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  1. I was fortunate enough to get a Rareplanes vac form overseas, in a charity shop (so good when kits appear in charity shops 😊), for the equivalent of around £2.50. It looks good and does have an interior. However, even though I love vac forms, when Amodel released this I bought it. Maybe a bit ott given lack of display space, but I wanted to build one of them with the green trim style (admiral’s barge?) scheme, and one NZ. The Vac form has an interior, but Richard has put a nice interior together so quickly here; that it looks hard to figure out which is best; Rareplanes or Amodel. 🤔 Watching with a lot of interest. 👍 A 🥶
  2. This one has made me think seriously about selling my old Frog kit. The Frog one looks ‘right’ in the bag (not Box), but the moulded in pilots heads: if this goes together so nicely so quickly... Yet I love the nostalgia of Frog too 🤷🏻‍♂️ I love the description ‘Pregnant’ Gannet 😂 👶.
  3. It looks great and the canopy *does* look good. Shame about that one decal on the wing but it will be neat as one to hang from the ceiling. Happy to see a little love for rivets; beat trenches any day 👍 A
  4. Very nice indeed. Six days! I don’t think they’re ugly. Full of character. Great stuff and it sounds like a nice kit to build 👍 A
  5. Im thinking that this might be a bad time to suggest; Consider a very fine spray of the varnish of your choice on the transfer sheet? Then cut around each individual transfer piece before wetting/sliding on. There is a product made for this porpoise by, as far as I remember, the Micro Sol people, but I’ve had success with a fine mist layer of e.g. Windsor and Newton on old Soviet Frog decals on a Maryland. They were still a dodgy colour, but didn’t fragment into many pieces as the first one had. Same with an old Airfix Mig 15 and most early Roden I tried. Maybe a can aerosol if you don’t airbrush? Good luck; it’s an attractive model and worth finishing. Arctica 🥶
  6. At which point the question is answered! Carry on! Nearly there! 👍👍
  7. I like Arados. I won’t tell anyone, honest 📸 👀 👍.
  8. Just a little bit of a story to mine. One night as a child I saw the original film Version of ‘Flight Of The Phoenix’. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Flight_of_the_Phoenix_(1965_film) I was already making around one model every week or two; just small Airfix or Matchbox, Frog were a treat as was an Airfix above their ‘Series 2’ range. I was fascinated by this film of a disparate group of people stuck in the desert, using the remains of one aircraft to build another, to escape to safety. Building an improvised 1:1 from their 1:1 spares box. Years later, in fact four decades later; I really wanted to make a model of the aircraft from the film. A Fairchild C-82 Packet. Italeri and some others made the C-119 Boxcar. People told me that it wasn’t a difficult conversion to turn this into a C-82, but the Italeri kit is not one I wanted to make a mess of. I still haven’t done much scratch-building or modification and don’t trust myself with such a nice kit. Going off on a tangent; the original Matchbox Meteor NF-12 and a very old Polish PZL Iskra (Spark) were probably the only kits I had modified much; in both cases the fuselage just didn’t have the right ‘look’ to me. All modified by eye. Filler, fillets, sawing, glue, sanding. Both under £3. Then I saw the Anigrand 1/72 Fairchild C-82 Packet. It cost a packet too. With postage, probably over £100. I haven’t assembled it yet. Interior detail is sparse and I would like to put a little in. Also, I have not been successful in finding good photographs or film stills to aid me in reproducing the movie version colour scheme, or put together some home made transfers. I don’t even know if it is an accurate kit, but it looks close enough for me. Any help with colour scheme or marking advice, as always, very gratefully received. I do hope to build it soon along with another movie/TV tie in, set in the desert scene from the Twilight Zone episode “King Nine Will Not Return”, loosely based upon the story of the aircraft “Lady Be Good”. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Be_Good_(aircraft) The Hasegawa B-24D for that was one of my more expensive purchases at around £45.00. I still haven’t decided on a B-25C kit upon which to base the Twilight Zone episode aircraft yet. Maybe a nice older cheap but ok Italeri 😊 🥶
  9. Gorgeous. That Jobs chap said something like “People don’t know what they need until they see it”. This build and the video apply here; I need one 😍. Thanks for sharing this. 🥶
  10. Well done sir 🤣. Where *does* he find them? There’s a half truth in there somewhere 🤔. I must stress, that the big blond ( I’m big too, in fact she reminded me of that fact a lot, loudly, ‘big’ is an appropriate adjective here) involved, obviously an ardent viewer of ‘Foghorn Leghorn’ cartoons as a child, was shouting at me (in hospital) and trying her best to walk my rather wobbly legs off. The cartoon is absolutely appropriate. Thankfully, a nice nurse (blonde, but not big, just extraordinarily beautiful, kind and with time to actually ‘listen’) just put everything right again 😊. 🥶
