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  2. I have set up a beta page and after advice on copyright I am satisfied that we can duplicate a part if its made from resin and cast from a Master mould and not injection moulded. I have set uo a form on the our Web site http://topnotchmasks.com. this is a request form and will also me to collate and deal with what you want, rather than trying to troll through FB posts. the philosophy is simple if I can help at a reasonable price then its a solution for all of us. We will cast in clear resin for canopies and replicate other parts in what ever colour resin my Chief bottle washer deems appropriat
  3. Topnotch models and mask regular give away regular competitions Group Build where we are sponsored by Grex Airbrushes monthly discount coupons
  4. There are 3 prize sets up fro grans all you have to do to have a chance is join the group and share the link. We are trying to create awareness of our masks and spread the word
  5. Hi Despite search the net I can seem to find any reference to Rall's aircraft when he was Gruppenkommandeur III./JG 52. fron the few b&W picts I am even more confused by the fuselage Balkenkreuz. Was it Just a white (outer) cross or didi it have Black centre (with or without the back outline? Does anyone have any information or references Thanks
  6. SeanM

    2017 NEW

    The following has been added to our range and is available 109F2/4 Part 1 109F2/4 Part 2 109G WNF 109G MTT 109G Erla ME262 Early ME262 Late ME 262 Nighfighter 1/32 with modelling and markings (Limited Edition) P40C Early RAF P40E-N Stuka JU87B/R-G Typhoon (for both Bubble top and Car door) Please visit our shop. Alternatively we hop Hannants will add to the existing range
  7. Hi Despite search the net I can seem to find any reference to Rall's aircraft when he was Gruppenkommandeur III./JG 52. fron the few b&W picts I think he was flying WNF which in theory (Can of WORMS) should mean that the G6 per factory would have still had a splintered sqaure shape on the right wing. Does anyone have any information or references Thanks
  8. SeanM

    III/52 1/48

    Thanks for looking Jock
  9. SeanM

    III/52 1/48

    Hi Guys. I am trying to complete Gunther Rall's 109G-6 and in 1/48 noticed that the sheet does not have any squadron markings for III/52 can anyoine help?
  10. SeanM

    Spit Mk.XII

    Nice build. small point. From Vb on there was no antenae wire to the tail. I stand to be corrected
  11. I am trying to approximate the dimensions in 1.32 of the undercarige lever. I have seen the enginering schetch elsewhere and while it is of some help there are no dimensions. Does anyone have any idea as to what would be the measuments. It does not have to be exact, just look right in 1/32.
  12. SeanM

    Stash cull

    Japanese - mmh looking for a Claude 1/48
  13. See us at the Southern expo show for all yor Grex needs We will have airbrush demos during the show and you can try out the TG3 or the XGi3. We will also have a selection of needles and nozzle kits. The following items will be avaiable: I appologise for the error the XG series was listed at £115 whhich was a typo on my part. Before anyone says I have to sell it at the original listed price please dont.... Tritanium TG3 .3mm Show Price £165 normal price £175 XGi .3mm Show Price £135 normal price £145 TSi .3mm Show Price £165 normal price £175 XSi .3mm Show
  14. Tools Optivisor 3.5X $39.00 £49.95 Swann-Morton No 3 $2.69 £2.99 Blade 10A (box 100) $12.32 £9.74 Swann Morton Blade Remover Unit Box $4.00 £3.95 TAMIYA Tools Modellers Side Cutter 74093 $16.99 £13.52 Beadalon Nipper Tool $7.90 £7.79 Needle file set $6.00 £4.75 A3 Self healing Cutting Mat
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