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Found 16 results

  1. well Its done and It's felt like a bit of a slog but I am just glad to have finished it, Its a cracking kit, fits well and builds up into what looks like a phantom to me So USS Franklin D roosevelt 1972 VF84 Jolly Rogers
  2. Grunhertz


    Well after the whitley its time for something a little different. So inspired by @mac1677 im doing an Academy F4J in a pirate scheme as it was supplied to me by one @BlackMike Models so it'll be out of the box apart from an eduard zoom cockpit The first thing I did was joined both bits of the fuselage floor together as that looks like its gaps waiting to happen otherwise. Then it was the cockpit with the zoom pe set. Again I'd never be able to paint this .
  3. Online verdicts on Academy’s P-40 seem to range from damning to excoriating but since I had this in the stash already it seemed a shame not to build it. Pottering away and reminiscing about the Commando Comics issue featuring the Flying Tigers filled a couple of pleasant and quiet afternoons. Kit decals slightly out of register but damned if I was going to throw money at it. Turned out ok(ish) anyway
  4. Finished the wee beastie today with decals kindly provided by Dave @DC3. Not sure which unit I've marked it up as but as the camo is completely fictitious then I'm going to say it's the 1st Skwonksturm Division based in Cornwall-land and with 3 Honda Jazz 'kill' rings on the barrel. First '35 armour for a while and I have a Tamiya Tiger, Sherman and Acilles in the stash now so no doubt more on the way.
  5. First foray into 35th for a fair few years so inspired by Normandy '44 I managed to nab this on bay of fleas complete with box of track links, those should be fun from what I remember. And so here goes...
  6. The old but still passable 109G6 in the gentlemans scale by Academy. Paint was Mr Color/Leveling. The decals were from an Eagle Cals sheet but I ended custom masking and spraying the shooting stars on the "beule" as the decals are oversized for the Academy kit. I've nailed the whole 0.5mm-1mm 1/72 mottle thing with my Sotar 20/20F and banged the mottling out in 15 minutes including a colour change. Most satisfying. Some artistic license on the starboard wing, based on some online blurry photos showing some 7 Staffel planes with 74/75 inverted on that wing. As usual my patented no hole magnetic stand so one can pick it up and run around the room making rat-a-tat noises. No aerial as this is a Fleabay job and they just don't survive transit. No WIP as I'm building quite a few this month and there was nothing special in this one that needed a WIP, build it, paint it and flog it was the order of the day. Kit has no issues except some questionable fit of the " beule" which I dealt with by milliput micro rolls smoothed off with water. The 1/2 thickness wheels for the wheels up were cast using Oyumaru and Dolphin Glaze skimming putty, infinitely easier than trying to sand them down and leaves the spares box full for the day I start doing three wheeled motorized ground vehicles again... Cheers Anil
  7. Deanflyer


    Hi all, When I was eight, my Dad came home from work with an Airfix Kittyhawk in a blister pack, which we built together that evening. It was bare plastic, decals stuck on any old how, but it was fun. It started me on the model making hobby, and ten years later I built the same kit, but this time painted to the best of my ability at the time just to see how much I'd improved. I still have both of those builds, and the second one is nowhere near as good as I thought it was at the time! 34 years later I decided to try again, in 1/48th scale this time, and here's the result. I did make one absolute howler during construction, which was only discovered when it was too late to do anything about it...I'll keep quiet about it unless anybody spots it. Azure Blue and Mid Stone paints were mixed from Tamiya acrylics, and weathering was achieved with a mixture of washes, pastels, post shading and actual chipping. The roundels and markings were toned down by masking around them and fading them with heavily thinned Deck Tan. It's quite heavily weathered in real life, but it doesn't show up too well in photos. So, here's Neville Duke's Kittyhawk sitting in the African sun after seeing quite a bit of action: Evolution...aged eight, eighteen and fifty two: Hope you like it, Dean
  8. Guest

