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  1. MikeMx


    I don't know if anyone else has spotted it but Airfix are giving away a MiG-17 (Lim boxing) kit with orders of £40 or more and their MiG/17/A-4B Skyhawk double kit is really cheap right now. That means they'll be on their way to me soon. That's made me crack open my existing MiG-17 kit from Airfix. I'm planning to do an Egyptian one with no ordnance and thought maybe do another one as a Czech aircraft. Did the Czech MiG-17F's ever carry the rocket pods or the other rockets you get in the kit? I fancy putting some ordnance on one of the models at least. thanks Mike
  2. We've got some of the new Airfix 1/72 Me410 kits here now (Hannants have none left)! We've also got some of the new Eduard kits, including the all new 1/72 Bf109G double kit, 1/48 Fw190A-7 Profipack (that's all new too) and the re-issue of the 1/48 Tempest V Weekend Edition. All these kits are 15% off UK RRP! If we're out of stock when you look, let us know, so we can order more. Check out our website now! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  3. After a rather long break from modelling due to various stuff coming up, and being on holiday, I decided to get back to it. This kit is the Airfix (Academy) M36B1, a variant of the M36 GMC. Brief history of the vehicle - The M36 GMC was a more powerful tank destroyer than the previous M10 GMC due to the mounting of a 90mm gun instead of a 3 inch (76.2mm) gun. The B1 variant was developed in 1944 by mounting the turret of the M36 on the hull of a M4A3 Sherman. As my desk is rather full of books etc. at the moment, I decided to go back to how I used to make models when I started,
  4. Evening Everyone I've been looking for an excuse to build this... I suppose this new GB is a good enough excuse then hey I've built the rest of the Op Herrick range of vehicles, and they are all quite good eggs, (Mr Airfix, about time for some new ones ) Ill also be using the Airfix Photo Etch set for this vehicle as well, which is quite natty. I might change the M2 machine gun for a 40mm MK19 Grenade launcher, just for gits and shiggles. What really is needed for these vehicles is 'Stuff' to put in them. Yes, I know there are resin After Market sets readily a
  5. In the 1940s the Admiralty had an idea that rather than land using wheels jets might be able to land on a rubberised sprung deck. Airfix DeHavilland Vampire FB.5 1/72 converted into a Sea Vampire F.21 for landing trials e.g. Again I decided against the tiniest serials and I didn’t have the large VG701 I needed for underwings so that is as far as it is going to get for now
  6. (Sooooooo happy someone else is doing a car too (Sprocket)) Yes, A Jaaaaaaaaaaag! What could possibly be more British than poncing around in a nice big shiny Jag. (well a lot probably ) Airfix's 1/32 Jaguar 420 has been on my list for a long time, but the prices the 'collectors' want for them was ridiculous, so I was very happy when it was repopped as a Vintage Classic and I bought this just the other day. The body still looks quite nice after all these years, but I believe the clear runner was re done, and there's just 4 decals, 2 sets of number plates. I
  7. Straightforward out of the boxish build. Only quirk is that XE601 was used for chemical weapons trials from Porton Down. Underwing tanks are modified 230 gallon drop tanks for the simulated spraying of chemical weapons. XE601 would fly at low level and high speed over troops on exercise to test droplet size, dispersal and their reactions to attack and effectiveness and response times for donning protection In hindsight I should have put some white behind the fuselage roundel decals as the stripe shines through but as a fun, easy build it did the job
  8. As finished as she is going to get for now. I had planned to do very thin black line decals for the flying surfaces and fuselage break between the cockpit and engine sections but they disintegrated so here is the 1/72 Avro Z.101 as she stands while I contemplate scribing. Derived from the Blue Steel nuclear missile the rocket powered Z.101 was intended to be air dropped by the Vulcan bomber reach mach 3.5 and very high altitude as a test plane. Due to the very high approach speed (200mph) and nose up landing anticipated a parasail recovery and landing was considered. A slightly
  9. Anyone got either the starter set(yellow HAR.3)or the HC.4 Junglie in the stash at all? Could you get the decal sheet out and measure the "Centrisep" filter panel decals for me please? I think they're numbers 31,32,33,34 & 42 in the yeller starter set,and 16,17,18 & 28 in the HC.4 kit. I need the dimensions of the actual panels themselves rather than the decals per se. Ta.
  10. Got this in a pile of Amazon freebies for reviewing. Was going to enter into the under a tenner GB as it cost me nothing but figured that it wasn't in the spirit of GB. BRXM Review here Nothing much to speak of, apart from everything fits beautifully, IP decal perfectly matches raised details, nice. Fuel filler and spine landing light not OOB. Gunsight glass was replaced with rounded one after these were taken. Under primer
  11. Payment by Paypal only. Postage is £3.50 for under £20 and £5.50 (tracked) for over £20. Tracked airmail is a lot more. Offers considered - some of these kits are oop. All kits complete and unstarted - please ask questions before buying if anything needs clarifying 1) Brengun Yak-1 + Canopy Mask set £11 2) AZ Models Bf109G-14 - £8 3) Trumpeter Fw200C-3 Condor Torpedo Bomber - now oop - still in factory sealed bags - £28 I've got the matching Eduard Colour Zoom etch set and canopy masks for the Fw200 - it's an extra £10 to add these to the kit 4) Airfix RAF Mitchell MK.
  12. He's looking for 1/72 Dragon Rapide decals,specifically the King's Flight ones from the Airfix issue of the Heller kit. It's the ones for G-ACTT on the above sheet. I have them for him,but the problem is that Royal Mail are requesting that customers refrain from sending letters/parcels overseas due to a cyber attack cocking up their system. Has anyone in the Northern U.S(specifically Canada)got a spare set that can be sent to him via U.S Mail/Canadian Post at all? I hate to let anyone down,but we here in UK are really struggling to send anything internationally.
