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Found 84 results

  1. Now here's a thing I'm baffled at why the OOP Revell pilots fetch bonkers money (the average lately is £30-35). Virtually 99% of adult modellers (who could afford this) build on the ground uncrewed planes, usually with cockpit detail so are folks collecting as "investments?" I remember this with Revell 1/72 Hunters and Mig 21s where folk would pay silly money and then winced when Revell re-released them- I picked up a pile of the Raf Legends release for £8.99 each from an ebay vendor last April that have been steadily gracing buyers display cabinets. Now I'll put my hand up and admit to having this lot: But then again, I build 3-5 1/72s on commission every month, in flight and piloted so they're pretty essential for me...that said the most I paid was £14.99 and they came with an unstarted, boxless 1/72 Dambusters Lancaster that was sold off for well £100 so quite a good investment methinks. My days of picking these up at shows for a fiver may long be gone unless Revell re-releases them...😈r
  2. I'm planning to build Gleed's Spitfire Vb Trop with the Aboukir filter and clipped wings. I have both the Tamiya and Italeri kits, that have all the relevant parts in the box (and decals) to build this aircraft, without any conversion work or scrounging parts from other kits, so it's going to be one of these two kits. So with that said, does anyone know the size/shape issues with each kit and overall which is best in this aspect and only this aspect? I've built both before and know which is the better kit to build, so it's purely which is the more convincing looking when built. thanks Mike
  3. Got this in a pile of Amazon freebies for reviewing. Was going to enter into the under a tenner GB as it cost me nothing but figured that it wasn't in the spirit of GB. BRXM Review here Nothing much to speak of, apart from everything fits beautifully, IP decal perfectly matches raised details, nice. Fuel filler and spine landing light not OOB. Gunsight glass was replaced with rounded one after these were taken. Under primer
  4. With the Lynx coming on fast, the Frelon a bit slower and the Shavit on back burner, it is time for another fixed wing build. I wanted to something I've never built before so decided on the Myasishchev M-17 Stratosfera. This aircraft was designed to fly at very high altitudes and shoot down enemy balloons using a gun in a dorsal fairing. One was built but it was written off in an accident when it accidently became airborne during a high speed taxi. The next two were built as research aircraft with the second going on to gain several world records. I saw the two of them at Monino in a dismantled/wrecked state but the record breaker has since been restored to display condition. I'll be using this kit It has lots of bits and a 10 page instruction sheet. Having some slight experience of these eastern products, I made sure I have the appropriate tools before I start.
  5. I don’t have a modelling bench to call my own at the moment but I still have access to computers so I’ll probably be doing a fair chunk of my modelling digitally for a while. A tiny part of me was tempted to check the wattage of the PC and make a mischievous pitch that this would be less than a tenner but I figured that we’ve all gotten our mileage out of winding up @Grunhertz already So... those silly sods at Blackburn proposed a small transport & airborne early warning plane for the RN that was... erm... aesthetically challenged. As the saying goes “if it looks right it’ll fly right” so this should have flown like a sparrow with a half brick tied to it. A start has been made
  6. Hi all. Some time back (before the GB) I had proposed a 1/48 Airfix Mustang as my entry as I got it for free (gift) this did elicit some degree of groaning from various quarters, but being the top class guys (and girls) that you are I was allowed. However I wanted to stick to the spirit of the GB as well, so I decided that a kit under a tenner was the way forward. This kit was sent by a relative of mine who is in Ukraine and knows somebody at Roden. It cost 750 rupees so it's my entry here. The box art The sprues.
  7. Got this pile as freebies to review for my Amazon Vine reviews membership, so its both the Hokeyboss kits as they list for under a tenner on the big H: Forgot sprue shots but as this is a quick build kit, trust me you're not missing anything,. The lower fuselage and complete wing is one big bit onto which the nicely detailed top fuselage clicks onto with large gaps as the filler shows. Did a pilot and scratched a better sight with reflector glass and lens. IP decal is from an Airfix 109, no sidewall detail to speak of. Need to wizz up some canopy masks and then off to primer.
