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  1. Looking very nice Mike! looking forward to the next stage
  2. Thanks for the positive replies, ive just finished selling house, renting for a few months , buying and settling into another and have just today pulled the kit along with a few others under construction out and have been working on them, the Grognard has had seat done, intake remodelled and pesky seams revisited and now i am putting wiring at back of instrument panel and behind pilots area then i will close and seal cockpit so i can paint her, undercarriage is painted and is actually very nicely detailed, unlike most of the kit ! pics next !
  3. Geeze Define best kits ?? if you mean what kits one actually enjoyed and left a great impression on one ...well i was born in 1952 and began modelling around 1959, these are 'my' best as far i i can remember...... I began making balsa kits with my uncle...encouraged by him and my grandparents who thought it a great thing to do and they continued to encourage me in modelling until they eventually passed, i owe a great deal to them, anyway ..plastic hmmmm Airfix 1/72 R.E 8 loved it to bits and kept the bag header card for years , 1/600 Hood it had a family connection and i must have built at least five or six . oh and 1/600 Queen Elizabeth then ,Aurora space station and moon rocket, Airfix 1/72 B17 'Bit of Lace' i remember making the Airfix H.P.Hampden making the props spin by opening the quarter panel window in my uncles black Vanguard sedan i remember that day vividly, Revell Monogram 1/48 Avenger and Corsair the folding wings and undercarriage were amazing to me then, i remember Dad helping me one summer evening with a Monogram 1/48 Piper Tri Pacer and encouraging me to begin painting my models Later the Airfix Meteor F1 because i love Meteors Then i had a break whilst the Army, work and marriage slowed me down Then around 1979 Testors put out a 1/48 F18 and i built that along with a few Matchbox kits, 1/72 Privateer 1/32 Puma and i was back, scales were confusing when i rejoined the game Then in the late eighties early nineties ? i built 30 odd 1/72 Fujimi /Hasegawa F4's of all variants and drove the blokes at my local club nuts every month bringing another couple...poor sods Then i changed to 1/48 , found resin and limited run stuff the stash grew as did my need/greed ! Now i am swamped by avalanche's of extreme goodness and struggle to keep my lust under some sort of control Modern day i cant answer as i love it all Recently i bought from ebay... a few bagged Airfix kits for display in my study, pride of place is my Airfix RE8 Yep the ancient RE8 gets my heartfelt vote
  4. The fact i didnt say something equally rude in return is the real issue here ! to be truthful i have given up responding to numpties judging me on my stash , hmmmmm i actually was rude when i think back....i yawned in his face then turned my back on him and walked away Remember One cannot BUY happiness but one CAN buy model kits !! Cheers
  5. At a recent model club meeting one member said to me ' Norm you have bought way too much stuff in the last month' Opinions are like anuses......everyone has one !!!!
  6. Thanks for posting that i've been meaning to try it for quite some time, apart from the obvious airframe covering i reckon it has uses on the shiney bits on aircraft undercarriage legs and could be used in conjunction with various metal paint finishes Cheers !
  7. Nice build ! And i too want a 'C' model Bruce Roll on...
  8. Nicely built and finished Mish !
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