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  1. We've just had a delivery of more bargain Hobby Boss and ICM kits in both 1/72 and 1/48. The kits are mostly 1/3 off UK RRP, some might be more than that. in 1/48 we have Hobby Boss Avengers, an A-10 and Tomcat, multiple Me262 variants and a couple of Fw190D's, plus 2 different ICM Beauforts. For 1/72 we've got Hobby Boss Tomcats, an A-10 and Hawker Sea Hawk, plus an ICM Sally. Have a look on our website and see if there's anything you fancy, there's still loads more bargains available too! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  2. We've got several 1/48 aircraft kits that are better than half price! Yes that's right, better than half price! We have the Hobby Boss Su-27 Russian Knights Flanker kit of just over £26,it's RRP is around £55 - if you don't want to use the decals in the box, this is a very cheap way of getting a 1/48 Flanker B - handy if you have aftermarket decals. We also have the Hobby Boss Chinook A and D kits for a few pennies under £40 and they're RRP is £83. In addition we have a home page full of kits and paint sets with 20 - 40% off UK RRP in the categories below 1/350 Hobby Boss
  3. We've been getting in more kit bargains in various scales this week - they are typically from 30 to over 50% off UK RRP! Meng 1/48 - F-4G Phantom £41.88, F/A-18F Super Hornet £45 Meng 1/35 - Merkava 3D £40.98, Chieftain Mk 10 £40.98 Hobby Boss 1/350 Submarines - HMS Astute £9, USS Gato £12, Soviet Victor III class SSN £12.54, Soviet Typhoon class SSBN £26.16 Hobby Boss 1/32 - Spitfire Vb trop £28.98 Hobby Boss 1/48 - Chinook A £39.90, Chinook D £39.96, N-AW A-10 £22.50, Me262B-1a/U1 £11.70, FAA Corsair Mk III £16.98, Ta152C-14/R14 £13.20, A-6E Intruder £31.50, Bf109G-2
  4. We've just received the following bargains Hobby Boss 1/48 N-AW A-10 Thunderbolt II - £22.50 Me262 B-1a/U1 - £11.70 Focke Wulf Ta-152C-1/U14 - £13.20 A-6E Intruder £31.50 Hurricane Mk I - £18.60 Hobby Boss 1/72 F8F-1 Bearcat - £7.50 F8F-2 Bearcat - £8.10 Hobby Boss 1/350 HMS Astute - £9.00 Hobby Boss 1/35 Kingtiger Early (aka Porsche turret) £22.50 ICM1/48 Beaufort - £32.94 Meng 1/48 F-4G Phantom - £41.88 F/A-18F Super Hornet - £45 Meng 1/35 Chieftain Mk.10 - £40.98 Here's a link to
  5. The title pretty much says it all! We have both Kinetic Sea Harrier kits, an Israeli F-16 and the Global Hawk drone in stock, plus one ICM Beaufort kit. Check them out now on our website! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  6. February turned out to be our worst month's trading for 11 years, it was capped off be zero sales in our Ebay shop and zero sales on our website, that's right absolutely no sales at all in over 24 hours. The situation is that, unless we get enough sales in a week, we can't do weekly stock orders - in other words, we need to sell what we have in stock before we can order more. This is either going to mean small weekly orders or fortnightly orders, unless things pick up and they were already and have been poor enough for a good while now. Bargains - our website homepage is full of kits and
  7. 1/72 kit sale @ MJW Models! We've reduced prices on loads of 1/72 kits to 20% or more off UK RRP! Some will be 33% or more off UK RRP! Newly added kits to the sale include the very recently released Arma Hobby Sea Hurricane and IBG Fw190D-9 prototype! Also there's loads of KPM (AZ Models) kits like Tempest V's, Spitfire I/II and V's plus an Alpha Jet! Check them out now on our website homepage! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/
  8. The second 1/16 ICM figure I tackled, was this colourful chap, one of the Yeoman Warders or 'Beefeaters' from the Tower of London in full State regalia, most recently seen during the funeral of the late Queen. Normally the warders wear a more workaday black and red number, as these fancy costumes cost quite a bit to manufacture from what I've read and considering the amount of gold thread involved I can believe it. As with all of these 'World's Guards' kits the assembly was very easy and filling and finishing was very light. The real fun was in the painting. Well, when I say fun, I should
