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  1. November 17 Special offers...

    Our offers this month are the wonderful Modelcraft pick and place tools. These are a pen size tool with a blob on the end that will allow you to pick up small parts and put them in place. When the blob gets clogged with dust, just wash it under the tap and it's sticky again. There are three sizes, fine, medium and large. The list price is £5.75 per tool, our normal price is £5.00, this month they are only £3.50 each. We also have a limited number of bundles of all three tools for only £10. Links to the tools: Pick & Place small Pick & Place Medium Pick & Place Large Pick & Place Full Set Thanks, Paul
  2. Monthly Specials

    Hi, Completely forgot to post our monthly specials on here. modellingtools are having a monthly special tool(s) at greatly reduced prices. This month it is two of Shesto's lightcraft products, with an extra 10% off if you buy both as a bundle. Lightcraft Deluxe LED Headband Magnifier Kit list price £48.95 --- Octobers price only £35.00 Website: Deluxe Headband Magnifier set A superb piece of kit and a lot cheaper than an optivisor. Ideal for close-up precision work, leaving your hand free. This fully adjustable headband includes 4 interchangeable optical lenses and detachable triple LED spotlight with magnetic base. For professional, craft, hobby or DIY projects that demand close-up work. A simple to adjust headband to give a great fit to your head & not to heavy. Four oversized optical lenses give a great view of the subject you are looking at. Lenses clip in out of the headband very simply, with the cleaning cloth provided. They they can also be flipped up out of your eye line if needed & the Visor can also be flipped up to give full vision with out having to remove it. Lens Specifications Magnification 1.2x working distance 500 - 600mm (20 - 24'') Magnification 1.8x working distance 225 - 300mm (9 - 12'') Magnification 2.5x working distance 125 - 250mm (5 - 10'') Magnification 3.5x working distance 75 - 125mm (3 - 5'') The second tool is the larger, better version of the worklight we have been stocking for a while. Lightcraft LED Cordless Folding Lamp list price £40.00 October price £25.00 website LED Cordless folding Lamp An energy efficient LED Rechargeable lamp with Dimmer Feature. This portable, compact lamp is ideal for reading, craft, hobby as well as office use. It features a dimmable task light as well as a useful smaller dimable night light. Although on paper this lamp is only a little larger than it's smaller brother, it has a far greater performance. The led array is diffused, the light level is higher and it has a 6' usb/mains lead as well as a 3 hour battery in the lamp. Features • Dimmable LED task lighting & smaller night light • Portable & Rechargeable • Energy efficient – Low heat emission • Mini stand for desk use or hanging slot for night light • 2m USB cable for use through Computer/Laptop • Mains UK/EU Plug with USB slot SPECIFICATIONS VOLTAGES AVAILABLE: 220v – 240v, 50Hz VOLTAGE/CURRENT: DC5v, 500mA; 3w max. LAMP SIZE: 270 x 51 x 53mm COLOUR TEMPERATURE: 5700~6300 Kelvin SWITCH: Touch switch with dimmer function for main light & small night light CHARGE TIME: 3 hours from empty CORDLESS UASAGE TIME: 100% light 1.5hrs; 50% light 3hrs; 10% light 8hrs USB CABLE: 2m (6'6") for use with Desktop/laptop computer MAINS PLUG – UK/EU OPTIONS: USB Output Max.0.5A, 5V; Input: AC100~240V, 50~60Hz Bundle price for both items is only £54.00 website Headband Magnifier & Folding lamp bundle Thanks, Paul
  3. Hamex Kit swap and 2018 shows...

    Hi, Our next show will be our our ninth Hamex Kit swap. Featuring the usual mix of kit swappers, a couple of traders, bacon butties and hot tea. Prices the same as usual Kitswap table £5, Trade tables £10. Open from 10:00 until 16:00, but usually closes a little earlier when all the bargains have gone ! Public entry £2 as normal. We have dates for some of our 2018 shows. The post Christmas Model Market, is scheduled for Sunday the 4th Feb 18. We have a new show that takes the date of the old automodellismo show. Media Modelling is for models of anything that has appeared in films, TV, Books, Comics even video games. I've seen club displays in the past with a similar theme, but think it would make a great theme for a model show. Hopefully we can get some outside exhibits for this one as well ! We don't have a date for the extreme weathering show yet. But do have a date for the smallspace show - 1st July 18 Thanks, Paul
  4. Five only available.............

    For anyone looking for an airbrush and compressor set, We have 5 copies of Meinrad Martin Froschin book A Beginners Guide to Airbrushing retailing at £12.99. One to be included free with the next five Airbrush & Compressor sets sold this Month. Thanks, Paul
  5. Hamex Kit swap Saturday 2nd December 2017

    Just to let everyone know that our show at Hanslope will be the Hamex Kit swap on SATURDAY 2nd December 2017. This will be our 9th kit swap, table prices are unchanged £5 for a kit swap table and £15 for a Traders table. To book, email us at info@hamex.co.uk or see me at a show. Payment is cash or via paypal. The Modellingtools stand will be there as usual, as will the infamous bacon butties & hot drinks to warm you up on a cold December day. Details of the venue, photos from the previous shows ( kit swap, automodellismo, model market, smallspace and Extreme Weathering, ) can be found on the website. http://www.hamex.co.uk/ Book early to secure your table. Thanks, Paul
  6. Kolibri - Hand made Synthetic Golden sable Brushes

