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  1. Very nice K9998 was a bit of an anomaly and I have had the pleasure of talking to the man himself (he lives just up the road from me) about its configuration. I won't go into details here as it will seem that I am trying take something away from this excellent build. Rather I will post my journey building my second model of this aircraft, now that I know more about it, when I can get around to doing the necessary scratch building. My first resides in the Mullion heritage centre but will be replaced with the next one. No pictures I am away from the office. First Light is an excellent read and can be picked up in Mullion post office, signed by the man himself
  2. Hi Nils, Great stuff If this turns out to be what I think it is it will be very desirable to other modellers and so it would be an ideal item to offer to the general modelling public, probably through Alex Glass at Uschi van der Rosten who I cut quite a number of masks for So, because of that, I certainly couldn't charge you for them. The only decals that I do use, and that is under duress, are for the likes of stencil data! So thanks for the offer but I'm cool Now just having said the above it strikes me that you might want to offer these as masks? Or are you, as a decal manufacturer, loath to sell masks? Mal
  3. Hi Nils, If you have drawn the required graphics then I could, possibly, cut the masks for you. I say possibly because every time that I have been sent files I have had to adjust them to be able to cut them, those drawn to produce decals from are the worst! Basically the cutting software will see all lines, so if you have drawn the shapes by overlapping rectangles then, when cut, all the separate rectangles will be cut. So each of the lines need to be a single entity, start to finish. The best thing is to send me the file so that I can take a look and, as this is something that I could definitely use I would do it for just the postage? But I do need to check it out first. Message me for my email address
  4. Hi Jens, I found an old, very old! clear decal sheet and, with some trepidation, lowered my cut pressure to 15gms and did a test cut (the problem is cutting through the backing sheet and that will damage the cutting strip which is something that I have never done in 10 years ) I gradually upped the pressure by 10, then by 5 gms, doing a test cut each time and when I gout to 50gms there was a very slight indent of the test cut pattern showing on the reverse side of the decal backing sheet. So I stopped there and the cut looked good, I just need to know if the decal film had actually been cut through. It is very much thinner than the normal vinyl masking material which is only 80 microns thick and I couldn't lift the cut decal piece off the decal paper, it had to be soaked in water, so that was the next step. I can report that yes I can cut decal film In fact every cut was free of the main sheet. So to move forward with this I would first of all need a a vector file? We can then talk about what would need to happen next?
  5. Yep back and front decals would be the way to go I haven't had chance to look to see if I have some single coloured decal sheets, I did have so I just need to find them, I'll have a look now and report back
  6. Hi Jens, Interesting, as decals come on a backing sheet then, in theory, I should be able to cut it. I don't know what will happen when/if I do cut it and the only way is to try it. If I have some single colour decal sheets I could give it a go but, as I don't use decals I may not have any left! I will see if it can be done though and get back to you The problem may be the actual shape of the blades but, from what you are saying the actual shape isn't an issue, so I will need some idea of the size required; I'm guessing that you are thinking of wrapping them around the blade? Separate strips might be the way to go though? G'Day Bruce (I do love saying that ) Yes I remember this I hope that you had fun doing it? Your C-47 looks very good. I am in the process of building the Airfix 1/72 scale kit and I hope that it turns out as good as this
  7. Mmmmm, interesting I'm not sure how that might benefit anyone if I could? What are you thinking?
  8. A few of the necessary decals applied, a gloss coat applied and a green/brown wash applied.
  9. Although I am changing the way that I do things, see my Mal Mayfield Face Book page: https://www.facebook.com/mal.mayfield its nice to have this to let more modellers into the secrets of using paint masks. Also see my Miracle Masks Face Book page: https://www.facebook.com/miraclemasks/
  10. Things have moved on a bit but finding time to even photograph models, let alone do any modelling is limited, at the moment! I will try and get some pictures up soon
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