  11. Any Geordies remember the cinema; near a pub near Jesmond station; was it called ‘The Locarno’ ? Apologies for the drift. Regarding the loss of Mojo; I used to be ashamed to say that since about 2005 I have been a serial ‘non completer’. Everything on the shelf of doom for one reason or another. Then I tried something else. Refurbishing an old Corgi Toy car. It was so easy. Only new tool needed was a special little drill bit for getting the rivets out. Normal household pain stripper and toothbrush. Rags. A good wash, heat it up with a hairdryer, Tamiya aerosol; reassemble. Done. Given as a Christmas present to someone that likes VW Beetles. That gave me confidence to do another two die cast; now the mojo to do kits again. Maybe a change (of subject/materials) really is as good as a rest? All the best 🥶
  12. A 1/72 Comper Swift; the old Aeroclub one is lovely but I rarely see one for sale. The Hart family were fairly well covered by AModel/Avis. I did buy a few. They look ok in the box, but I haven’t started one yet. Also Kora/LF do some interesting variants and accessories. All 1/72: BA Sparrowhawk More interwar seaplanes of any kind, especially British and French. A DH Leopard Moth A correctly proportioned DH Venom I agree with @Jessie_C on new tool 1/72 DHC Beaver, Otter, Twin Otter and a couple of types of Noorduyn Norseman. More Bush planes in general please. Latecoere 28 (Land version). Breguet 19. Potez 36, 43 and 58. Widely available Hanriot HD1 and HD2. HR models made nice ones, but hard to find. Maybe BaT project recently; but limited release? More injection moulded Autogyros, any. A Cierva 20 to start with please (RS Models perhaps; a tweak on the C-30/Avro Rota mould?) An Early 1/72 Ford Trimotor. Really In 1/72. Armstrong Whitworth FK 3. DH-9. Military and civil. KB-11 Fazan I am almost sure that this will never happen; New tool injection moulded Couzinet Arc De Ciel (any version, accurate). DH Dragon, injection moulded. A nice selection of injection moulded 1/72 RWD 13. New tool RWD 5 and RWD 6. I would like to see a new tool of the RWD 8. Even though recently a new tool by IBG, the new kit Of the RWD 8 has so many areas requiring improvement (originally covered by *many* Arma Hobby resin replacements), that it makes modifying the very old ZTS offering appear at least equally as much work. Available for a very low price under many guises/manufacturer’s labels, the really old ZTS kit is still quite possibly the better value for money proposition. Fly Models? Hello? I don’t ask for much 😉 🥶
  13. Richard might be referring to this gentleman. Or not. However, yours truly went to the ‘proper’ one. Best year of my life. The other university is ok too. Depends on the subject of study. I openly admit to being of the belief that Newcastle Upon Tyne is a superb city 👍 Some great windswept beaches and countryside/ historic buildings all around too. Can be a bit lively on a Saturday night. Think the ‘Big Market’ has the most pubs per sq mile in the UK, but still a great city to go out in; just find a favourite place or three 👍 Used to be a great cheap cinema that showed films just a week or two after the big expensive cinemas showed them (50p) and some good live music and Comedy Club venues for musicians and comedians just playing to try to entertain; some, sadly, like The Broken Doll, now gone 😔 🥶
  14. Thank you RW. Now that’s from ‘UFO’. A later non-puppet Gerry Anderson production. Filmed in around 1969, set in a future 1980 (I think), that looked very much like a cross between Francois Truffaut’s future in Fahrenheit 451 and an industrial estate in Slough 😉. Great series. Sylvia Anderson’s costumes were stunning. Taupe. Lots of taupe and string vests on men and women of all colours, shapes and sizes. Really forward thinking for the time. It’s not that model that I had in mind, but I can see how the description fits. That’s the flying submarine thingy. Very cool. Weren’t the soviets working on such an idea at the time? Apologies for the sudden burst of contributions. After over a week in hospital and having had woolly sticks shoved up unspeakable places far too often 😲 Due to them searching for a virus, now finally in the communal area, the news: a big virus in China. That has already spread to the USA, an example in Australia and so on 🦠. The conjecture in the communal hospital ward on the virus is enough to make a grown man long for 1975, the Rhubarb & Custard Cartoons and a good chat about models and old TV 📺 👨‍🚀 🚀 ( and meteors, of all kinds). 🥶
  15. It is indeed. I don’t currently use FB due to a Contractual Obligation (not the LP, wish it was), much. However, I did have a peek at the SH website a few weeks ago and somewhere in the news or blog area they showed the new moulds that Duncan mentions. They look very good. They also discussed what a success their Meteors have been. This one looks lovely. One day I would like to make the Swedish target tug Meteor. I have the transfers thanks to a shop in Sweden, but no decent plan of the target drone or drone mounting assemblies. The usual; if anyone can help.....applies. Now what to do with a very nice unstarted Rareplanes Meteor and a Matchbox one currently in the ‘box of doom’. The latter did a dive off of the bench and then under my foot. The result isn’t pretty, but with enough filler, a flagon of tea and a belt sander.... 🥶
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