  13. Another straightforward out of the box build Decals slightly out of register on the tail lettering but it kept me occupied and entertained for a few hours which is kind of the point
  14. From the old snap together boxing. Xtradecals X72088 56 squadron Firebirds decals - a few stencils etc. short Started a couple of years ago as part of a GB at the other place - afraid I can’t recall the name of the kind person who gave me the decals to credit and thank them Our good Laird has given me a bunch of other Lightning decals that’ll get good service on the 3D printed F155T types
  15. Please read carefully! All the kits are complete and unstarted. Payment by Paypal only. UK post is £3.75 for kits under £20 and £4.75 (tracked) for kits over £20. Tracked airmail is a lot more. Offers can be considered and ask questions before buying if anything isn't clear! Everything aircraft is 1/72 !!!! 1) Airfix Lancaster B.Mk II (the sprues have been out of the bag but otherwise like new) £26 2) Trumpeter Wellington B.Mk III (mark on box but otherwise like new) £24 3) Revell BAe Harrier GR.Mk 7/9 (ex-Hasegawa kit, the sprues have been out of the bag but otherwise like n
  16. Since I emntioned them in Warren's build I thought I'd add my Airfix Zeros here, just for comparison. Mine are being built straight from the box as far as the plastic goes, but I'm using a sheet from Print Scale to depict two aircraft from 7th December 1941. Naturally Pearl Harbour gets all the attention, but the Japanese attcked both US and British forces at several points across the Pacific that day. This is the sheet. The missing markings are in the next shot. My two aircraft are: A6M2 Model 21, 3 Kokutai No. X-108. Pilot - Tamotsu Yokoyama. Takao, Formosa, 07-12-1941.
  17. Yes, you can do an FB5 or FB9 with the kit parts, (some of which are naff such as the solid scissor links, compressor blades, seat and other bits) and I plan to do that; a camo one even though the Norwegian decals are different to the norm I'm not really a fan of HSS finishes. The seat is basic. Not wanting to waste money on an aftermarket for something that will hardly be seen a bit of milliput (still setting prior to fettling) to make back cushion Wheel bays and intake trunking on. Lots of CA and kicker Warpy wings
  18. In-between the hyperbole there is news of the schemes on the now imminent Austin K2/Y ambulance. Workbench Andy
  19. For some this lock-down was a good reason to build more models than ever before. For me was a disaster! I totally lost my motivation. Started many, finished none! I hope this one is the turning point. I intentionally selected a model that has not cost me a fortune, so if the lock-down depression hits me again, I will not hesitate to send it to its first real flight out of the window... Leftovers from PE sets have been used to add some more realism. I tried to put more effort on painting and less into adding more details
  20. Still no firm release date (winter 2021-22), but a box art and colour scheme. If you're like me you'll be thinking R+B again? It's been done to death, but I get it. It will sell by the shed load to modellers and casual punters alike and there's no denying a full set of AEAF stripes makes for a very fetching box art. There's bound to be more than one release so other options will doubtless be looked at (please, not more iterations of Clostermann's or McKie's mounts) and it's not as if I don't have a decal bank to fall back on.
  21. https://www.theworks.co.uk/search?q=airfix&search-button=&lang=en_GB Savings at The Works peeps like £30 for an Airfix Shack AEW saving you £14.99,that's 33% off RRP or £25 for a Wimpy Mk.VIII. That's £7.99/24% off the RRP of £32.99. The others too,the JP's,Willys Jeep,Folland Gnat plus others. Fill yer boots kids.
  22. I thought it was time for a new update from us at MJW Models! We're still selling kits and paint sets for 15% off UK RRP and still have many ever better offers on our homepage. Here's the highlights of the recent new 1/48 releases which we have in stock - Airfix Chipmunk, Eduard 'Eagle's Call' Spitfire V double kit, Messerschmitt Bf109 Bf109G-10/G-14AS 'Wilde Sau' double kit, Plus the re-issued MiG-21MF Profipack and Fw190D-9 Weekend. We're awaiting restocks of the Tempest II Profipack and Spitfire F.Mk.IXc Weekend. And in 1/72 we have the following new kits - Eduard Bf10
  23. If anyone is interested we've got just 1 of Airfix's new tool 1/72 Vulcans in stock - our price is £51 here's the link to it https://mjwmodels.co.uk/air12011-172-avro-vulcan-b2-7272-p.asp thanks Mike
  24. So here's where it starts, an original boxing of the Airfix Vixen and on opening the bag after buying this from @Gorby a few months ago I am very pleasantly surprised the plastic is nice and hard, panel lines are fine on first looking I'd put this on a par with the 48th scale lightning and 48th scale Spit 22/24 which I still consider the high water mark for Airfix. Mark had put an Eduard Zoom set in the box (thank you). I looked and the eduard set didn't include any seatbelts and on looking at the Airfix seats they are good in fact very good for injection moulded seats they aren't a patch on r
  25. Airfix Bristol Beaufort 1/72 The Type 152 Beaufort was a product of the Bristol Aircraft Co to a pre-war spec. for a twin engine aircraft capable of launching a torpedo. Superficially similar to the Blenheim, the Beaufort was found wanting due to being underpowered and although something of a mainstay with Coastal Command, aircrews did well to survive a tour of ops flying them. The notable aviation author and historian Roy C. Nesbit used to run regular articles in Aeroplane Monthly and I found his tales of ops on the Beaufort (and other types) very fascinating. His variously published boo
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