    Sabre F4, 71 Sqn

    Despite saying I wouldn't buy any more 1:48 - I'm inclining more and more to 1:32 these days - I did succumb to an Academy F-86 when a fellow club member was having a small sale at a recent meeting. And I can't resist a Sabre, so started it almost immediately. I used a Quickboost seat and Eagle Strike decals, otherwise it's OOB, and it was quite a quick build just to get something finished. The upper surface camo was airbrushed freehand. So here it is: Sabre F4, 71 (Eagle) Sqn RAF, RAF Wildenrath, 1955. Thanks for looking.
  9. The Academy kit in 1/48 is still a nice model and is a good cheaper alternative to the new Eduard model. It comes with several options for AAM's and unguided rocket pods, but no bombs. I pinched some FAB 250's from the Kitty Hawk Su 22. Decals for the nose came from Crosswind Hobbies and the find flash was painted. I was unsure if the aircraft carried any wing insignia, but as I didn't have any, I left these off. There is the chance the aircraft didn't carry them as it was most likely used in the Angolan Civil War, which the Cuban's had a hand in. Many of their MiGs were flown by Cuban pilots. C50 suffered a crash landing at some time during the conflict and was probably written off.
  10. We have been adding to the military vehicle kits in stock recently so here is a small sample of what has been added, all selling for less than the RRP. Something a little different for the AFV Modeller, the Russian ZSU-23-4 Anti Aircraft Tank by Meng. In stock now and on sale at £43.95 (RRP £54.99). https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/meng-mngts-023-1-35-russian-zsu-23-4-shilka-self-propelled-anti-aircraft-gun Takom's Gepard A1/A2 SPAAG is on sale at £43.95, RRP £52.95 https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/takom-2044-1-35-gepard-spaag-a1-a2-bundeswehr-flakpanzer-1 Academy's Merkava Mk.IV LIC on sale for £27.95 (RRP£33.00) https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/collections/military-vehicles/products/academy-13227-1-35-merkava-mk-iv-lic Meng's recently released T-72B3 on sale for £43.95 (RRP £57.99). The Meng Engine upgrade set and double pin glueless track set are arriving soon. https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/meng-mngts-028-1-35-russian-t-72b3-main-battle-tank Trumpeter's newly released Kazakhstan Army BMPT fire support tank on sale at £44.95 (RRP £52.99) https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/trumpeter-09506-1-35-kazakhstan-army-bmpt Lots more in stock so head over to www.blackmikemodels.co.uk for more details. Duncan B
  11. I'm expecting another small delivery early next week and thought I'd give you a sneak preview (as they won't appear on the website until they are in stock). They've arrived and are now on the website. Aircraft: The Special Edition Academy 1/48 Polikarpov I-16 Type 24 (RRP £14.99) will be on sale at £11.95 + P&P Trumpeter's newly released 1/72 Mig-29 SMT (RRP £19.99) will be on sale at £16.95 + P&P Eduard's newly released 1/72 Fw190F-8 Profipack (RRP £12.990 will be on sale for £9.95 + P&P The pick of the bunch for me anyway is the brand new Eduard 1/48 Macchi MC.202 Folgore Limited Edition (only 3000 kits being produced) (RRP £32.99 but I bet it'll be dearer in Norfolk!) on sale for £27.95 + P&P Here's the Eduard PDF for the Folgore: http://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/1132.pdf AFV: Trumpeter's brand new 1/35 Soviet Tank Crew 1970-1980 and Russian Special OperationForce figures (RRP £9.99) will be on sale for £8.95 + P&P HobbyBoss's 1/35 Land Rover WMIK with Milan anti-tank missile launcher (RRP £24.99) will be on sale at £19.95 +P&P And finally something a bit special, Trumpeter's brand new (released on the 1st September) 1/35 Russian 130mm A-222 Bereg self propelled Coastal Artillery Gun kit with a whopping 1000+ pieces and a whopping RRP of £79.99 will be on sale for a more reasonable £69.95 with Free Postage within the UK. I've only ordered one though so if you want it get in quick. Duncan B
