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  1. It isn't a M-16? The Royal Marines had the FAL as a standard rifle?
  2. "What hell I'doing here?"
  3. You guys find strange things I must say!
  4. I have a project for my retirement days. If I get there!
  5. To detailing this bird in 144 it's a job for the Ant Man!
  6. Almost a year ago, when I came back from Spain and Portugal, I had the awful sight to see the canopy of Mirage 1/32 broke when I got home. After a contact with the company, they said the piece was 5 Euros. I paid and until today, I didn't received the piece. I just send another mail. Let's wait....
  7. Morning mates, The Hercules is saying farewell to Brazilian Air Force. If some of you want to build one in 48, with complete interior, it will help you. https://www.aviacaoemfloripa.com.br/2022/12/fab-2461-despedida-de-um-icone.html
  8. Where is Johnny Quest?
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