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Found 44 results

  1. Deanflyer

    Ki-45 Toryu

    Hi all, I'm now able to show you the Zoukei-Mura 1/32 Ki-45 Toryu I recently built completely out-of-the-box for AMW magazine. It was painted in Tamiya acrylics and Mr Color lacquers were used for the freehanded reticulated camo pattern. First, a few walk around shots... ...followed by a few flyaround shots from the magazine article, some showing the cowlings removed... ...and a few in-progress shots showing the internal detail which in most cases is now hidden away forever... Cheers, Dean
  2. This was passed to me quite a while ago, I keep being distracted by other builds. So I've taken to opportunity to get started with it. Good weather meant a chance to prime the majority outside (Halford rattle can) It's big! Anyway, you get the point. I'm grateful that this is to be a clean build, no hatches open etc. Thinkna couple of days at Lakenheath for some detail shots... well that's my excuse.
  3. Due to unprecidented democratic will, next up With Verlinden Cockpit set Aires Electronics Bay Assembled the resin parts before priming - checked they actually appear to fit without surgery (beyond removing a locating tab) Then painted up - the Ammo Clear on the dials is still drying so not quite clear. Used airscale decals for the dials, which looks lovely, but is a real pain to do. Peter
  4. Hi all, Now that the magazine it was published in is no longer available, I can show pictures of the Revell 1/32 Arado 196 that was built for Airfix Model World, where it made the front cover. It was done using the Eduard PE set for the exterior, and was mounted on an aftermarket resin beaching trolley. Some 'beach scene' photos first, followed by a few shots from the in-progress stages. Hope you like it... Cheers, Dean
  5. Grunhertz

    Pfalz Diiia

    Well its finished and what a fun time its been, this has been one of the most enjoyable builds for a long time, I will not be selling my WNW kits and I will be building them.
  6. Ok here we go then with my build, I last built a pfalz using the eduard 1/48 kit and was mighty impressed so I thought it was time to do another, and getting the chance to bull erm persuade some others into it means I'm not on my own this time so unlike duncan no aftermarket apart from Bob's buckles I haven't made my mind up yet on the scheme but I suspect the green one maybe the way to go
  7. My last finish: a British-based aggressor of the 527th TFTS. And as that was at Alconbury and was part of the 10th SRW, a nod to my recce interest as well. I started off with an old 1/32 Hasegawa kit, intending to build it from the box. But you know how it is, so there is also a bit of aftermarket: an Eduard seat harness, Flightpath AIM-9Ls done as inert acquisition rounds, Master pitot and guns, and HGW safety flags. But the cockpit (other than the harness) was from the box, the level of detail on the panel just need a drybrushing to look effective. For a 1980s kit the fit was good to excellent. The decals were from another boxing of the kit, and were supplied in response to a wanted ad on the LSP forum. Please ignore the slight decal silvering on one, I thought I had it glossy enough to apply them, but ... Thanks for looking.
  8. Trumpeter 1/32nd P-47D Kit with the Eduard Etch for the cockpit and seatbelts and Montex Masks for the markings (mix of decals). Really enjoyed this, second big Jug from trumpeter and it's a pretty good kit. The cockpit does need the help, and all the ducting is never seen again, but no major vices and ends up pretty nice. Painted with Mr Hobby Colour / Aqueous Color and Tamiya thinned with Mr Levelling thinner, and weathered with Oils and pigments. Peter
  9. Not a bad model from Trumpeter, but definitely one that can be improved upon. The nice things about the kit are; adequate detail in the cockpit with photo etch seat belts, lots of weapons with clear inserts for guided weapons seeker heads, plenty of detail if you want to leave panels open and a nice decal sheet. Metal undercarriage legs are also included along with plastic. Shortcoming of the kit are; difficult to eliminate seam in the engine air intakes and exhaust (unless you use covers like me). Trumpeter completely forgot to include the outer hard points for the air to air missiles despite drawing them into the box art and having the locating holes for them. It is also meant to be built with slats, flaps and all undercarriage doors down, which is incorrect for the Su 25 when on the ground. I have fixed all but the two main gear doors which would take extensive modification to correct. It also pays to drill out the locating tab holes as the fit of the parts is sometimes just too tight and test fitting can rip off the locating pins when you try to separate the parts again. Along with the slats and flaps, I also closed the gun bay, the engine access compartment, the cockpit ladder and speed brakes. These however were easy to do with minimal cutting. All up, it does make into an impressive model, I may still buy the aftermarket outer hard points to mount the K60 aphid missiles as it doesn't look complete without them.
  10. I have been struggling with the mojo for a while, maybe down to a lot of complex builds. So as a kick starter I picked this up at the Billericay show at the end of July, it has been as typical with a hasegawa 1/32 kit it's fitting lovely and the only aftermarket is a set of seat belts and some topnotch masks I will build it as red 7 as the box art
  11. Started this last weekend, with a couple of extras Montex Masks Eduard Cockpit Etch Eduard Belts Assembled the cockpit, and weathered it down Peter
  12. Grunhertz


