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  1. It’s a superb model Richard, of a really fascinating subject. I was finally able to watch @Jessie_C’s video (thank you for sharing it Jessie). What an amazing machine. For the things that they built, that they could only build because of this helicopter; I hope that they have something equivalent with which to maintain them? Bit of a problem if none of these left and a big important tower needs maintenance. “High vibration at low speed; is also very often most used speed for this machine; solution for crew; put up with it and make like wobbly jelly. Is fine 👍.” Little know fact is most defect to West; work for evil corporation Broadcasting in 1970’s on wobbly propaganda cartoon: ’Roobarb and Custard’ Due to unique permanent induced wobbliness, much valued by West” Well done, an enjoyable build and a real learning experience 👍👍😊 A 🥶
  2. I really get puzzled. Often. The Airfix Kittyhawk was the origin of my love of; building model Kittyhawks. Big rivets. The Heller is far better there. The Heller has undercarriage that needs to be up, or replaced. The Airfix more or less builds itself. Both can be be made into nice models. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. It feels like years ago. It was around one week prior to Covid-19 lockdown mayhem. I still hadn’t managed to wreck my marriage or some parts of what was left of my sanity yet. Life was almost fairly normal. There was no isolation yet and it was the best birthday in years. 🎈🧁 😊 . I received this as part of this years birthday present from @RWG686. A kind attempt to get me to make something. Anything. To break probably 15 years of not completing a thing. Also to try to defeat a severe lack of mojo. All mojo. I’m going to start it, here. @Dr Loopy has helped with Mojo as have many others with kind messages and kick up the derrière messages. Also a very good chap from another modelling type place has helped a lot. A WIP will commence. I know; it’s tiny and very unimpressive. However, hopefully it’s a start and a finish. 👍 A
  4. As a child. In fact, I was a child, I wasn’t method acting, it was the real thing. My grandmother had a book. A very useful, pre wartime (WWII) book. Long before ‘Blue Peter’ were demonstrating, to their audience of mainly upper middle class, privileged children, (the types that had two Mamod steam engines and three butlers); how poor, doomed, children, with unsavoury accents and worms; made toys out of washing up liquid bottles, rotten vegetables and used dressings: There was: the ‘book’. One day, after having had my head shaved and dyed blue again, I found the ‘book’. ’How to make toys out of household items’ or something similar 🧹 🕯 📦 🔨 🛳 🐒 One of the best toys in it was the ; ‘Cotton bobbin crawling tank’ 🧵. This required: A wooden cotton bobbin. Something with which to cut notches into the protruding sides of the cotton bobbin, to make a ‘tread’. A wall tack. A slice of candle. A matchstick. The result was, really, very good indeed. A few of these could give a lot of pleasure. More pleasure than other things we did at the time, like play with fishing maggots and garden worms. Quite a bit more. Every time I look at Gorby’s whopper now, I can’t help it. I have an incredible desire to get out a drill, source a lollipop stick and take a slice of candle, get a decent elastic band and a wall tack, modify, and watch it slowly move along. Inexorably. Indefatigably. Like those cotton bobbin tanks of yore. How long has isolation been again? Liquorice. Yum 🤤. Salted liquorice is good. Don’t take my idea on board Gorby, but, I do strongly recommend making a cotton bobbin tank. They must not be forgotten. A 🥶
  5. PS. I think old Willy’s last successful solo production design was this: Somewhere I have a resin kit of one with, literally, about five pieces in it. Then his last solo ‘not taken to production model’ flying thing design was this; A kit or two exist of it but they’re a little beyond my weekly pocket money allowance. A shame as it’s definitely ‘up my street’. A prototype thing from a fascinating era, that wouldn’t look out of place being driven by female dolls (they were, they were dolls), from ‘Cloudbase’ in Captain Scarlet. Nearly every box ticked, right there However, not his last flying thing and not a wobbychopter, so I’ll go and sit on the naughty step and have a good think about what I’ve done now 😞. A 🥶
  6. It’s good to see you making this one Richard. I had been interested in how the kit goes together. It looks like; very well? Very nice work, comfortable looking cockpit there How well do the the transparencies fit? One of the boxings includes a set of transfers for one in Spanish markings, therefore, I feel one of these creeping onto the ‘possibly to build’ list. Meanwhile, many others to start, and finish, first. Keep up the momentum, good stuff. A 🥶
  7. Hello all, I hope that you had a tolerably nice weekend; whatever level of isolation you experienced. These are not kits that I received recently. They are intended as my Christmas present for 2020 and Birthday present for 2021. They were given to me by that rather wonderful chap that lives in this area, is brave enough to buy Mach 2 helicopters and, like me, relishes the challenge of an Amodel kit: This was some weeks/months ago. Good health and I don’t meet in the same place, at the same time, very often, at the moment. Therefore I must apologise to Richard for how slow I have been in posting these and a thank you. Thank you 😊. I also received a nice selection of tiny MiGs, but my photo host keeps letting me down. After this post, I will be trying ‘Village Photos’. Also when I first arrived in this fair neck of the woods; or more accurately, fresh and very beautiful part of the world; two helicopters including this one; For which I have slowly but determinedly researched and purchased some Polish transfers and paint; a Hataka set that I hope will be ok 🙏. Coming soon, here, as I promised Dr. Loopy I would build something *new and fresh * (hint, hint) if he did: one of those tiny MiGs. One that is almost white. A request that I have already run by the Laird and others; If anyone has a MiG 9 Fargo jet, Yak 15, 17, 19, 21, 23: The earliest Sukhoi Su-9 (it looks like an Me 262) or similar early Warsaw Pact/Soviet jets (La-15 series? La-200?)); Please let me know. Resin, vac form, part kit, started, Shelf of Doom, anything. I have a little secret project on the go. Best regards and to your good health A 🥶
