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  1. Superb photographs, thank you for sharing. Is the last one a Lisunov? Hungarian markings? Very nice indeed 😊 πŸ‘
  2. Hello all This looks like a great resource; for those of us interested in making models of aircraft that feature in movies. I was looking for β€˜The English Patient’; one of my favourites. It is spot on with decent photographs. http://impdb.org/index.php?title=The_English_Patient Looks like they need a bit of support to maintain the site; might be worth visiting them and sending a pound or two. Little sites like this are dwindling on the internet; need to look after them All the best Anthony / TonyT
  3. Thank you Paul, that is a lovely little model. Appears to b sold out...will research, however, Combrig looks good. I would like a Dreadnought to make a ship that participated in the Spanish Civil war. Revell make a Dreadnought, but I will need to check scale, price and which is most suitable for the Spanish one. Mars first. Thanks again Paul and @phoenix54Paul too. This is exciting now Anthony
  4. Hello all, Thus, as many may or may not know; Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are having difficulties again. That would be oneself and his darling Cleopatra; the name I cannot reveal here, but she is Desirable, looks a little like Kate Bush when her hair is dark, and, for that matter, Liz of the large diamond and; is without doubt, the most difficult but gorgeous lady this Mr. Burton, driven once again to drink and Poetry, has ever met. Ahem @Dr Loopy... My modelling interests have changed. The preference in all things aviation; Trainers, civvies, prototypes. Nowt wot k
  5. My apologies for the immense time lag in catching up with your thread @Dr Loopy. I may have missed something, but where are the Ducks??? Your ducks are each a work of art. Please share. I too have gone rather to the seas See question on HMS Mars... A πŸ₯Ά
  6. Hunting for the scale trombone, count me in with the MB and a bit of scratch πŸ‘
  7. That would be very kind. Thank you. Been looking for the Vac Form. It’s good. Dujin did a resin Swallow. Two if I remember . One rotary and one in line engine. They really are elegant kites.. please let me know if you spot one for sale πŸ‘πŸ‘
  8. It’s luverly. Looking forward to your another one thinks . Civil is good...
  9. Thank you. It’s best to try. There are elves here that will bite my ankles if I don’t 😁 Does this count as civil? Used in a race ... Apologies for over exposure, not got my spectacles to hand πŸ€“ Nice? Innit?
  10. Have so many civil planes. Are record breakers ok; like aviatrix 30’s Golden Age. Friend creates beauties at Dekno Models. Albert. Lovely man, artisan. Leopard Moth? A few GB’s clise together? Would like to do Mercedes car and this and another GB too 😁! Too many at once. Advice on spacing out please people. Happy Friday 😊
  11. Very nice work indeed and a lovely model you have made there. Been looking for this kit for some time. Very nice πŸ‘
  12. I’ll girdle around me trussocks and sees if any rockets pop out πŸ’₯ 😲... Redember. Clunk, Click every Finger of Fudge 🀀
  13. There’s a Lagg 3 slightly started, waiting for winter whit hwash, somewhere in me drawers 🩲 πŸ€” πŸ˜ƒ ?
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