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  1. Was picking up some guitar related finishing supplies when I noticed a games workshop type place called "Entoyment" across from where I was parked. Popped and saw its was a good place for for paints , wet palletes etc. The kits were games workshop type dungeons and dragons affairs that don't call to me, but there was a small pile of aircraft kits and I picked this is up for a quick build and practice doing 1/72 mottling: Nothing much to shout about, I've built the 262, He-62 and 109E3 from this quick build series with good results. That said the prop looks unusual
  2. Two Builds will be attempted… Got to be a tomcat of the famous squadron with a tomcat in its logo! Here is my submission - not built a fujimi kit yet. However because its me it has to be low viz and a line jet. A splash of colour will be provided by having the flaps and slats deployed. This carpena sheet fits the bill perfectly. 1989/1990 jet. Build will have aftermarket weapons, wheels and exhausts. Also Quickboost pilots in seats to go with the wings out and their helmets should add a splash of colour too. Not sure on paint brand. Have the choice of several
  3. I need a couple of quick wins before I head on witht he big projects of the year. Inspired by my good friend Rich Coopers photo of the retiring F-117s over Tonopah carrying the special Stars n Stripes scheme. I got my hands on an Italieri 1/72 Stars and Bars F117, (will need a 2nd) and awayyyyy we go! Despite its age, the kit is rather decent condition, and there is a rather few parts - it really could be an afternoon build. It comes with a lovely little stand, which I won't be using, Decals are good, although I'm in 2 minds as to whether the stipes will be pain
  4. Got this in a pile of Amazon freebies for reviewing. Was going to enter into the under a tenner GB as it cost me nothing but figured that it wasn't in the spirit of GB. BRXM Review here Nothing much to speak of, apart from everything fits beautifully, IP decal perfectly matches raised details, nice. Fuel filler and spine landing light not OOB. Gunsight glass was replaced with rounded one after these were taken. Under primer
  5. Made as a favour for a bloke in a neighbouring village who used to make kits and now due to having less dexterity he just collects but has a Su-15 shaped gap
  6. Another bargain unboxed kit from the local second hand shop - not my usual thing but an entertaining build anyway. Photos have shown up bits where the blade decals have shifted so I’ll have to go back and touch those up Kit did have machine guns affixed to frames but I preferred the look of it without
  7. Pretty much all Eduard kits have gone up in price now but we @ MJW Models will hold prices on existing stock and only increase our prices when we restock. This affects loads of kits in both 1/72 and 1/48, the Ltd Ed kits, Profipacks and Weekend kits. This means most of what we currently have in stock is now 20%-25% off the current UK RRP! Some might be more. These pics are just a few examples of what we have in stock, there's many more on our website homepage. Hurry if you want any at the old cheaper prices, as we've only got one in stock of most of these kits! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/
  8. We've had a restock today with more bargains and we've also added even more 1/72 kits into our 1/72 kit sale. Of note we now have a few Meng 1/35 bargains - their Jeep is about 40% off UK RRP at just over £17. We have got their King Tiger back in stock, it's only 15% off UK RRP but at just over £28, I think it's a bargain for a large and excellent looking 1/35 tank kit, as it is. We've also got the Leopard 1 A3/A4 for just about half price! The ICM 1/48 Ju88D-1 is half price at under £25! We have a few large Hobby Boss 1/48 kits, like the Osprey, Growler, F/A-18E Super Hornet,
  9. This is the older Revell kit, the PAH.2, which came out in the very early 90's, not to be confused with the new mold Revell kit, which has very nice Tiger Meet decals in it and has a lot more surface and cockpit detail. However I decided as I got this for free, I might as well build it for what it is. Fit is generally pretty good, as mentioned detail is lacking somewhat, you do get decals for the instrument panel and seat belts but the decals in my kit were wrecked. Thus I sourced some from another helo kit so they are not 100% accurate. It makes into a decent shelf sitter, although I'l
  10. We've added even more 1/72 kits into out 1/72 kit sale! Just added at 20% off UK RRP are a couple of Sword Avengers, including the Midway boxing and an North American Fury. Now at approx 1/3 off UK RRP is the Special Hobby Vampire Mk 3 and The KP (AZ) Models Spitfire I with the Yellow nose and a pair of Mk II's, including the LR boxing. Check out our website homepage for more details! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/
  11. Nice kit with poor decals. I made the error of painting the underside with one of the IJA Greys and not Aluminium. Didn't realise it was wrong until the decals were on, so left it as is. For those who don't know, the Ki-100 was a Ki-61 re-engined with a radial, as Kawasaki had airframes but no more licence built Db601 engines. The radial engine actually improved the aircraft's overall performance and reliability. The only remaining Ki-100 is part of the RAF museum's collection and is moved between their sites at Cosford and Hendon.