  8. It will be fine Mr. Laird. I have made a Hit-Kit Potez 25 and it was far worse. They are more like ‘Hit and Miss’; early in the run; nice, cleanly moulded. Lovely. Later? Crumbly plastic. Miscast. Flash. A sea of flash. Burnt plastic. Warped plastic. Some parts completely unusable apart from, if we’re lucky, a template from which to scratch built a replacement. All you need are very, very fine razor saws. Remember when I was obsessing about them before Christmas? Asking in every model shop? It’s because I build lots of short run kits like this. Almost exclusively short run kits like this. It’s part of the fun. They’re better value for money. It takes more time, care, mindfulness and patience to just take the parts off and clean them up, than it does to complete some Tamigawa. I love the latter; don’t misunderstand me there; for a mainstream subject, if I can afford it, it’s where I go. However, if it’s a little known Soviet Arctic region transport, an early French prototype like a Triton or Coleoptere; more recently, a 1/72 VC 10, or until Special Hobby did a (rather limited) range, Potez 25, it’s Amodel, Mach and/or Hit-Kit. Maquette have made some, as have Special Hobby in the early days. The Maquette/Ark/Whatever it’s sold by today (Zvezda?) Soviet DB-3/Il-4 simply gives shapes. Clues. After maybe two evenings of separation from runner and clean up. The Injection moulded equivalent of an early vac-form. Its just a matter of the right tools, great patience. Using E.g. tiny pieces of soft Kabuki tape to write the number of the component on (create numbers yourself in both instruction sheet and for part, if the manufacturer hasn’t), practising with different clues on bits of runner. I have had Hit-Kit and others literally crumble as I handle them, or melt upon gluing. There are ways of strengthening them, counteracting the brittle plastic, and of making sure the plastic doesn’t melt; by experimenting with unused runner. Great value for money. It’s like buying a 4000 piece jigsaw puzzle of something very rare, rather than a three piece jigsaw of a Spit... Cough, Of something everyone has. Enjoy! 😊 🚁 The ‘Chess’ equivalent of a model kit. Thinking in advance pays huge dividends. PS: Transparencies: take a mould. Get an old cigar box. Drill holes in the top. Tape it up. Bit more fettling involving a tube and some candles. Make your own vac moulding box. Mould your own canopies. Making a little vac moulding box like that isn’t much more than an afternoons work 👍😊 Numbers 2 and 4 above (is it me or does 4 look like a cartoon spaceship 🛸 🤔. Don’t apply *any* pressure or they will bend. Let them do the cutting for you. The music/radio play and tea/coffee/soft drink of your choice will help. A
  9. I once had a Triumph Spitfire. It all ended very badly. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Yes, me too. Nice kit. Builds itself. The photo etch set doesn’t all have to be used; plenty of marking options. Bit of a 112 squadron fan myself. 👍
  11. I agree with @Grunhertz on the clean slate. None of the broken/part/finished stuff is good for the mind. It will always be unsatisfactory in some way shape or form; plus it’s very hard to have fun with such shelf of doom stuff. Yes, put in a box, tape it up and get a nice big lump ha.. Oops. Hasegawa P40e is a nice kit. The Academy is too. Don’t really understand why either get the flak that they do; They build up into very clean, pleasant looking models. A certain Laird of Strathclyde on here provided me with a Hobbyboss Mig 15 some time ago. It has about two parts and looks the part. I’m working up to it. You could always buy any Hobbyboss kit from that range. They’re ok. Build, Paint. Stand back. Enjoy . Get box of old kits, get lump ha.. Oops, I did it again 😉 If you start one; I promise that I will 👍. Good luck with whatever you choose 😊 A
  12. It’s a completely ridiculous way to control demand. Basic economics would suggest that if demand outstrips supply, prices go up. We see that with rare...everything. However, in this case, it appears to be demand outpacing the ability of the business to supply. That they do have the products in stock. That ‘supply’ exists. That staffing levels aren’t adequate. That’s different. Given that they can therefore sell more products, increase turnover and hence make more profit.. I’m sorry for suggesting something really radical here but: It looks like taking on a temporary extra member of staff or two would: 1: Create a job, hence be ‘A good thing’. 2: The job would enable even greater order fulfilment speed and turnover, also having the effect of increasing orders from emodels to manufacturers, hence increasing profits there and maybe creating a new job or two. 3: Through more kits sold, increase demand for accessories, paint, aftermarket, masking sets, tools and so on, hence creating profits and maybe more jobs or more stable jobs there. 4: Not make those of us with an ounce of social conscience remember this horrible little tactic, for good. A tactic employed at a time when much of our hobby was teetering, when profits for smaller concerns were minuscule, yet when a pandemic turned people to our hobby to keep their spirits up. To give them a bit of fun and relaxation and enjoy a bit of creativity. Their reward for turning to the hobby? To be insulted. It’s not very ‘British pulling together in a time of crisis’ is it? Its; “The country is in crisis, you customers can save our hobby and business, so rather than use that as something positive; we’re going to tell you that we’re only accepting orders from those foolish enough to be ripped off, even though unemployment is increasing and every one of your pennies count. Happy to help 👍”. Nope. No orders from me. Ever. Memory of an elephant (nearly the shape), when it comes to people exploiting others during a crisis. A
  13. That looks superb. I’m wondering if this is the kind of ambulance Hemingway would have driven 🤔? If so, one of these is going on the list for Santa 🎅. Nice work from home 😉 A
  14. 😯 Did you finish them all?
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