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  1. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HW-72002 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HW-48002 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HW-35002 £18 for the miniscule 1/72 ....I'll pass.
  2. Got jolly excited and dashed off an order asap for this as the Sh/Eduard looks a bit overengineered for my tastes and sanding off cannon bulges etc from an E-3 is not appealing to the lazy me What I received this morning was this: If fact all the vendors are labelling this as a Messerschmitt Bf-109E-1/4/7 but the actual contents are their E-3 with cannon wings and both types of canopy as the box art suggests so caveat emptor or wait for the SH/Eduard as I should have done. That said the kits are lovely with nice stencils and lots of spares, even separate armoured
  3. Airfix Bristol Beaufort 1/72 The Type 152 Beaufort was a product of the Bristol Aircraft Co to a pre-war spec. for a twin engine aircraft capable of launching a torpedo. Superficially similar to the Blenheim, the Beaufort was found wanting due to being underpowered and although something of a mainstay with Coastal Command, aircrews did well to survive a tour of ops flying them. The notable aviation author and historian Roy C. Nesbit used to run regular articles in Aeroplane Monthly and I found his tales of ops on the Beaufort (and other types) very fascinating. His variously published boo
  4. Hi All, this was a review build for Scale Aircraft Modeller this month I just though I'd show it here as the article says not the easiest build but its done Painted using Gunze paints
  5. Dear chaps and chapesses, I was out for a walk today and having an amble around a local cemetery came across this long row of 21 matching wartime graves. I knew of the crash site generally but not the specifics A flight taking ferry crews out for the return journey sadly crashed on one of the local hills and these are where most of the crew and passengers are laid to rest. https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/25050 There is a display locally about the crash which sadly has a picture of the wrong scheme and mark of Liberator and a Shackleton!? I’d been thinking abou
  6. Just a quick update from us @ MJW Models! Firstly the Easter Hols are here and our next posting day is Tuesday 6th April, so anything bought from now until then, will be posted on the 6th at the earliest! We've also had some deliveries in time for Easter. We have the brand New Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk I 'early' profipack in stock (think 2 blade props!). Also the latest boxing of the Bf109G-6 Weekend is here (G-6/G-6/Trop), plus a Pfalz and P-39Q Weekend. Also finally back in stock is the Mustang weekend edition and Bf109G-6/AS. Other new kits include the latest Airfix 1/48 Tig
  7. After all the of limericks and haikus on another thread I was almost tempted to try and do a build thread as a poetic Edda filled with kennings but as it is the middle of the night and my brain is being slow that’ll have to wait for another day (or @Walrus to show me how it is done properly) With the house move being slowed up by the volume of other people also trying to move house this Autumn it looks like it’ll be the new year before we can be on our way. That being the case it seems a shame for my modelling stuff and bench to languish in boxes (& to be honest I’m a bit bored) so...
  8. Should have a trader section soon but I’m in the process of setting up Gannet Scale Models to offer my printed kits from mid-May (hopefully) Plans so far: - 1/72 lasercut Hardened Aircraft Shelter kits in ply (via a EBMA hobby in Germany and UK versions, another to follow) - Miles M.52 - Armstrong Whitworth AW.58 (2 versions) - RAE Proposals for Mach 2 interceptors from their 1952 report An Investigation into an Aircraft to Fly at a Mach Number of 2, Aero. 2462 (2 types) - English Electric P.8 - Fairey Large - DeHavilland DH.117 - Saunders Roe P.187
  9. Greetings everyone! It's our weekly news! First off, I posted earlier about the Meng 1/32 Fokker DR.1 - we have our last one priced at £48 to clear - we won't restock it. The biggest news this week is that we have ordered the late arriving Eduard February kits as well as the March releases - they should be here in a few days. This includes the reboxed 1/48 ICM Do17Z-2 Ltd Ed kit, new Fw190A-5 Profipack and the 1/72 Du Doch Nicht set amongst others. Special Hobby are releasing a new series or Mirage III and 5 kits in 1/72. The first of which (Mirage IIIC) has been added to our Sp
  10. This is a new project that is in its final completion stage, an all resin airliner kit, I will keep modellers updated on the completion date.
