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  1. Norman

    WNW RE.8 (New Model for a New Year)

    Looking very nice Mike! looking forward to the next stage
  2. Norman

    Le Grognard 1/48 F.M Kit

    Thanks for the positive replies, ive just finished selling house, renting for a few months , buying and settling into another and have just today pulled the kit along with a few others under construction out and have been working on them, the Grognard has had seat done, intake remodelled and pesky seams revisited and now i am putting wiring at back of instrument panel and behind pilots area then i will close and seal cockpit so i can paint her, undercarriage is painted and is actually very nicely detailed, unlike most of the kit ! pics next !
  3. Norman

    Best kits to come out of the 60s, 70s and 80s

    Geeze Define best kits ?? if you mean what kits one actually enjoyed and left a great impression on one ...well i was born in 1952 and began modelling around 1959, these are 'my' best as far i i can remember...... I began making balsa kits with my uncle...encouraged by him and my grandparents who thought it a great thing to do and they continued to encourage me in modelling until they eventually passed, i owe a great deal to them, anyway ..plastic hmmmm Airfix 1/72 R.E 8 loved it to bits and kept the bag header card for years , 1/600 Hood it had a family connection and i must have built at least five or six . oh and 1/600 Queen Elizabeth then ,Aurora space station and moon rocket, Airfix 1/72 B17 'Bit of Lace' i remember making the Airfix H.P.Hampden making the props spin by opening the quarter panel window in my uncles black Vanguard sedan i remember that day vividly, Revell Monogram 1/48 Avenger and Corsair the folding wings and undercarriage were amazing to me then, i remember Dad helping me one summer evening with a Monogram 1/48 Piper Tri Pacer and encouraging me to begin painting my models Later the Airfix Meteor F1 because i love Meteors Then i had a break whilst the Army, work and marriage slowed me down Then around 1979 Testors put out a 1/48 F18 and i built that along with a few Matchbox kits, 1/72 Privateer 1/32 Puma and i was back, scales were confusing when i rejoined the game Then in the late eighties early nineties ? i built 30 odd 1/72 Fujimi /Hasegawa F4's of all variants and drove the blokes at my local club nuts every month bringing another couple...poor sods Then i changed to 1/48 , found resin and limited run stuff the stash grew as did my need/greed ! Now i am swamped by avalanche's of extreme goodness and struggle to keep my lust under some sort of control Modern day i cant answer as i love it all Recently i bought from ebay... a few bagged Airfix kits for display in my study, pride of place is my Airfix RE8 Yep the ancient RE8 gets my heartfelt vote
  4. The fact i didnt say something equally rude in return is the real issue here ! to be truthful i have given up responding to numpties judging me on my stash , hmmmmm i actually was rude when i think back....i yawned in his face then turned my back on him and walked away Remember One cannot BUY happiness but one CAN buy model kits !! Cheers
  5. At a recent model club meeting one member said to me ' Norm you have bought way too much stuff in the last month' Opinions are like anuses......everyone has one !!!!
  6. Norman

    T-28D Royal Thai Airforce 1/48 Roden

    Great job !
  7. Norman

    Foiling for Beginners

    Yep ...looks cool !
  8. Norman

    Foiling for Beginners

    Thanks for posting that i've been meaning to try it for quite some time, apart from the obvious airframe covering i reckon it has uses on the shiney bits on aircraft undercarriage legs and could be used in conjunction with various metal paint finishes Cheers !
  9. Norman

    F-4 Duo- Wildcat and Corsair

    Nice pair Seamus !
  10. Norman

    Monogram RF-101B Recon Voodoo 1/48

    Nice build ! And i too want a 'C' model Bruce Roll on...
  11. Norman

    1:144ish Star Wars Battle of Hoth Diorama

    That looks great Mish ! well done
  12. Norman

    HMS Javelin, April 1940

    Lovely !
  13. Norman

    Film Star Spitfire

    Very nice !
  14. Norman

    Dragon 1:35 M-51 Isherman

    Nicely built and finished Mish !
  15. Norman

    Harrier GR3 1/48th scale Kinetic/Monogram kit bash

    Looking really good Bill !