  9. An early inspiration for my love of display figures dates back to the early 1980s, when a local jewellers in town had a collection of well painted Charles Stadden pewter figures on display in the window. I forget how much they cost, though it was well past my meagre wage back then, leaving me to simply salivate over them (figuratively speaking) and hope someday I might get a collection like that. Fast forward several decades and the likes of Miniart, ICM and Revell now give me the opportunity to build up a good display at a very reasonable price. This was the first 1/16 ICM figure I did,
  10. ICM have done most of the range of 4 wheeled German armoured cars - I have the Tamiya re-box of the 222 as a future project. This is an odd one though; take a standard Sd.Kfz 22x, remove the turret and all armament and replace them with lots of radios. Then stick a great big pole aerial on the roof and use it to talk to the Luftwaffe. There were only 36 ordered and although more were produced, the total production run of both radio cars (the 261 had a 'conventional' bedframe aerial for talking to other ground troops) was only 483. I can only assume this one was intended to liaise with Ju 87s a
  11. We've had even more bargains delivered today (please also read my last post too!) We've got more Hobby Boss bargains like the 1/48 F-14A and Me262A-1/U1, really cheap and a huge amount of very cheap Vallejo paint sets in stock! Please check them out on our website before we sell out! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  12. Just a quick update with what's happening @ MJW Models! We've got a load of ICM kits on offer right now - 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 aircraft and a couple of 1/35 tanks. They're all 25% or more off UK RRP and we've only got one of each in stock and our supplier has stopped offering the kits cheaply, so once we sell out of an item, we can't restock at the offer price, so it's a case of you snooze, you lose! Also don't forget that ICM have closed down now due to current circumstances and it's not clear if they will be able to re-open, so get your ICM kits while you can. Also, we've got loads
  13. It's Black Friday here @ MJW Models! To be honest every day is Black Friday as our website homepage is always full of offers! At the moment, there's loads of kits in different scales and acrylic paint sets with 20 to almost 50% off UK RRP! Check them out now - https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  14. I fancied something different. I'd seen this kit in my LMS and this seemed the perfect moment to indulge. He's a generic Viking from the 9th century, a time when they were just starting to make their prescence felt in what is now the UK mainland - although their history and impact on European geopolitics would last a lot longer, but that's a tale for another day. He comes in a box, which has a suitably active painting on it: He has parts too, the black ones are for his base. Several others are optional. I may miss the arrows poking out of his shield and go with the bearde
  15. Another one that's been ticking over for a few years now. The hold up was decals,namely serials and unit codes,until a couple of weeks ago when I had a conversation with Paul Brown about printing your own. Paul asked if I'd got artwork of what I wanted,so I sent him a scan of a 1/32 decal sheet and explained that I was looking for unit codes,underwing and fuselage serials,Paul said he'd see what he could do. Sure enough a week later he PM'd me with a photo of a sheet he'd created and printed with the required on it. A few days later,an envelope turns up with the
  16. No more GBs!!! why am I in 2 at once? With a recent bout of illness and mojo death behind me, I got cracking on this one. (Think this in now 5 in some form of incompleteness) Finally got up close and personal to the real life subject of this build at North Weald. Had a little start at the ICM kit, and I'm shocked that unlike other kits there are no locating tabs on the fuselage etc. Means you gotta be precise when assembling. Not many pixs on this one so far. I've got some extras on the way, data stencils and a little PE etc, just to enhance.