  12. Here's the start of my latest project: Academy (left) vs Eduard (right) I-16 Type 24. I've already removed the molded-in exhaust stubs from the Academy kit, assembled the wings of both kits, and started working the cockpit areas.
  13. Here are the Academy and Eduard 1/48 I-16 Type 24 builds completed: And here are the two Type 24s with my OLD build of the Academy 1/48 I-16 Type 10:
  14. This is the 1:72 Academy Tempest V. The model is very good on the whole. Only minor issues were sink marks on one wheel cover and the port cockpit side, and an incorrect rear radiator duct profile (where it meets the wing there is a step at each side, rather than a smooth blend). I used the Resin Art cockpit set & vacform glazing, and added scratchbuilt flap detail, wheel well detail, wingtip lenses, cannon, radiator flap & actuators, bomb stabilisers and whip aerial. I also flatted the tyres and drooped the elevators. I decided to remove the stbd. cockpit access panel to give a better view of the interior. The instrument panel top was also cut away to match the windscreen framing. I had some custom decals for the instruments, bombs and RAF tractor (an old Airfix model) printed. They worked fine. Main decals were from Xtradecal and I used the original Academy stencils. Paints were Vallejo/Tamiya with Humbrol spray-can matt varnish. Weathering was preshading (with Tamiya NATO black), MIG dark wash and Tamiya Weathering Master pastels. There is some silver pencil chipping which became almost invisible after matt varnishing. Very brief build notes: Despite the product description, the Resin Art Cockpit set DOES NOT FIT the Academy model. I actually ended up using a combination of OOB model parts (instrument panel sides and rudder pedals) and parts from the set. The spaceframe is around 5mm too large to fit between the wheel well mouldings in the wing, and the bulkheads are too wide. The assembly instructions themselves are very vague, and if you follow the few bits that make sense, you are doomed to failure. My advice is to check and double check everything you can as you build it up. The detail itself is fine, but the design and proposed assembly of the kit is unforgivable. I ended up Dremeling off most of the lower spaceframe and repainting. Here are some hopefully self-explanatory photos of the build:
  15. This is the Academy F-84 E Thunderjet in 1:72 scale. As usual with Academy it's a very nicely engineered kit. I bought it to try out the Alclad II rance of metal finish lacquers. I'm pleased with the end result although it took a lot of trial and error to get a realistic finish. It's OOB with the exception of: Drilled out airbrake holes. Home made seatbelts from Tamiya tape. Missile pigtails from lead wire/brass tube. Pitot tube from brass tube (I broke the plastic one off during the extensive masking required). Flatted tyres. Drilled out RATO pack baskets. The only issue were the decals which are extremely brittle, and didn't conform well to the surface.
  16. This one nearly beat me. A great kit ruined by atrocious decals that somehow manage to be thick, transparent and brittle. In fact the decals ruined the first attempt, so I broke it apart to recover some internal bits: And with heavy heart, bought another and started again. The kit went together well with an Eduard pre-coloured etch cockpit (wrong colour green and a bit "flat", but still an improvement), Master Model gun barrels, Pavla Vacform canopy (for Hasegawa) and some lead wire fuel tank and brake pipes. Apart from that I think it's OOB. There are still some issues: The fuselage stars are wrong (slightly too big), looking back I've got so many spare decal sets from various kind people now that I probably simply applied the wrong ones! Ah well. The other thing is the Malcolm hood canopy: It's a fraction too small such that if it were to be pulled closed it wouldn't quite match the windscreen framing in height. Apart form that it will do. It's certainly a deceptively tricky colour scheme. Vallejo acrylics, Tamiya weathering powders, MIG dark wash. Stripes and chequers were masked and sprayed, no way the decals would have worked. Comments and constructive criticism welcome: And here's the original:
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