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  1. An impressive and unique collection of aircraft models was built over a period of 50 years by an anonymous inmate, an elderly person. (The collection includes almost all aircraft built before World War I). All models are in a precise 1:72 scale, reaching just over 20 centimeters. Now I decided to put them up for sale through the Gloucestershire auction house, Dominic Winter. Each batch will be sold for £ 100 to £ 400. (author John Hall on May 25, 2014) "
  2. Fellows, there's new publish of mine on photografic forum. This chop is there.
  3. Easy.... I have a lot of kits here already started..... It's on the line.... kkkkkkk
  4. More or less 200 km south of Frankfurt AM. There's a train museum too but I didn't visit
  5. It's a small town near french border. This museum is very good. https://www.flugausstellung.de
  6. I have a Buran 1/72..... Jesus... This one arrived yesterday..
  7. Few weeks after they arrived
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