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  1. Ladies and gentleblyats, as described in the what if outline thread, I shall be doing a T-55AD from the Republic of Rhodia, post it's disintegration. The tank will be built as a MDH faction vehicle. The kit is UniModel's T-55AD1 Modifications and alterations will also be done along the way. Obligatory pre-build workspace photo. The running gear. The spokes on the roadwheels are a bit too square for a T-55, but these are replacements built by the ROF (Rhodian Ordnance Factories). The final drive + steering gearbox. This part needed a lot of sanding.
  2. We've had a restock today with more bargains and we've also added even more 1/72 kits into our 1/72 kit sale. Of note we now have a few Meng 1/35 bargains - their Jeep is about 40% off UK RRP at just over £17. We have got their King Tiger back in stock, it's only 15% off UK RRP but at just over £28, I think it's a bargain for a large and excellent looking 1/35 tank kit, as it is. We've also got the Leopard 1 A3/A4 for just about half price! The ICM 1/48 Ju88D-1 is half price at under £25! We have a few large Hobby Boss 1/48 kits, like the Osprey, Growler, F/A-18E Super Hornet,
  3. Although we mainly sell model aircraft kits and accessories, we do also get a few 1/35 tanks in, when they are available cheaply! Right Now we have a Meng Leopard 1 A3/A4 for under £30, a Hobby Boss Panther G for under £25 and the recent Hobby Boss JagdTiger for 15% off UK RRP! Have a look on our website now! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/
  4. Greetings all. I will be building Tamiya's Sturmtiger as my entry to the GB. Sorry for the delay, as I had exams and was travelling. I decided to get down to it, as it would be poor form if the GB originator built nothing. I decided on this kit, as it is an interesting vehicle and it's an impressive one too. Work will start in a day or two
  5. Good evening (or whatever part of the day it is in your corner of the world). VMW (Vaastav Model Works) proudly presents an in-box review of Tamiya's 1/35 38cm Assault Mortar 'Sturmtiger'. Ok, grandiose introduction out of the way. The Sturmtiger is a self propelled gun that carries a 38cm Mortar with the aim of lobbing the rather large projectile over the walls of enemy fortifications. They were all built on existing Tiger 1 chassis (late model) and a total of 18 vehicles were built. They came too late to have any significant impact on the course of the war, but saw action in the Ba
  6. In-between the hyperbole there is news of the schemes on the now imminent Austin K2/Y ambulance. Workbench Andy
  7. After a pleasant chat in the LMS (or it was till it closed down) I got to making a dockside crane for use in 1/35 dioramas. The instigator of the scheme has sent me some pics of the results. The kit Assembled but unpainted And after he has painted and detailed Well pleased with how that came out
  8. As a cash strapped schoolboy, this was the first Tamiya kit I could afford, and I built it sometime around 1978. I have fond memories of it and have recommended it to a couple of people recently as an ideal starter for 1/35 armour. Time to put my money where my mouth is and build another one myself, just to see if it is as nice as I remember. I got this kit brand new earlier this week from Models For Sale for the princely sum of £8.99 (yes, really, a 1/35 tank plus figures and change from a tenner), so it doesn't have to be that good to be value for money The current box is unchanged fr
  9. Greetings all. This is my first base that I have made. It is for the T-72 I made which can be found here. It depicts the vehicle in the desert of Rajasthan (where most of our armoured exercises happen). I have also added formation sign, number plate, tactical number and pennant to the vehicle. The base itself is formed from wall putty that was then covered in sand while still wet, and then after it was dry, I mixed weathering pigment and water and gave the colour. Comments and critique are welcome. The signs etc on the tank are hand
  10. Hi all. In the 3rd installment of Vaastav's T-series in India, we have the T-72A which was operated by our army for some time before we upgraded. They saw quite a bit of action as they participated in UNPKF operations in Somalia and Congo as well as in Sri Lanka during Op Pawan as part of the IPKF. I am as yet undecided about exactly which scheme I'll do, but let's see as the build progresses. The box art. The box itself is the same length and breadth as the T-90, but is taller. Inside, there is a smaller box with some of the smaller/more delicate sprues. There are enough parts in
