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  1. Of course, you know that music has nothing to do with Copacabana in Rio.
  2. Thank you! You must see it in person!
  3. Hi fellows! Here some some photos and history of one of the best spots of Rio. Any question, please, feel yourselves to free to ask. https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forte_de_Copacabana This bust belongs to Lieutenant Siqueira Campos, one of the leaders of a revolt that took place in 1922. Of course, the revolt was crushed by the government, as there were only 18 men willing to rebel against the government. He and others were taken to a military court and he said in his defense: "To the Fatherland, everything must be given and nothing to ask for in return. Not even understanding." Workshop Fragment of a shell of the battleship São Paulo. The ship The ship opened fire against the fort in 1922 This nurse mannequin has the face of Major Elza Cansanção (1921-2009), one of the nurses of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in Italy. During the war, she became engaged to an American officer. Unfortunately, he was killed in action. She returned to Brazil and fought hard to increase the participation of women in the armed forces. She never married.
  4. This one it's a real new!
  5. https://www.cybermodeler.com/special/kit_release_sched.shtml
  6. Well, here the prices of everything got the sky!
  7. Leo

    Airfix Live

  8. Good morning fellows, greetings from Hell de Janeiro! It's 11 am now and the thermometer show 29º C. Some of you know I'm museulogist, so, I can't see a museum and the blood start to fever and I have to know, otherwise I can't sleep. Like a new kit, you know what I mean. So, few year ago I was in Visconde de Mauá, on the montains around of Rio when I saw a plate "Museu Duas Rodas"(Two Wheels Museum) There I knew the owner of the Museum, Mr. Robson. I hope you like the photos. If you want to see more photos, put on the Google Museu Duas Rodas - Visconde de Mauá. Enjoy! Mr. Robson
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