    Unfortunately there aren't any standards to brush sizes. The numbering systems is the same, but the same numbered brush from different manufacturers can vary in size. I'll add the brush width and lengths to the website shortly, so people know the head size. These brushes all have the same synthetic bristles, so will all be the same softness. I'll have a look and see if what the options for stiffer brushes are. Thanks, Paul
  7. Just arrived yesterday, £2.25 a pot. http://www.modellingtools.co.uk/meng-single-acrylic-paints-385-c.asp Thanks, Paul
  8. Kolibri - Hand made Synthetic Golden sable Brushes

    Yes, pleased with them, they passed Toms destruction tests ! Paul
  9. Molotow Liquid Chrome Pens

    We now have the 2mm version of these pens in stock. Should have the 1mm and 4mm shortly. Paint straight onto plastic and leave it to cure and you have a chrome finish. Introductory price until June is £5.50 each http://www.modellingtools.co.uk/molotow-liquid-chrome-pen-2mm-29975-p.asp Thanks, Paul
  10. We how have these brushes in stock and available on the website. Currently 46 different brushes available, rounds, flat, filbert, angled, fan, saw They have been well received at both the Milton Keynes and Scottish nationals. http://www.modellingtools.co.uk/kolibri-quality-brushes-388-c.asp Thanks, Paul
  11. Extreme Weathering........ Sunday May 21st 2017

    I'm hoping we all learn a lot from the show. We have someone filming some of the demos as well, so I might be able to get to see some of them eventually ! This Yes, unfortunately the traders that are around don't appear to be interested. We had problems getting any of the local classic car clubs to to put on a display and the numbers through the door have been going down for a while. We may find a way of bringing autimodellismo back, but it's time to try something a little different. Even though it's a smallish venue, it's a reasonable size to hold specialist shows and the facilities are really good at the hall. So I'm hoping this one will give people the confidence to try new techniques and get their questions answered about the techniques they already use. Paul
  12. Extreme Weathering........ Sunday May 21st 2017

    More info on the show..... Now all the discussions about the show are complete, this is the show as we have it today..... EXTREME WEATHERING is our new show and replaces AUTOMODELLISMO that has run for the past six years. The date is Sunday 21st May 2017 at the usual HaMeX Events venue. Hanslope Village Hall, Newport Road, Hanslope, Bucks MK19 7NZ Start 10.00am The new show will concentrate on finishing your models - using weathering, texturing, washes, and airbrushing techniques, all demonstrated by a number of invited experts in their field. This detailing will apply to the models themselves, and also to finishing bases and dioramas. We aim that most modelling subjects will be covered – aircraft, military, cars and vehicles in general, plus space, science fiction and fantasy. Currently we plan six Demonstration Stations in the Main Hall, with space in front for people to sit or stand to watch the action, and we hope, to ask questions and maybe take part in the demos. Each base will have examples of the work on display.... and may be a few things for sale. There will also be a traders present, with a range of weathering materials, and maybe to tempt you with a kit of some new modelling subject! The Small Hall will feature a display and demonstrations from the New City SMC. There is also the possibility of fitting a couple more Demo Stations in there. The line up of demonstrators is currently as follows - although may change if people are not available due to professional commitments. Richard Franks (Valiant Wings ) : Airbrushing and weathering aircraft Mike Tucker [Provisional] : Finishing SFX miniatures. How the professionals weather, distress and generally ‘dirty down’ models for filming. http:// http://www.themodelunit.co.uk/ Kev Green : Airbrushing basics and using masks in airbrushing http:// https://www.facebook.com/kevgreen.images/posts/10154556379564171 Chris Simmons : Figures and SF Michelle Edwards : Basic AFV weathering techniques Mat Irvine : Cars and vehicles – with an emphasis on materials for diorama bases http:// http://www.matirvine.com/ New City SMC will be based in the Small Hall, with displays and demos. This is the first time we have run this show, so we have tried to leave things as open as possible, so we can get dialogue between attendees and the demonstrators. If you come along, speak up if you want to know about a specific technique, or how to solve a weathering and finishing problem you have. We will be producing a form, so people can give us feedback on the show and what they would like to see on the demo menu for the next time we run the event. We have free parking as normal, (the side car park is newly paved), and the K-9 Café will be open as usual. There will also be a raffle with the main prize being £50 of weathering materials. As we have demonstrators’ expenses to pay, entry will be a little more than for a standard HaMeX show, to reflect the extra costs. Entry is £5 per person, but this will include one ticket for a free tea or coffee from the K-9 Café and one free raffle ticket for a load of weathering materials. (Others can be purchased.) More to be added when we have it. Thanks, Paul
  13. Scottish National Scale Model Show 2017 - 29th & 30th April 2017

    Modellingtools.co.uk will be there as usual. Hopefully on the left as you walk down into the show. Thanks, Paul
  14. The Extreme weathering show organising is now in progress. I did a dummy setup of the main hall last night and we can get 6 demo tables with space for people to stand / sit to watch/interact with the demos in the main hall and possibly another couple in the back room. We will also have a few traders there selling their wares. modellingtools.co.uk will be there, hopefully Valiant Wing will have a lot of bargains there. I'm also looking for a general kit seller to come along. There will hopefully be a few club display / demos in the back room. Catering with the bacon butties will be there as usual and there should be plenty of free parking. Show opening times will be the normal 10:00 until 16:00. This first show is a bit of an experiment as people haven't given any real indication what they want to know. We are hoping the first show will give us a lot of feedback, so we can put on a more targeted event in 2018 ! Thanks, Paul
  15. Peterborough Scale Model Club Show

    Modellingtools.co.uk will be there as normal. Hope to see everyone there. Paul