  11. Hello all As you would know I got this kit of a Strela 10SV Air Defense system made by Skif some time back. I have since reviewed it (review can be found here) I started it at last and the first impression is very much that it does need some work on the modeller's part. The fit is a bit dodgy and it does need some careful alignment, but overall it's very nice. Obligatory pre-build workspace photo The instructions start off with the rear doors. I decided to close one and leave one open to show the interior. The racks for the 4 spare missiles that ar
  12. From the Tamiya Blog: https://tamiyablog.com/2021/09/some-more-upcoming-tamiya-static-kits/
  13. Hi all. This is my entry into the GB. It is a BTR-152D from UM of Ukraine. I felt to enter this GB as while I never interacted with Nigel, I did use some of his posts as inspirations/guides for my work. This model squeaks in in terms of criteria as it has brass, a fire extinguisher and the box art depicts helicopters. I have also written a review of it here. The box art. Let's start (rhyme unintended)
  14. Hi all. I recently ordered this kit from Ukraine and thought to review it as it's a slightly obscure kit. The BTR-152D itself was a prototype vehicle that sought to improve on the anti-air capabilities of the BTR-152A, which mounted twin 14.5mm KPVs. The 152A was based off the chassis of the ZiS-151, while the 152D was based off the ZiL-157 which was the successor of the 151. It had a central air pressure control system which regulated the pressure in the wheels and pumped air if there were bullet holes. For a full read on the BTR-152 family, I can recommend the excellent article on the
  15. Hi all. This Tamiya T-62 is one of my earliest kits and was made when I was on a steep learning curve and therefore I tried to apply all techniques on this one tank. It depicts a Russian T-62 during the first Chechnyan fiasco with additional armour etc. Thought to post it here as it's one of the few early models that I'm actually proud of. Comments and critique welcome.
  16. This, is going to be impressive.... Heres a pic of a die cast of the same type Yummyummyummyummyummy 😬
  17. A bit late here - I only just finished my P-40. I am keeping to one kit at a time only at the moment, given the massive piles of Shelf o’ DOOOOM! models that remain...’unfinished’. The M-72 was a ‘licence-built’ Soviet version of the German BMW R71, via the very short-lived Molotov-von Ribbentrop ‘Pact’ of 1939. The machine is still apparently in production in China today, after the Russians sold the whole production process to the Chinese. The Wikipedia page for this machine can be found here. The Germans passed over the BMW R71 in favour of the R75 (and apparently preferred the
  18. Heres my entry, the Old Academy Kit and i have to say I'm quite looking forward to this
  19. here is the first of a few for me i hope, the Tasca Sherman firefly, I bought this from southern expo a couple of years ago started for a tenner, generally, its a great kit but the tracks were broken due to age. I got it ready for paint and that's where it stopped, so here's where it was when i started yesterday afternoon. then i got some Tamiya XF61 on it then this morning some Decals
  20. Deanflyer


    Number 7 for the year so far is the insectoid Fieseler Storch. Nice kit, the only let down being the transparencies which are not the best moulded clear parts I've ever used, and a pain to fair in to the fuselage. Paints are from Gunze for a change, as they had the correct RLM colours, but I've painted it up as a modern restored warbird. The painting guide from HobbyBoss was woefully inadequate, so I had to use a lot of online reference for the camo scheme, and that's where I got my inspiration to do a modern representation. Walk around first:
  21. Eduard's boxing of the Lovely Tasca / Asuka Sherman. When it came out it was by far and away the cheapest way to get a Tasca Sherman, so I got a couple Started by making up the lower hull, and adding some Mr Surfacer 1000 to add more cast texture as it's a bit soft While I was at it, added the texture to the turret as well Peter
  22. Hi all, this is the ancient Tamiya kit (which still scrubs up well. i started painting this with the Gunze Olive Drab modulation set then played around with oils and pastels with this just a play around with the effects
  23. Started today, the old Tristar kit in the Hobbyboss box Work starts with the two sets of road wheels - steel rimmed for the front and rubber rimmed for the rear. I've left off the rubber rims at the moment - they can go on after paint Then on with the bogeys Then finally for the day, the drive sprockets This is a typical Tristar kit, a lot like Bronco - lots of detail, and tiny pieces but everything so far fit's really well. Peter
  24. Started today Started by making up the RB Models metal barrel Then assembled the lower hull Then added the gas axe marks where the large plates were cut Peter
  25. Tamiya Kit, Tamiya Zimmerit, RB Barrel. The zimmerit isn't great, would rather do it myself now, but was worth a try. Painted with Tamiya Acrylics and weathered with Oils / Pigments Peter
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