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  1. ExNurseGaz


    Only just seen this! That'll teach me to look past the "Chat" fora! Can I join in with a Eurofighter Typhoon? Now, I know, it's not a cat, but the particular Typhoon kit I have is Revell's 1/144 (braille scale) "Bronze Tiger" boxing, so it is a Tiger! Can I? Can I? Please? If you don't I'll build it anyway . . .
  2. 70% of all Land Rovers ever produced are still on the road. The rest have (eventually) arrived at their destination! I really like the model, now I know it's a 2.6, I'll have to have one! Here's mine, circa 1991 with eldest sproggette in situ: I have to assume the Landy is no longer around, it hasn't been taxed or MOT'd since 1998. I unfortunately had to get rid after a year. On a Student Nurse's salary, the beast's thirst was unsustainable- 12mpg(!) in commuting traffic, and around 22 in overdrive on a 55mph motorway trundle. But she had a glorious six-pot burble . .
  3. Try Daco Products https://dacoproducts.com/. Their Astra decals range has a superb multi-sheet set for German F-104s that has those styles, and is available in all the major scales from 1/144 to 1/32! And I'd second HaHen . . .
  4. Back in the day (late 1960s) I had eclectic modelling tastes, and built a much wider range of subjects than now. The Monogram 1/24(25?) hot rod car kits were elusive objects of desire, and I never got past Airfix & Revell kits available locally, and my dream kits would have been Airfix's 1/24 "James Bond" Aston Martin, and 1/72 B-29 and then I left home for University in Aberdeen, and discovered Tamiya! During my first uni term I got and built Tamiya's 1/12 Ferrari 312F1 car, and their 1/35 Jagdpanther. Along with getting myself a seriously cool new wardrobe (Emerald Green
  5. And within minutes, I found 2 videos on YouTube, one showing a Warbird Corsair in Honduran markings, the other of FAH609 herself following restoration (to flight status?) by the Honduran air museum that's housed her for over 30 years! I now have an idea of the wing markings, but the 2 videos show different blues for the markings! So now I'm a little less confused, but if anyone has the info I'd still be grateful.
  6. For a group build elsewhere on the theme of "Warzone 1950-2023" I'd like to build a Honduran F4U-5N that took part in the 1969 100 Hours War (aka Soccer War) between el Salvador and Honduras. I've got my kit (the old FROG Corsair IV- close enough!) and my decal set (Aztec Decals 72-066: 100 Hours war fighters) has arrived in the post this morning, but lacks the actual data I need. But while I've generally sussed out the colour scheme for the kite I want to represent (FAH609), some important information eludes me. Maybe someone can help. I can't find a photo or drawing showing th
  7. Just a couple of aeroplane pix. Not the best I've taken, but decent subjects. This landed on the local cricket ground (just across the road from my flat) after a RTA on our street. This one was taken surreptitiously out of a hangar door at the BBMF some years ago. I just like the photo and wanted to share . . .
  8. Because (1) the war-prize idea appealed more to me, (2) Junkers and BMW were still in the core Nazi reich with captured engines being reverse-engineered into R-R jets and (3) British centrifugal flow engines wouldn't fit into the (reversed) Me262 nacelles I used!
  9. This! Designed and built in 2012 . . . This was a development of an earlier Whiff called the De Havilland Dagenham (2 stops past Barking!), now totally lost. Its bckstory was that, just as bombing of Supermarine's Eastleigh factory put paid to their heavy bomber, what if Avro's, Handley-Page's and Vickers suffered the same fate? Enter De Havilland with a proposal for an emergency heavy bomber, basically a twin Mossie powered by 3 Merlins. It was built for a GB elsewhere, but all the photos of it were lost in the great Photobucket fiasco, and the model itself is
  10. Definitely getting there . . .
  11. This is starting a just the right time for me! I'm about to begin work on the Airfix Skyhawk, but don't fancy either of the kit options. The idea of a RN Skyhawk occurred to me . . . Here is a reason to build one!
  12. I need to remember this! I call myself a careless and impatient kit assembler (rather than a modeller!) The Airfix Lanc Mk.II on my bench is just coming to completion, and it's horrible! Rushed ('cos I'm careless and impatient!) and with a terrible finish, due to messing up the use of KristalKlear after painting for the fuselage windows (a great idea that didn't work, because I'm careless and impatient!) and because I rush my decalling and final matt varnish. And then SWMBO walks into the ManCave, sees it and says "That's nice . . ." But I know it's not . . .
  13. I'd consider the Airfix 1/48 Tiger Moth for the "Civil Affair". Both the kit's decal options are for civilian aircraft masquerading as military ones, like G-ANKT finished as K2585, flying from the Shuttleworth Collection, or G-ANMO playing K4259 at Headcorn Aerodrome. Would this be allowed, or will I have to build my Ryanair B737?
  14. This is definitely progressing- I'm enjoying the build and it appears I'm actually not making a horrible mess of the kit (Part of that is probably down to making the colour scheme up as I go along!) Perhaps I should build more cars. Airfix's colour suggestions have been followed as far as the interior is concerned. I finally decided on a plain British Racing Green finish with no commercial sponsorship decals. The expense of running a racer like this makes that scenario very unlikely, but let's just assume that a British billionaire (say, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, maybe) wants a h
  15. And with a little more assembly, we have a rolling chassis! Next, bodywork . . .
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