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  1. I found the decals! I went to open the window of my mancave for some ventilation, and there, hidden behind the curtain, was a sealed plastic baggie taped to the window. Inside were this kit's decals. There's no yellowing now . . .
  2. Yup! The 1/72 version. The Argentine Air Force (it just causes confusion if you say FAA!) serial numbers provided will allow completion of any of those listed, but you'd run out of number decals before doing all of them!
  3. 1/72 Pioneer2 Mirage IIIEA I-019 was the first Argentine Mirage lost in the Falklands War, when it crashed into the sea in flames after being hit by Argentinian AAA fire when attempting a landing at Port Stanley, following combat with Sea Harriers which left it without enough fuel to return to the Argentine mainland. Pilot Capitano Gustavo Garcia Cuerva was lost with his plane. I'm not showing the underside- it's a total mess. The model is shown in the "Alpha" (clean) configuration without tanks or missiles, as Capitano Cuerva is known to have jetti
  4. Thanks, Gents! This model has been beset by disasters (mostly of my own making!) all through its construction, and in spite of its many defects and the complete hash I've made of it, I'm calling it done! Here is a pic: More in the gallery if you can stomach them . . .
  5. Repaint completed, and a rethink of the finished model, too. After careful reading of the Aztec Decals instructions, which claim to include interviews with Falklands/Malvinas veterans in their research, I have decided to model I-109, the first Argentinian aircraft lost in the conflict, which was destroyed on May 1st 1982 in a "friendly fire"(there's no such thing!) incident over Port Stanley as the pilot, Capitano Gustavo Garcia Cuerva, was attempting a landing at Stanley airport. Capitano Cuerva was killed when the aircraft fell into the sea. His body was never recovered.
  6. Further study of the Aztec Decals instruction sheet reveals that although Pioneer got the pattern close enough, their colour callouts are simply fiction! Aztec specify FS24079,FS24102, FS20219, with a caveat that the colours may not conform to FS595a anyway, due to Jimmy Carter's administration embargoing military supplies to Argentina because of the "Dirty war". Repaint of all the green topside areas will be needed . . . Not sure this model's worth it, maybe I'll buy some knitting needles 🤣 . . .
  7. I've been away for a few days to my son's grandmother-in-law's caravan on Anglesey. In my absence, the decal sheet for this has arrived, and the cat is now well and truly among the pigeons! Pioneer2's camo scheme for the Mirage turns out to be somewhat "simplified" in that they prescribe one Dark Green (FS34102) and Tan (FS30219) for the upper surfaces. The paint scheme on the Aztec Decals sheet says 2 greens and tan! Repaint pending . . . Luckily Pioneer got the pattern (roughly) right, so it just (Ha!) needs some of the green areas re-colouring . . .
  8. I take it you mean this one: Visited in June this year. It's difficult to find the village, there are only a couple of direction signs on nearby roads that mention it, apparently the local council took down the signs announcing the village name because tourists kept stealing them . . . The only place you see the name now is on souvenirs. The name is from Old Norse, and in English place names is usually rendered as "-thwaite". If you think that's a rude place name, there's a village in Austria that's much worse . . .https://www.youtube.com › watch?v=-AZbO2rcbX8
  9. Thank you for the offer, but I've done exactly the same for this one!
  10. . . . And now I find that I appear to have mislaid the decal sheet! I cut the Dagger decals off it, and put the Mirage part of the sheet in a safe place for when it was needed . . . My first thought was to use the Argentinian markings from my Airfix A-4 Skyhawk, but the Argentine Navy doesn't use the same national markings as their air force . . . it'll get sorted!
  11. OK, folks, she's (mostly) painted, gloss-coated, and ready for decals! >>>including the broken-off pitot tube . . .
  12. This! Seems nicely moulded with crisp detail. 4 decal options (RASC NW Europe 1944, North Africa 1940, Alexandria (Egypt)1942, and ATS Home Front 1944). The Alexandria option is fairly obviously intended to represent "Katy" from Ice Cold in Alex, and the Home Front is (allegedly) the ATS truck driven by HM the Queen during her service in WW2. My first will be "Katy". I hope some enterprising manufacturer produces a set of crew figures resembling Harry Andrews, John Mills, Sylvia Syms and Anthony Quayle!
  13. From the RAF Museum: About Guillermo Posadas: Major of the Argentine Air Force Guillermo Posadas was born in Buenos Aires in 1945. During his career Guillermo was a Technical Officer, specialist in Jet and Turboshaft’s engines, Helicopters, and combat aircraft; and a Flight Engineer of helicopters and airplanes, including the Mirage 5 “Dagger”. In 1978 Guillermo attended the Dagger airplane course in Israel and, in 1980, he was Commissioned to Israel for the purpose of receiving a new series of 13 Mirage 5 “Dagger” aircraft. In 1982, during the South A
  14. /\ /\ /\ Wot 'e sed! Some great work here- really showing me up as a careless & impatient kit assembler . . .
  15. Thank you for the offer. I always forget (only remembered it now!) that a leading model railway shop is 2 miles down the road from me. I probably don't think of it because they ONLY do model rail. I don't know what paint they stock (their website is not at all helpful) but I'll give them a try before imposing on anyone's generosity . . .
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