  8. I've previously drawn up a basic digital model of the Miles M.52 - scaled at 1/72. Nothing very fancy but the overall shape is there. My 3D printer is a pretty basic (<£200) machine which doesn't really deal well with small detail so I had that in mind. Plan now is to take this design, refine and add detail s suitable for running off on a more sophisticated resin 3D printer which would be able to cope with fine surface details and undercarriage. So... as a first post here is the start point of my old model The digital drawing: First go at a kit of parts: With the result: I've also drawn up the 30% scale rocket version which was air launched from the Mosquito for unmanned test flights so I might as well have another go at that as well
  9. Well the build fever is upon me as my new Airfix 1/72 Spit VC comes to primer tomorrow so dug out one of these lovely original issue Heller 109B/C/D. This one came in a brown cardboard box of three complete kits all, de-sprued and but more or less intact ( except for the broken tail plane strut) for a cheery £20 from that rogue Collectakit at an IPMS Farnborough show, by my reckoning that makes each one £6.66. I quite fancy doing a a complete re-scribe and it looks like a breeze to wheels up. Markings wise its one of these depending on what I need need to do do to make a D-1 so Valiant Wings refs will be consulted. Somewhere I have a complete Part photoetch set which will be duly ignored as I don't do stuff like that anymore.
  10. Not starting for a while but starting a thread as a placeholder Given to me rather than bought but widely available under a tenner I’m sure that between the kit decals and spares I can come up with serials to be able to do FC-WG, MH880 which has a splash of yellow to liven it up
  11. Happy Christmas from us @ MJW Models! Don't forget, our website is open for orders over the holiday period and we still have many bargains and cool recent kits available! We have loads of Eduard 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 kits in stock now with around 1/3 off off UK RRP, plus many recent releases, like Eduard's 1/48 Tally Ho Spitfire Mk II set, Airfix's new 1/72 Spitfire Vc and Special Hobby's stunning new 1/72 Bf109E-4. Our next posting days are the 29th and 30th December and then things will be back to normal from the 4th January. Don't forget extra delays due to Covid, especially for customers in the EU, hopefully airmail post will be back to normal soon! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  12. These are a couple of Supermarine Scimitars I finished recently - CMR - XD275 117/E 800B SQUADRON HMS EAGLE 1966 Skybirds86 kitbash - has CMR wing and Xtrakit nose and intakes - Harley light nose XD317 833 AIRWORK FRU HURN 1969 CJP
  13. Online verdicts on Academy’s P-40 seem to range from damning to excoriating but since I had this in the stash already it seemed a shame not to build it. Pottering away and reminiscing about the Commando Comics issue featuring the Flying Tigers filled a couple of pleasant and quiet afternoons. Kit decals slightly out of register but damned if I was going to throw money at it. Turned out ok(ish) anyway
  14. Weather is a bit too wild to be taking pictures outside so you’re going to have to live with dodgy lighting As I’m only keeping one built model at the moment this is straight onto ebay with all proceeds to NHS Charities https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/313322897392
  15. After all the of limericks and haikus on another thread I was almost tempted to try and do a build thread as a poetic Edda filled with kennings but as it is the middle of the night and my brain is being slow that’ll have to wait for another day (or @Walrus to show me how it is done properly) With the house move being slowed up by the volume of other people also trying to move house this Autumn it looks like it’ll be the new year before we can be on our way. That being the case it seems a shame for my modelling stuff and bench to languish in boxes (& to be honest I’m a bit bored) so... Out from a box I pluck A couple of kits liberated from @RWG686‘s stash - box tops hint at the contents but there are a couple of PRXIX fuselages, the Airfix and an Italeri M.IX wings and a few other bits and pieces. Plan (aided by excellent advice via PM from @Miggers) is: Mk IX body with camera ports to be drilled and a sanded, filled and rescribed wing to becomeSpitfire PRXI PL983 (G-PRXI) also known as the NHS Spitfire that did the rounds earlier this year. There’s unfortunately no curved PR windscreen so I might have to resort to either sanding and polishing (never my favourite), sourcing a new screen (tricky) or fitting a standard screen and pretending that I didn’t know that it needed it (difficult to pull off having posted this). P.S. thanks to @MikeMx for going the extra mile and sorting me out with the necessary PR blue) https://www.aircraftrestorationcompany.com/spitfire-pl983 My plan for the orphan PRXIX fuselage and spare set of Mk.IX wings is to put these together (with some donor clipped wingtips from my stash Italeri mk. IX) into RN201 (G-BSKP) in her Blackpool air race colours e.g. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Supermarine_Spitfire_Mk.XIV_Historic_Flying_G-BSKP,_QFO_Duxford,_United_Kingdom_PP1121111248.jpg The Italeri m.IX that donated wing tips might yet be pulled from the stash to turn this into a triple build (& and potentially very confused bench top)
