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  1. Sorted! Teach me to cancel a paid subscription to HobbyPhotoHost! I don't know what's caused the pix to appear as "thumbnails", but if you click on them, they open at a decent size . . .
  2. Ooh, I do like that. There may be some more USMCHarriers on my bench in future . . .
  3. After painting some parts on the sprue as usual, I've made a start on this! It's the first Hasegawa kit I've built for many years, so here are some first impressions: Not a lot of interior detail, I'd expected more. A surprising amount of flash, and the hard, shiny plastic. The fuselage is closed up, and I think some exterior painting is next, or I'll never get decent coverage beneath those anhedralled wings . . .
  4. I said I was in, and here I am! I did say I was in with "some sort of torpedo bomber", but I actually built the only torpedo bomber in my stash for a GB elsewhere last month (!), hence a change of direction. I'll be building this: The maritime connection is the user, the US Marine Corps. It'll be an OOB build in the kit USMC option of a kite from VMA-542 "Tigers". The kit's other possibility is a machine of No.1 Sqn, RAF, so not really maritime . . .
  5. Great idea for a GB, the ideal build would be a "what-if" Hunter derivative (that wasn't built!) in service with RAF Germany . . . Ticks all Mike's modelling boxes!
  6. I recently discovered Vallejo Matt Acrylic Varnish (No. 26.518), it gives a nice smooth finish. I'd been using the Vallejo "100% Acrylic Resin" Matt Varnish (No. 70.520) but was never really happy with it- too prone to brush marks, even well thinned, and with multiple coats. Another vote for Winsor & Newton Galeria vernish as well . . .
  7. According to XE.com (other currency converters are available) £1 GBP = 152.6 Yen . . .
  8. I believe that there are certain components (I don't know what they are! Maybe someone involved in full-size restoration work can tell us) from an original airframe that must be incorporated into a rebuild for the result to be regarded as a restoration. If these parts from the original 'plane are used in an otherwise "new-build" kite, it is a restoration. If not, it is a replica (and by implication, worth much, much less . . .)
  9. Ooh, I like that! Very well done. Didn't know this kit existed- not my scale, not my subject, but now I want one!
  10. Would a STuG III or IV (my all-time favourite target AFV) be eligible for this? If so, count me in! Oh, count me in anyway, I'll find something to build at Telford . . .
  11. Yes, thanks . . . Count me in with some sort of torpedo bomber . . .
  12. Maritime, eh? I'd be up for that. I do love a good naval fighter. Would a land-based torpedo-bomber count? There's a SMER 1/48 Sparviero in my stash, and the kit's reputation scares me so much that I need an excuse to build attempt it!
  13. Come on, Paul, it's a space submarine! It's never, ever going to make sense! I love it . . .
  14. And I thought I was prolific at 23 and counting . . . Great work, Chris. I have the Airfix Club edition of this in my stash. Good to hear it's nice to build . . .
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