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  1. It's easy. Go to the stash and pick one of the 2.456! That's that I do.
  2. Here we call "Black Fraud. Everything by half of the triple"
  3. Leo


    That's the general idea!
  4. Leo


    I've already crawled with a magnifying glass, and all the rest of it. I can do with a small piece of plastic but I wanted to go ahead with the assembly. It will delay the production line at LEO ENTERPRISES AND DIRTY BUSINESS CORPORATION. Nobody has ten feet of rope? Seven? Five and half?
  5. Leo


    Isn't lovely when you lost a piece what was already glued? Does anybody have 10 feet of rope? S*******!
  6. I flew this bird!
  7. Leo


    Gunship grey as base. I will take a "light black" overcoat
  8. Leo


    I like theese!
  9. Oh! What is "duffer"? My english is limited to "book on the table"
  10. Oh! I know. The idea is to spend more than one day in Bovington and Portsmouth. A friend of mine said to visit the Fleet Air Arm Museum too.
  11. Not yet. It's on my aim.....
  12. Hi mates! God Bless you all and enjoy your weekend! We have two museums of the Brazilian Navy here in Rio. The first one is more dedicated to the history of the Brazilian Navy( by the way the first admirals of the Navy were British, Lord Thomas Cochrane and John Taylor) The second is interesting for everybody but you have one on Submarine Museum in Portsmouth. I hope you enjoy and please, any question, do it. Cheers! Dreadnought Minas Gerais and one of her cannon breech
  13. Leo

    Devil's Trampoline

    As far as I know, Irineu Correa was the only one to die on the races. But sure it was dangerous. Today it will never happened. I hope!
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