  16. A slippery slope bad-to-worse Tracking a build all in verse Relying on @Walrus Who’ll reply and enthral us Though others may call for a nurse
  17. A bit of a chore here and there but happy enough that the result looks adequately Spitfire shaped
  18. MikeMx

    MJW Models

    Hello everyone! We're now here on Brexitmodeller after being banished from the other place! We should have done this a good while ago but we're here now. Some of you probably know who we are and might even be customers. We're a small independent family trader, based in Northumberland. We trade online and have traded at shows too, although at the moment it's online only. We mainly sell 1/72 + 1/48 model aircraft kits and accessories but we also sell acrylic paint sets, model ships + tanks too. Here's our website link. https://mjwmodels.co.uk/, If you have any questions, please check out our website first, there are tabs across the top of the page with general info, a menu on the left hand side and a search bar. Recent releases and special offers are listed on the homepage. Currently were doing all our kits and paint sets at 15% off UK RRP and as mentioned there are special offers on the homepage that range from 20% to 40+% off UK RRP! We also despatch within 1 working day and you can pay by Paypal (using your account or credit/debit card), Credit/Debit card processor by Stripe, Bank Transfer or you can even request an invoice, which can either be by Paypal or Sum Up (Sum Up is Credit/Debit card only). When COVID is over, it'll possible to collect orders by arrangement, which can be either pre-paid, paid in cash or by card with our Sum Up card reader. Here's a list of ranges that we currently stock are as follows 1/32 - Eduard kits and Masks 1/48 Eduard Kits, Masks and Etch. Kits by Kinetic, ICM and Special Hobby, Decals by Skymodels and Xtradecal. 1/56 Military Vehicle kits by Rubicon (intended for wargames but nice kits in their own right) 1/72 Eduard kits, Masks + Etch. Kits by Arma Hobby, AZ Models, Brengun, KPM, ICM, Special Hobby, Sword and Xtrakit (occasionally Airfix + Revell too) 1/700 Ship kits by Aoshima, Fujimi and IBG, also Fine Molds nano dread detailing parts. Acrylic paint sets by Lifecolor and Vallejo, as well as glue's + putty etc by Deluxe Materials. That should do for a start - there will be more to come! thanks Mike
  19. I wish it had been Heller though! https://www.hannants.co.uk/manufacturer/mach-2/products?per_page=25&sort=stock&search_direction=asc
  20. Simple kits cobbled together straight from the box - nothing exciting really to note about either. Both made at request of a bloke who’d bought some of my completed models. Filled a couple of days of grim weather .
  21. First up. Revell 1/72 Douglas Boston mk.III (or Douglas A-20C Havoc depending on what paint scheme it is wearing). A late 1960s kit - box colours don’t seem to have great evidence for them but interpreting the star insignia and desert tan mottle applied in the field over RAF roundels and Western Europe camouflage gave me a chance to pause halfway into the painting and recreate a model built from a kit my Gran got me from Beatties in Ayr a great many years ago. If I remember rightly it was an Airfix Boston in RAF colours, painted with enamels and probably the only biggish model I made back then So... the intermediate pic which was as simple as a scheme gets but the nostalgia was really pleasing I had a root around for pictures of the Bostons repainted for North African service with the US but primary sources are thin to the point of emaciation so I just went with a disruptive blotchy look inspired rather than guided by the box scheme p.s. adjusted for inflation I wonder what this’d be today
  22. North East England folks (just remembering there are a few of y’all on here) Any interest in a lockdown project or two? I started these HASs in lasercut ply and card (design licensed out so they should be commercial eventually) but as I’m packing up my house to move I won’t finish them and I wouldn’t want to bet on them surviving storage. Swapsies? Collect from South Shields and unfussy about what I get in return and
