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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All while waiting for the paint stripper to do its bit on the MiG i had started this a couple of weeks ago, but only started gluing bits together today, Spurred on by @Peter Marshall's A7 i have always had a soft spot for the F8 i Built this one over the road years ago and won the USN group build with it. (its the ancient Esci Kit that I rescribed) and i was able to pick this up at Southern expo a couple of years ago for the right price. and it has the bits needed to improve the Hasegawa kit namely the wheels and the ejector seat. but But there are also two nice frets of photo etch. and Furball Aero Decals so I made a start today with some of the brass bits for the cockpit. and the variable incidence wing (the hasegawa kit is still the only kit that can be set up with the wing raised in 1/48 anyway) so on with the pics
  2. Evening Everyone Ok so the usual story, I have 7 or 8 kits on the go at the mo, so obvious thing to do is start another one All the kits on the desk are cars bikes or trucks, except one, and I feel the need to build another tank, so started on this.... Tamiya's newish (2018) Crocodile.... I love these 48th scale kits. I don't care if people call them shake and bakes etc, they fit beautifully, they are a pleasure to build and are great quality. I built the Sherman Firefly a couple months ago, and that was quite an involved affair, but this one seems a bit more simple... Literally and hour and a half later I had this... The fit is perfect, (yeeees, the usual blah blah... ) and another two hours later we had some colour... (Tamiya XF 61 Dark Green) On the tracks too... (Tamiya XF 84 Dark Iron) What a brilliant couple of hours that was this morning. No faffing around with anything, just building, cleaning up and airbrushing, great fun! Taking advantage of this great momentum I decided to finish off the airbrushing on the truck you can see in the background, and as soon as the paint hit the needle it jammed solid Turns out after about an hour of cleaning and investigating, it was the trigger pin that was playing up because it was dirty... I took this as a sign that all painting should cease for the day, so I built the turret and the trailer instead Brilliant, I just love it when modelling is like this More painting to come, and a bit of weathering too..
  3. Bought this one as a slightly started project from a club-mate who'd lost interest in it. Rather than do my usual trick of spending far too much time adding detail into the cockpit that will never be seen again this one was treated as an exercise in technique trials. Okay, so maybe some extra detail sneeked in there, I thinned the seat sides and added some scratch-built seatbelts but both features are visible. The other additions are undercarriage brake lines (incorrectly routed but feel free to ignore that mess), some fishing line for aerial wires, and a pitot probe from brass tube and rod. Those experiments consisted of trying to represent the 'oil-canning' effect on the wing upper surfaces and fuselage then spraying almost all markings. While neither results were perfect it did steepen the learning curve on both. Sadly my photography skills remain lacking.
  4. Parked the Takom Grant to avoid it suffering from an extreme reaction...... Started the AMK F-14D Tomcat, which so far is really nice once you find the sprue within the mass of plastic. Work starts with the Ejector Seats, which are among the nicest kit seats i have seen. I have added the Eduard Zoom steel belts, as the kit hasn't got any. Peter
  5. This is a build of mine from a few years ago. It’s a RMASG Centaur, based on Tamiya’s Cromwell. To achieve this, it has scratch built wheels, howitzer and custom made decals. There is quite a bit of scratch built pieces on it and anyone interested in the build can find the WIP here; Thanks for looking. John.
  6. I actually started this a couple of months ago, but I hit a problem - my particular kit had been given 2 starboard cockpit sidewalls, and no port sidewall. So I send an email so special hobby, who sent me a replacement. Actually they sent me a full set of replacement resin parts, many thank. Unsurprisingly starts with the cockpit Wired the instruments Starboard Sidewall The lesser spotted Port sidewall Assembled the fuselage with the rear cockpit bulkhead Assembled the turret basket Constructed the turret fairing, filled and sanded back Filled and sanded the fuselage - it will need some rescribing later Finally dipped the clear parts - test fit seems reasonable, will need some filling at the bottom, but we'll see Peter
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