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Found 5 results

  1. I saw these HMV paper kits at the Hamburg Maritime Museum, and having seen the stunning quality of the paper model exhibits there, decided to give this a go. HMV have also had a stand a Telford for the past couple of years: This one is classed as "schwierig" ("difficult"/"challenging"), and I wouldn't argue with that. I didn't realise the kit booklets came with difficulty gradings until after I'd bought it, but even so, the easier ones don't look as nice once completed. I also bought the optional laser-cut card detail set, which contains things like railings and small deck fittings. This really raises the model to a different level IMO. This was my first serious attempt at a ship model, and a paper model. I made a lot of mistakes, and it's not perfect by any means but I learned a lot about both ships and modelling in paper! I will definitely be building more of them. apart from the pva glue, rigging, and cocktail stick reinforcements for the masts, it's 100% paper. anyway, here are the pics: Won first in class at the 2016 IPMS Wakefield show at Huddersfield.
  2. HMCS Corvette K-165 "Battleford", Royal Canadian Navy, 1941. Built from paper, wire, clear acetate and sprue/elastic. HMV kit, scale 1:250 Build thread here: Thanks for looking!
  3. Picked this up while in Hamburg last week, it's one of the latest HMV paper model ship releases, a Flower Class Corvette. It can be built as the "Agassiz", "Wetaskiwin", "Battleford" or "Levis" (named after Canadian towns). This one has 1,215 parts, and a laser-cut detail set which I have on order: Looking forwared to making a start on it when the <<Mellum>> is finished. I always liked the look of the old Matchbox Corvette, but never built one. This one is obviously much smaller, and is slightly different in design. More info here: http://h-m-v.de/agassiz.0.html?&L=1
  4. Following on from the trawler <<Wuppertal>> (it's in Gallery in case anyone's interested): I made a start on a more modern, more complex ship called "Mellum". It's a multi-purpose vessel used mainly for pollution control duties. It's based at the island of Helgoland (interseting history) which I visited last summer. As with the "Wuppertal", I bought the kit at the Hamburg Maritime Museum: Got the laser-cut card detail set from EBay: First thing was to cut out the hull and deck parts: And build up the hull substructure: I built it on a glass plate to make sure of no warping; if you get this stage wrong, any inaccuracies tend to stack up during the build, making things a bit difficult...
  5. So here are some finished pics. Build thread here: Thanks for looking!