  17. I started this one as a diversion from lots of bare metal on the Flanker and then gave myself a slap and finished the Flanker, so After the Seafire i finished this one too its the ICM kit and It is just beautiful to build the only downside being the instructions for the exhausts which are somewhat confusing, painted in Gunze and Tamiya acrylics with Eduard aftermarket belts, Its from the Leningrad front Late summer 41 and no I have no idea what the slogans say so make up your own mind!
  18. ICM 1/32nd Sea Gladiator, with Eduard Seatbelts otherwise OOB. Painted with recommended Tamiya Paints Peter
  19. Started a a while ago, but been too cold in the shed to work for a while Finished the cockpit, and got the fuselage halves together Peter
  20. Last update for today! Black Friday deals @ MJW Models! These offers are only for what's in stock now and will be over on Sunday 29th Nov. All our remaining stock of 1/48 + 1/72 ICM kits are now 25% off UK RRP! We've reduced the price of the Meng 1/32 Fokker DR.1 and Eduard Bf108 Weekend and they are now 20% off UK RRP! We have a homepage full of other kits and paint sets with anything from 20% to over 33% off UK RRP - many have been reduced a bit further! Paint sets and Kits not on special offer are still around 15% off UK RRP! Follow the link below and
  21. ICM 1/32 Gloster Gladiator If there's one aircraft genre that is on short rations, it has to be between the wars, biplanes in particular, in the larger scales. ICM have previously issued a couple of Russian aircraft kits that qualify, now they have graced us with a 1/32 Gladiator - at last a 1/32 scale mainstream injection moulded kit of this illustrious aircraft and not an expensive set of resin parts. The Gladiator should need little introduction, but here's a little background. It was the last biplane fighter to enter RAF service (in 1937), fought heroically as a stop gap in the
  22. 1:32 Polikarpov I-153 ‘Chaika’ ICM Catalogue # 32010 Available from Hannants for £35.99 The Polikarpov I-153 Chaika (Russian Чайка, "Seagull") was a late 1930s Soviet biplane fighter. Developed as an advanced version of the I-15 with a retractable undercarriage, the I-153 fought in the Soviet-Japanese combats in Mongolia and was one of the Soviets' major fighter types in the early years of the Second World War. The aircraft was of mixed metal and wood construction, with the fuselage structure being based on chromium-molybdenum steel with duralumin skinning on the
  23. 1:35 German Grenades & Mines Set MiniArt Catalogue # 35258 Available from Hannants for £12.35 Every self-respecting soldier can only operate properly when they have the correct weapons for the field. And we don’t just mean rifles, machine guns, carbines and mortars. Some of the more subversive and violent aspects of war, both close and remote combat, need the use of explosives, whether these are simply lobbed at the enemy through an open window or door as house clearance, or by laying them underground in the hope that it’s an enemy protagonist (and not civili
  24. 1/48 Junkers Ju 88A-4 WWII Axis Bomber ICM Catalogue # 48237 Available from Hannants for £27.99 The Junkers Ju 88 was a German World War II Luftwaffe twin-engine multirole combat aircraft. Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke (JFM) designed the plane in the mid-1930s as a so-called Schnellbomber ("fast bomber") that would be too fast for fighters of its era to intercept. It suffered from a number of technical problems during later stages of its development and early operational roles but became one of the most versatile combat aircraft of the war. Like several othe
  25. 1:48 Do 17Z-2 WWII Finnish Bomber ICM Catalogue # 48246 Available from Hannants for £27.99 The Dornier Do 17 was designed as a lightweight, fast bomber that could, in theory, outrun any attempts by fighters to shoot them down. The long thin fuselage of the aircraft led to its nickname of ‘flying pencil’, and its shoulder mounted wing carried two engines, whilst its tail design was of twin fin/rudder arrangement, typical of that on the Bf 110. Initially powered by inline Daimler-Benz/BMW engines, but these were changed in favour of two Bramo 323 radials. A crew of three
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