    so this one's finished and I have to say hats of to Eduard for this, its a great kit, the Paint is Gunze Mr Hobby Aqueous and with help from Sean at TopNotch's Masks the markings are out of the box, and I loved every minute of it. and then onto the next
  13. Well I like an out of the box build just to clense the pallet, and 109's and 190's are my go to out of the box build, Eduards 1/32 109 E's are a simple enough build if a little quirky and have one or two accuracy issues. 1 being slightly large slats, 2 being a strange bulge behind the cockpit that is only noticeable if you build with a solid demarcation camo. the build will be totally out of the box and this is not the first i have built, it has still thrown me a couple of curve balls. 1, the oil cooler needs narrowing down to stop throwing out the fit of the fuselage, 2, no matter how hard you try to get it straight the lower instrument panel lined up it doesn't sit straight and fouls the sidewalls of the cockpit 3, the sidewall fit isn't particularly positive, and fouls the firewall if you dont dry fit. I got round this by fixing the fuselage halves together then fitting the firewall. from this you can then fit the side walls i then put the lower instrument panel in along with its mount. I then glued the cockpit floor in trapping the panel mount in place. I haven't put the seat in yet as that comes next once the belts have been assembled.
  14. So this is My entry, The lovely Wingnut Wings DH2. Its going to be a tall order for me to do this in 3 months but hey in for a penny in for a pound. James Hatch said he did his in about 20 days but I'm not that quick unfortunately
  15. Hi all, If you've been following my WIP thread on this, you'll know the trials and tribulations I've gone through to get this finished. The cockpit walls had to be detailed, the flaps lowered and scratchbuilt, a new windscreen home made after the original disintegrated, problems getting the gloss coat to set, decals which wrinkled and refused to respond to MicroSol...you name it. Anyway, here it is after 67 hours work, in the best trainer scheme the Hawk ever wore in my opinion. Excuse the photography, natural light has been hard to come by today... Now, what's next..? Cheers, Dean
  16. Deanflyer

