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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all, this is my first build to be posted in the In Progress of aircraft. My main forte is armour, and I just finished a T-72 which can be found here. I got this Italeri Apache recently, along with a Caracal Decals set including an IAF version (we got Apaches just last year) I will however be doing it as an army one, which are painted black.. So that's the twist. The box art. Box itself is of the type approved by the International Modellers' Soviet (top opener). Opening the box disgorges parts, decals and instructions. Rivets are raised and plastic feels like
  2. Time to get started on the next build for my mate Tom. Another type he did avionics systems on. Frustratingly I'm still waiting on the actual tail no. and sqn etc, but i know he wants it green. So that's a help. Sprues are in good fettle, nice clean and crisp. I started on the seating and the floor of the load area. Problem is, I started this in the good weather of the late summer, and memory of the colours used are iffy, but i know i used an AK metalic for the runners. Red seating, and I've used hemp as the belt colour. Mainly this way they'll show up in the closed load area.
  3. Not starting for a while but starting a thread as a placeholder Given to me rather than bought but widely available under a tenner Iā€™m sure that between the kit decals and spares I can come up with serials to be able to do FC-WG, MH880 which has a splash of yellow to liven it up
  4. I'm planning to build Gleed's Spitfire Vb Trop with the Aboukir filter and clipped wings. I have both the Tamiya and Italeri kits, that have all the relevant parts in the box (and decals) to build this aircraft, without any conversion work or scrounging parts from other kits, so it's going to be one of these two kits. So with that said, does anyone know the size/shape issues with each kit and overall which is best in this aspect and only this aspect? I've built both before and know which is the better kit to build, so it's purely which is the more convincing looking when built.
  5. So here is my one of two kits i have that are eligible for the build Italeris Seahawk in 1/48 that I picked up at an open air swapmeet at Sywell aerodrome earlier this year. the to fuselage sides are off the sprue, but the rest of the kit is on the sprue.
  6. Grunhertz

    Porsche 956

    Hi All this is the Italeri rebox of the Protar Porsche 956 and to be honestit was a huge amount of fun, the best thing about it was the Decals and I really cant fault Italeri for their decals. which did include both tabacco adverising and non tabacco advertising
  7. Afternoon Everyone šŸ˜ Saw this on Scalemates, a brand new tool 1/12th scale Lancia Delta HF Integrale from Italeri šŸ˜ Yummy yummy yummu
  8. Guest

    Italeri TF-104G

    Coming sometime in the future to a magazine (hence only one photo - sorry, no more or I'll be in trouble with the Editor), here's my rendition of the Italeri two-seat Starfighter. The subject was an aircraft of 31 (Tiger) Sqn, Belgian AF, 1983. The tip tanks were used for the 1983 NATO Tiger meet, just before Belgium finally retired the F-104. Decals by DACO, intake covers & chocks by Video Aviation, pitot by Master, and RBF tags by HGW. Thanks for looking.
  9. I used the Italeri kit for this when I really should have bought the Hobby Boss model. The Italeri kit is a difficult build, the fit is poor, the detail is lacking and the stance, hmm. Hinds sit very much nose up, tail down, the kit, as you can see sits far too level. I originally started this as part of a group build bit it stalled, only for me to pull it out over Christmas to finish it off. I used the Blue Rider decals for the markings that dad bought me a while ago. They were actually pretty good. I also whipped up a little base, just because. It will sit in my cabinet next to my Mongo
  10. Well it's done - not sure what to make of this kit, it's full of 'niggles' and silly errors by Italeri but it does end up quite nice. If it was Revell pricing it would be great, but it's Tamiya pricing so feels overpriced for what you get, especially with the errors. Peter
  11. Started this over the last couple of days, and finally got to the point where there's something to show I also have the full Brassin set - consisting of Seat, Nozzle and wheels Work unsurprisingly starts in the cockpit, the first stage with the Brassin is replacing the seat rails with the resin replacement, complete with a couple of PE spacers Then primed with Black Styrenex primer, followed by Mr Hobby Aircraft Grey as a base Then started painting and weathering the seat and cockpit floor - not started on the actual cockpit yet, and the seat is simply s
  12. Guest

    Early B-17 1:72 Gone

    Thanks for looking.
  13. Well let's get this site loaded up. I started a build last year of Italeri's new 1/32 F-104 A/C kit using a lot of stuff I haven't used yet. Here's a photo of the starting lineup: I've got the kit (duh), along with Eduard's exhaust for early -104s as well as their PE set for the gun bay. My plan is to feature the electronics bay and the gun bay opened on a well-worn -104 assigned to the Puerto Rico ANG. I'll also be using the decals from Victory productions: Colors to be provided by Hataka Paints - I've sprayed some briefly on my paint mule with good results, so we will a
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