering bricks or bags of sand. The chocks are only 2.5mm wide. Close up of the RHIB and liferaft cannister detail. The etched brass isn't as clean and shiny as you would find with Gold Medal or Eduard but it is nicely etched with good levels of detail and the fret is well marked with numbered identification of the parts. Spot the sailor? Nice and crisp, RB hasn't gone overboard with the mounting tags either so a couple of swipes with an oil stone will take care of them quickly. Fold lines are half etched which will make assembly easier. I would, however, like to see manufacturers include a resin former to make shaping propellers easier. I've seen this in aircraft sets but never in ship kits. The stainless steel handrail fret. Just gorgeous. Arrows etched into the fret indicate the weakened fold lines in the rails which produces bends that match the rest of the kit exactly. Although a stand is not included in the kit there is a rather nice name plate on the handrail fret. Although they will take slightly longer to file the tags off, they will stand up to a lot more handling than their brass counterparts and will remain a lot straighter for a lot longer. An intelligent choice of material. Another intelligent choice is the use of Polish company 'Master' to produce the turned gun barrels, prop shafts and windlass hubs. The quality of these parts is up to their usual high standard. Decals, nice colour and good registration with a high gloss, the carrier film is minimal but dedicated to Roisin only. Please excuse the tweezers they're there to discourage scanning. I haven't quite found out what the connection is with Taz. Instructions come in the form of a ten page downloadable PDF file which can be accessed after purchasing the kit. The first page is an introduction to working with the mixed media of the kit followed by five pages of assembly. one page for handrails and waterlining, one page for the painting and marking and finally the last two pages are dedicated to detail photographs of the real ship. Assembly steps are mostly shown as completed stages in 3D CG images. Simple and clear views with well explained text. There isn't a waterline option for the hull, however, the instructions do include a hull template to assist in preparing your sea base if you wish. Also included is a nice clear plan for the folding of the handrails. Nice touch. Colours and markings are clear and callouts include Revell, Tamiya, Testors, RAL and British Standard so finding a match should be fairly easy. Conclusion. An unusual but excitingly nice subject that has me very eager to get started. I cannot find much to moan about, the only negative that I've come across is the downloadable instructions. I like opening a model box and looking at the instructions first, I'm not great when it comes to computers and it took me a long time to download and print my own hard copy, but that's just me, I imagine everyone else will manage no problem. It seems to me to be a well thought out and produced kit which looks as though it's going to produce a very nice model and I anticipate relatively short build time. And finally, a big thank you to me for buying me this lovely model of a very nice looking ship. Currently a W.I.P. in the Maritime section. Jockster.
  8. Sovereign Hobbies carries the product range of Ultracast. Originating in Canada, Ultracast offers some of the finest quality and most accurate 1/48 scale aircraft and 1/35 scale figures and armour accessories going: Why not have a browse? https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/ultracast Why Ultracast? Some of the images below next to the equivalent kit parts speak for themselves.
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