    BAe Hawk

    Hello all, Laid low with the lurgy at the moment, so I thought I'd get round to updating you on my latest build...the Revell 1/32 Hawk: Note the Argos stock label on it - like many of us probably, I hot footed it down to the local Argos when these first came out as I believe they were one of the only places stocking it. Then it's sat in the stash ever since. That was 2010! About time I made one... I'd also splashed out on the Xtradecal stencil sheet, and their squadron markings sheet, as I didn't want to build a Red Arrows jet: I've always had a fancy for the late seventies RAF trainer scheme, ever since it first appeared in the Airfix catalogue when I was a kid, so I'll be doing this scheme: One difference - the nose ID number 164 will be in white, not black, as I prefer it that way. Luckily I found a photo of this airframe with the number in white, so it will still be accurate. The cockpit is reasonably well detailed, and the instrument decals do their job well enough, settling down well over the raised bezels: The only place the cockpit falls down is on the sidewalls, which are devoid of ANY detail whatsoever. All of this had to be added from scratch: Adding a couple of resin seats completes the ensemble: I'd ordered the early style headboxes on the seats, as you can't get much earlier in the Hawk's career than this! Then it was on to the notorious short-shot undercarriage. I added various bits and pieces to replace the missing compression struts, and also added brake lines and tie wraps: I filed flats onto the tyres, and painted everything up. The wheel centre caps have still to be added here, and according to some references the main wheel rims were painted yellow so I'm still deciding whether to do that with mine: The wheel wells were well detailed OOB, so I just used a wash to highlight things: One notable problem with the kit is that there is no facility to have the flaps dropped, which is how Hawks are ALWAYS parked. I sliced off the flaps from the wings, scratch built them to an aerofoil section, and added the intermediate strip and supports using the mk1 eyeball and much poring over of reference photos. I'm hoping it'll work out ok: Before the fuselage halves could be joined, there was the little matter of all the glaring ports in the fuselage which would open onto the bare plastic interior. There are about five of them, which all had to be dealt with using a short length of tube glued to the inside of the fuselage to give depth, and then blanked off. So, ready to close the fuselage - oops, no, the forward cockpit bulkhead is a completely different shape to the interior of the fuselage at that point! It left a gap of about an eighth of an inch between the halves, which no amount of filler would solve. I had to file off quite a bit of the bulkhead sides to get the fuselage to close: The rest of the seams weren't too bad, apart from the ones on the inside of the intakes - which due to the engineering of the kit means they CAN'T be assembled before adding them to the airframe, and makes sanding inside them that much more difficult... More when I've sorted out the photos, Dean
  17. So this is the next kit on the bench. The Revell HE219 A2/5/7 I have ordered some HGW fabric belts for it as the tempest ones were lovely. I was going to order an eduard Cockpit but I will do the pit from scratch. I haven't decided what variant yet so hence the something tag.
  18. I started this for the RAF 100 GB and i was determined to have it done ready for our club table at Telford so here it is, out of the box apart from Top Notch masks for the Camo
  19. Well it's done, the Kittyhawk 1/32nd F-5E. Horrible kit, that just got worse the further I got, the final straw being the open canopy mounting not fitting nor any of the clear lights. The gear doors also don't fit, and the intakes are mostly filler.... It's not too bad from a distance - Painted with Mr Color Laquers If you are really bored, you can read the journey into the abyss here Peter
  20. So this will be the second build but I don't think I'll get it finished in time in which case I'll finish it in the WIP section In this scheme All I've done so far is a masking tape dry fit and it all looks good
  21. So this is the next kit on the bench. The Revell HE219 A2/5/7 I have ordered some HGW fabric belts for it as the tempest ones were lovely. I was going to order an eduard Cockpit but I will do the pit from scratch. I haven't decided what variant yet so hence the something tag.
  22. Building this OOB as a change of pace Work naturally starts with the cockpit - they give you 2 resin figures for the pilot (1 standing and 1 seated), but the seated sculpt doesn't look right so i'm leaving him out Peter
  23. With the complexities of the tempest on the bench I have also decided on an easy build for when things get interesting with the tempest and this will be a paint and assemble straight out of the box exercise I picked it up at the Essex modellers show Sunday for the princely sum of 20 quid and it's one of those kits that scream build me out of the box so I just had to build it so here's the box And here's the base coating of the interior The phone has done some weird stuff to the colour it's actually Tamiya's cockpit green which is basically nakajima interior green originally mixed up for the nakajima zeros produced a few years back
  24. Finally got around to starting. Nice Hurricane to celebrate the 100 years of the RAF Work starts with the cockpit just for a change. This feels like a limited run kit, but the fit isn't terrible mix of PE, Resin and Plastic Then on with the resin seat and belts Peter
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