  23. Another refugee from the other place, this was my most enjoyable build to date, complete with one of those wonderfully pompous & pretentious backstories that folk had taken to adding to their models of wee plastic planes... (From Whiffypedia) “Pilot Officer, The Lord Giles Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh Rodd was one of the RAFs most exemplary WW2 pilots: Fearless, daring and a crack marksman he was truly feared when aloft. Perhaps his greatest achievement came in June 16 1944 when, single handed, he shot down 8 heavy bombers. As his commanding officer observed in the official report, “Rodd’s actions would have been considered more heroic if the bombers had actually belonged to the enemy…” Undeterred by this minor faux-paux, GCFR fearlessly patrolled the skies of south east England, keeping Lancaster pilots and their gunners alert and on their toes. Indeed at least 75 Lancaster’s were found to be inadequately armour plated against the Hispano cannon used by the RAF Spitfires, solely due to Rodders scientific and rigorous actions…In fact many credit his efforts with hastening the end of Nazi Germany: It was said any allied bomber crews with any fuel and ammunition left would often turn back to the Rhine and “Give Jerry another go” rather than tangle with “Rampant Rodders”. Wisely, in a rare act of wartime competence, RAF top brass moved him to the reconnaissance role, surmising that without any guns, Rodders would inflict less damage to RAF. That said GCFR become the only RAF pilot to receive the Iron Cross from the Luftwaffe for services rendered. They also sent a telegram asking him “Lass etwas für uns, bitte.” Embracing his new photo reconnaissance role, Rodders threw himself into his work with gusto: Within 3 months he’d mapped out every decent bistro and wine bar in the South of France. This meant, of course, RAF top brass enjoyed fine wine and dining ahead of the Americans and the hated British Army when France was liberated. He was highly commended for this and received a mention in despatches, 2 shillings and 6 pence in cash and a pound of pork scratchings. Post war, Rodders continued flying with renewed zeal, in his beloved new mount a Spitfire PRXIX named “Brunhilde” after his mother (the noted English countess Brunhilde Saxe-Tuborg Einspritz Doppelkupplungsgetriebe Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh Rodd ). Sadly in early 1954 while executing his famous “reverse J turn” method of parking by locking up his starboard wheel , he hastened the destruction of his beloved “Brunhilde” and a visiting USAF Wing Commanders F-86. Rodders promptly limped, slightly singed, to the officers mess and demanded to know, “Which effing Yank parked in my space?!” He promptly resigned his commission and after the RAF top brass had finished their celebratory champagne, was given a full pension, 2 shillings and 6 pence in cash and two pounds of pork scratchings. He moved to the USA where he turned his hand to business and made his first fortune in the 50’s Texas Hair Oil Boom, when every American male decided what he really wanted was a decent hair style. Flush with cash, he retrieved the remains of “Brunhilde” and had her rebuilt. He also bought the remains of the F-86 which he installed as an outside lavatory. “Brunhilde” was invigorated from her rebuild and Rodders flung her around the skies of Reno, often leading from the start, mighty Rolls Griffon howling in true Wagnerian style, but always allowing the trailing pilot to overtake at the last moment on the grounds, as he put it, “Winning is dreadfully vulgar dear boy, it is the kind of thing only an American could possibly enjoy...” Thus he established the Great British Tradition of Sporting Failure. Flying into his seventies, GCFR made his second fortune by importing hairdryers during the 80’s Dallas Bobby Ewing Permed Hair Craze when every American male decided the last thing they wanted was a decent hair style. He died peacefully in his sleep, at 475 miles per hour when he & “Brunhilde” re-modelled Mount Rushmore in July 16 1999. Upon hearing of his death, Squadron leader Melvyn Crustbucket-Bangson (retired), the last surviving RAF WW2 Lancaster pilot said, “Good bloody riddance!” He left $18 million, some Spitfire spare parts (slightly used) and three pounds of pork scratchings in his will. Flags were flown at half-mast all over Germany.” So, on to the Ace of Blue on Blue.
  24. Not bad for an old kit. Decals were too far gone but I was kindly helped out by user “Des” on another forum (If you are here as well then, thank you!) Build log (such as it is) here https://brexitmodeller.com/forums/topic/7230-frog-shack-not-by-the-b-52s/
  25. Resurrecting a part-built kit to clear some bench space. A stretch to call it a WIP really but here is a catch up of where I'd got to before the start of play today Frog Kit: not bad, few stubborn ejector marks here and there but looks the part. Decals are showing their age so replaced with Revell ones Some cobbling together of parts The amazingly accurate box notes And where I’d got up to when I last sat it aside
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