  11. I don’t have a modelling bench to call my own at the moment but I still have access to computers so I’ll probably be doing a fair chunk of my modelling digitally for a while. A tiny part of me was tempted to check the wattage of the PC and make a mischievous pitch that this would be less than a tenner but I figured that we’ve all gotten our mileage out of winding up @Grunhertz already So... those silly sods at Blackburn proposed a small transport & airborne early warning plane for the RN that was... erm... aesthetically challenged. As the saying goes “if it looks right it’ll fl
  12. Time for some news! We finally had the Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk II Profipack in this week! It's sold out but we have more on order for next week, so watch out for them arriving. We've also had the brand new Hobby Boss 1/72 F8F Bearcat in stock this week, it's an easy build kit but it's still more detailed than those that have gone before! We also had the Kinetic restock this last week and although some kits sold straight away they are on order for this coming week, so again look out for them! As for future releases read on! We're expecting Kinetic's 1/48 Pucara at some point soo
  13. I've previously drawn up a basic digital model of the Miles M.52 - scaled at 1/72. Nothing very fancy but the overall shape is there. My 3D printer is a pretty basic (<£200) machine which doesn't really deal well with small detail so I had that in mind. Plan now is to take this design, refine and add detail s suitable for running off on a more sophisticated resin 3D printer which would be able to cope with fine surface details and undercarriage. So... as a first post here is the start point of my old model The digital drawing: First go at a kit of parts: With th
  14. Hello everyone, I'm thinking about making a weekly update starting now! The idea is to let you know about any new stuff we've had in, any future news and any bargains. New Stuff! - This week we saw the first batch of the all new tool AZ Models Bf109E. There's 3 different 109E-3's and an E-7/Trop to start with. They look a similar quality to the earlier releases of the Bf109F/G and K, so should be decent kits - https://mjwmodels.co.uk/az-models-172--kits-524-c.asp Future Stuff! - We've updated the future release categories on our website. We've updated the selection of Airfix
  15. A bit of a chore here and there but happy enough that the result looks adequately Spitfire shaped
  16. So i did this as a pre-empt into building the rather lovely Great Wall Hobby SU35S as I wanted to practice a few bits and pieces before I did and for the most part get where i wanted to get where i wanted, I still need to get the engine sections right and that will be the next one. the Trumpeter kit is a peach of a build (i'm not sure how accurate it is, It looks like a two seat flanker to me) I bought the Kit when Richard @RWG686 was having his stash clear out along with the Zvezda SU27 SM I now have a slight addiction to these aircraft oops
  17. Now here's a thing I'm baffled at why the OOP Revell pilots fetch bonkers money (the average lately is £30-35). Virtually 99% of adult modellers (who could afford this) build on the ground uncrewed planes, usually with cockpit detail so are folks collecting as "investments?" I remember this with Revell 1/72 Hunters and Mig 21s where folk would pay silly money and then winced when Revell re-released them- I picked up a pile of the Raf Legends release for £8.99 each from an ebay vendor last April that have been steadily gracing buyers display cabinets. Now I'll put my hand up
  18. With the Lynx coming on fast, the Frelon a bit slower and the Shavit on back burner, it is time for another fixed wing build. I wanted to something I've never built before so decided on the Myasishchev M-17 Stratosfera. This aircraft was designed to fly at very high altitudes and shoot down enemy balloons using a gun in a dorsal fairing. One was built but it was written off in an accident when it accidently became airborne during a high speed taxi. The next two were built as research aircraft with the second going on to gain several world records. I saw the two of them a
  19. Terrible kit! Don't buy it unless you really want this version or you are a masochist (The one who have built/know this kit will understand). I didn't buy it BTW! I got it as our club holds an annual competition called Build a Bitch Model. The idea is to wrap up your least loved kit and put on pile, so everyone will pick up a kit from the pile. We do it on our last meeting of the year (December) and we have to build and put on the table in our first meeting of the year (February), we vote on the best looking model on the table and the winner get hi/her annual club fee as a prize.
  20. Hi all. Some time back (before the GB) I had proposed a 1/48 Airfix Mustang as my entry as I got it for free (gift) this did elicit some degree of groaning from various quarters, but being the top class guys (and girls) that you are I was allowed. However I wanted to stick to the spirit of the GB as well, so I decided that a kit under a tenner was the way forward. This kit was sent by a relative of mine who is in Ukraine and knows somebody at Roden. It cost 750 rupees so it's my entry here. The box art The sprues.
  21. Not starting for a while but starting a thread as a placeholder Given to me rather than bought but widely available under a tenner I’m sure that between the kit decals and spares I can come up with serials to be able to do FC-WG, MH880 which has a splash of yellow to liven it up
  22. Got this pile as freebies to review for my Amazon Vine reviews membership, so its both the Hokeyboss kits as they list for under a tenner on the big H: Forgot sprue shots but as this is a quick build kit, trust me you're not missing anything,. The lower fuselage and complete wing is one big bit onto which the nicely detailed top fuselage clicks onto with large gaps as the filler shows. Did a pilot and scratched a better sight with reflector glass and lens. IP decal is from an Airfix 109, no sidewall detail to speak of. Need to wizz up some canopy mask
  23. Got this in a pile of Amazon freebies for reviewing. Was going to enter into the under a tenner GB as it cost me nothing but figured that it wasn't in the spirit of GB. BRXM Review here Nothing much to speak of, apart from everything fits beautifully, IP decal perfectly matches raised details, nice. Fuel filler and spine landing light not OOB. Gunsight glass was replaced with rounded one after these were taken. Under primer
  24. I'm planning to build Gleed's Spitfire Vb Trop with the Aboukir filter and clipped wings. I have both the Tamiya and Italeri kits, that have all the relevant parts in the box (and decals) to build this aircraft, without any conversion work or scrounging parts from other kits, so it's going to be one of these two kits. So with that said, does anyone know the size/shape issues with each kit and overall which is best in this aspect and only this aspect? I've built both before and know which is the better kit to build, so it's purely which is the more convincing looking when built.
  25. Well the build fever is upon me as my new Airfix 1/72 Spit VC comes to primer tomorrow so dug out one of these lovely original issue Heller 109B/C/D. This one came in a brown cardboard box of three complete kits all, de-sprued and but more or less intact ( except for the broken tail plane strut) for a cheery £20 from that rogue Collectakit at an IPMS Farnborough show, by my reckoning that makes each one £6.66. I quite fancy doing a a complete re-scribe and it looks like a breeze to wheels up. Markings wise its one of these depending on what I need need to do do to make a D-1 so V
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