  12. We've decided to have a sale of all the Special Hobby Bf109E kits we have in stock. They are priced between £10.12 and £11.10 and include the various E-1, E-3, E-4 and E-7 models, including the brand new Romanian/Slovak aces boxing. That's approx 24-30% off UK RRP. There's also a Romanian/Slovak one with a slightly damaged box for just over £8. If anyone hasn't seen these kits, they were developed with Eduard and are probably the best Bf109E kits you can buy. As for other items, our regular prices are still 15% off UK RRP for kits and paint sets and our homepage still has loads of offers
  13. Another straightforward out of the box build Decals slightly out of register on the tail lettering but it kept me occupied and entertained for a few hours which is kind of the point
  14. I had a small SNAFU with decals. Utterly disintegrated in contact with water Cheap second hand Mach 2 kit of the Douglas X-3 so I’m not going to throw good money at finding or buying new decals and I doubt anyone would have suitable spares so Late 1950s Bristol have been tasked with building the 188 to evaluate new exotic construction methods, the advisability of re-engining a design at a late stage and the inability to reach and sustain high speed flight. They quickly realise that such a craft already exists over the pond so the Douglas X-3 is duly borrowed and finds a second life
  15. From the old snap together boxing. Xtradecals X72088 56 squadron Firebirds decals - a few stencils etc. short Started a couple of years ago as part of a GB at the other place - afraid I can’t recall the name of the kind person who gave me the decals to credit and thank them Our good Laird has given me a bunch of other Lightning decals that’ll get good service on the 3D printed F155T types
  16. But ask and the good Laird will provide - thanks to @RWG686 for posting the US star decal I needed. Just arrived so I’ve been able to finish it off. A single P-51 was trialled in a fetching experimental dazzle camo scheme. A bit of a sod to mask and paint but I’m halfway pleased with the overall effect
  17. It comes in a side opening box. Instruction sheet is a simple A4 size Decals are for three versions, Hungarian, Slovakian and New Zealand. There's not too many bits It certainly looks the part but is simplified in a few areas which is understandable given its small size. Span is 17cm and length is 13cm. When building this kit make sure that you find a photo and stick to it. Being an agricultural aircraft and glider tug there are many configurations. I've found 7 so far with OM-NRP. Overall a nice kit with plent
  18. When I saw this announced some time back I was pleased as it was almost certain to be from the ESCI moulding circa 1983 and that was a lovely kit. I was less pleased at a penny short of £25 for such a small beastie but see me...nae willpower when it comes to F-5s. The kit has stood up well to the test of time and has very little flash. Markings are for an F-5A(G) Norway, F-5A S Vietnam, SF-5A Spain, NF-5A Netherlands CF-116 /CF-5A Canada and Venezuela. The decals are very glossy and perhaps just a wee bit thick. The extending nose wheel leg for the last three is inclu
  19. Please read carefully! All the kits are complete and unstarted. Payment by Paypal only. UK post is £3.75 for kits under £20 and £4.75 (tracked) for kits over £20. Tracked airmail is a lot more. Offers can be considered and ask questions before buying if anything isn't clear! Everything aircraft is 1/72 !!!! 1) Airfix Lancaster B.Mk II (the sprues have been out of the bag but otherwise like new) £26 2) Trumpeter Wellington B.Mk III (mark on box but otherwise like new) £24 3) Revell BAe Harrier GR.Mk 7/9 (ex-Hasegawa kit, the sprues have been out of the bag but otherwise like n
  20. RWG686


    Who in their right mind would buy this future release ?
  21. I've been waiting for this kit for some time http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=1672&l=en Sadly , at £32.99 for a tiny wee thing like a Skyhawk, I won't be buying it. Seems nonsensical when you can get the 1/48th one for only a few pounds more.
  22. A bit more than a year since the bench, stash and tools all went off in a truck into storage and while I’ve been busy printing for other modellers I’ve not actually made one of my own kits yet. It’s probably long past time to remedy that Barest possible set up of a multitool, stanley knife, sandpaper and superglue to start with (I’ll try and get some filler and paint this week) The parts (I could have sworn there was a pitot in there a moment ago) Removed from supports with two breakages (the lack of side snips is being sorely felt) First bits of fuselage bein
  23. Since I emntioned them in Warren's build I thought I'd add my Airfix Zeros here, just for comparison. Mine are being built straight from the box as far as the plastic goes, but I'm using a sheet from Print Scale to depict two aircraft from 7th December 1941. Naturally Pearl Harbour gets all the attention, but the Japanese attcked both US and British forces at several points across the Pacific that day. This is the sheet. The missing markings are in the next shot. My two aircraft are: A6M2 Model 21, 3 Kokutai No. X-108. Pilot - Tamotsu Yokoyama. Takao, Formosa, 07-12-1941.
  24. After a very long break I have a finished(ish) model for y’all 1/72 scale Miles M.52 from the 3D printed kit Breaking the wheels and one bay door put a dampener on the build and I 100% blame the person who designed the kit for any and all flaws
  25. The Type 87 Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Gun is a Japanese air defence weapon built around the Oerlikon 35 mm twin cannon system as used on the Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft gun. The system uses a modified Type 74 tank chassis. It is also nicknamed by field officers as "Guntank" after the similar-looking mecha in the Mobile Suit Gundam series.
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