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Found 5 results

  1. so here we go for the vertical learning curve! Haven't built a bike since a revell easy rider style chopper when i was about 8 so this is going to be interesting. For this one I wont be stripping chrome or other such funny business (last time i tried that I ended up with a melted aluminium pan!). It will be one of the 2 red/white bikes but thats it. so on with the pics Not sure about screwwing the thing together but hey ho
  2. Right....I'm duplicating threads some of you may have seen elsewhere, so please forgive the repetition...some of the comments may not make any sense, as they will be referring to comments made by other posters - sorry, just don't have time to re-edit! I'll get everything I've done over here, then will update as I (slowly) progress! I'll even fetch the Mossie WIP! Here we go - another 1/12 on the go! Engine first obviously...for my F1 engine 'group-shot' plan. So a bit of 'un-boxing', as I have shown with my other kits. Its nice to show the parts and detail in these MFH kits, and maybe encourage others to give one a go. Usual folder of instructions, decals, foils and PE parts. This instruction manual seems to be quite a few pages more than some others I have... Templates for carbon, foil and ali sheet... Very nice PE parts, including radiator mesh, clips, paint masks, wing endplates, pins etc etc Pack of other detail parts - seat belt ribbon, clear parts, rods, pins, tie-wraps etc... Wheels and tyres always look cool - turned ali hubs, molded tyres including the 'Michelin' logo, and lots of other tyre info molded into the rubber - also there seems to be a very nice mildly-buffed feel to the tyres - won't need to scrub them in much or remove any mold lines (on the contact surface anyway) On to the metal components - usual plastic-ziploc-bags-in-bubble-wrap packaging......grrrrr Lots and lots of bits! lovely details.... The legend... Nice seat belt buckle... ...and a LOT of rivets! This kit seems slightly cheaper than other recent 1/12 kits - I think it is because it is such a simple, pure shape, there is less 'bodywork' than other kits! Resin parts very crisp... And here is where most of those rivets will end up! As before, I'll start with the engine...
  3. Ok - another WIP 'place holder'! Just arrived, silly money but really wanted a 'full body-work' car to try...it will probably be ages before any actual WIP starts, but I know it is sometimes nice to see how the kit looks... It's huge! A lot of bodywork! I think the extra cost over and above the F1 models must be the wire wheels. The turning and machine work is stunning, and many many wires and sleeves, but no experience of building the wire wheels, so a bit daunting... Nice, many paged instruction book! Lots of PE parts here! ...and lots of spokes here! Less decals than F1 cars! Mesh, suede sheets etc... Very nice crisp PE... This small PE sheet is extra shiny (mirrors etc) Massive one piece body... Not that much resin parts apart from the main body - bonnet and boot are metal... Wheels and tyres are beautiful... Many bits! Spokes... ...and of course, my favorite bits - the loose bags of delicate metal bits! :roll: ...more to follow.
  4. Couldn't resist. Wanted to, but I also really wanted to get an F1 car from this era, and missed the 1/20 scale. Darn Anyway - this won't be quick, as I am already in the middle of other builds - but as this kit has just been released, I figured some may be interested to see the kit in more detail. So although I don't want to become someone who posts pictures of the 'unboxing' of a set of new headphones or something, the first few posts will indeed be the 'unboxing' of this kit! -taken at Goodwood FofS a few years back... Usual MFH instruction booklet - quite a few pages. Some very nice PE - but I wish they were the ones mounted on some sort of rubber/plastic backing and didn't have the little joining pieces of metal to file off - these are tiny, but there are a hell of a lot of them - especially for that grill! Decals... ...more to follow. Ran out of time.
  5. Another MIF kit - the iconic Williams FW16. I'm a Senna fan, so this is a must (for the wrong reasons perhaps) I got this kit when it was released as I didn't want to miss out - as with the others, I order direct from MFH. Loads of parts as you would expect - all of them lovely... Note the pen for scale! The white metal is quite soft - lots of reshaping required when I get to them...(grrr - MFH packaging!) Resin parts.... Very nice turned wheels, and rubber tyres, thankfully with the logos already applied! Rubber 'boots' for electrical connectors... Lots of rivets, cables, turned ali parts etc etc I'm going to start with the engine, and assembling the vehicle as a 'test' build, just to make sure everything fits.... I've purchased a source book, and collected lots of pictures from the web, to refer to...to be honest, in terms of reference pictures for the techie stuff, it is not as good as other MFH books...I'm talking nitty gritty detail shots of things like pipes, brakes etc...you can find more on the web. In contrast, the one they do for the MP4/4 is much better... So - starting with the engine block, as it is a nice 'sub-assembly' I can work on and add detail too... I am using a dremel type drill with a brass wire wheel on it to give the metal a basic clean - works great for the engine where I don't need a mirror finish! Did some more very rough test fitting last night - just to see [:)] Nothing fixed in place... As with most kit manufacturers, the decals supplied are 'PC' - with 'Racing' used instead of 'Rothmans' ...but they are beautiful. Carbon decals (showing the different 'styles': Now - the next bit was entirely by chance (it really was - I had no idea...) - fill in the gaps!! I am using 'a' box that 'a' kit came in to store, and I took out the main internal cardboard box that this particular kit had some resin parts in - it was actually taped down. Stuck on the underside was a brown envelope... Later, i found a 'similar' envelope and looked inside... So this is where I was at this point in the 'WIP' posts... This went on hold for a while, waiting for some metal etch primer - then the 917k took over - but back on it again whilst i am in 'engine' mode!! I went over the block and gearbox and tried to drill out all the holes I thought I would need, then primed. I love the way that primer brings out all of the details. (I first used metal etch primer on the metal parts, and I washed the resin parts with some degreaser) Quick size comparison... Some test fits...
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