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  1. Arctic towers has left winter behind; beautiful cherry blossoms on the trees for the last week or two 🍒 🌸 No beaches allowed; approximately 15 million people in lockdown; our health minister forgot to answer an email from Pfizer; for six weeks 🤷‍♂️ It’s what he is paid $300,000 a year for; little health issues like, erm, vaccinating citizens against a pandemic 😷 😉 🥶 🐯
  2. Just caught up with this build. What a beautiful ship; you made a really good job. Love the snow, ice and the tissue sail technique 👍 I learned a lot here; many thanks for sharing 😊 👍 🥶 🐯
  3. These all arrived some time ago; only now am I organised enough to start taking photographs. I have wanted the FIAT G55 trainer for some time; with no real reason why 🤷‍♂️. However; What a nice picture on the box 😍 It just looks nice in the silver with the blue markings; also, I’m really into training aircraft. I am quite obsessed with The Spanish Civil War. This affliction is known of by those in charge. in terms of artwork, ICM did a good job here IMHO. The old Frog/Novo kit is in this room, I will plonk a picture on here soon. These two will be built here
  4. This looks very nice indeed; no mistaken purchase here. Looking forward to seeing you build it, hopefully here A
  5. These were called ‘Plastic Pigs’ up north in the 70’s through until the 90’s. Yours truly had a 50cc and a 90cc. Lovely little things, used by many a postman in these parts, until recently. Now being slowly replaced by mopeds with electric motors. Have to agree about whizzing around fields on them. Also that the next step would probably be a Suzuki ER or a Yamaha DT. It doesn’t seem that long ago
  6. Thank you for your banter folks, it is very welcome. Stuck on my Todd in lockdown, the company will make the builds a lot more fun. Now it is time for me to scamper away. Try to remember how to upload and embed photographs. Have a nice day or good evening, wherever you are and stay safe 👋🏼 AC 🐯 🥶
  7. Eek, but thank you Andy. I am not worthy of such comparison but it is very kind of you. I have not read his ‘The Spanish Holocaust’ yet, but intend to. Now I am filled with trepidation. Anthony Beevor’s seminal work gets a thumbs up from me. For some time, I have been without prescription reading glasses. That combined with lockdowns, lead me to trying, and thoroughly enjoying: Audiobooks. Two recent listens were a clever book; factual information woven into an easy prose with some, pretty accurate artistic licence; called: ’Hotel Florida’ by Amanda Veill. I
  8. Hairy stick is find with this kit; it’s the method I used to paint one, all those years ago. You are right about the tail plane/rudder colours. The kit transfers are way out; a brownish shade instead of violet. In English we may call it purple, but from Spanish sources, it would appear to be called: ”Violeta azul” For some reason that just sounds like a lovely colour. I must admit to violets being in my favourite colour (and flower) category; so that’s a part of the build to look forward to 👍
  9. Thank you 😊. The kit can vary, I know what you mean. The transparencies are really thick. Also, some of the later Donetsk Toy Factory re-pops are flash, flash and more flash. The original Frog kits tend to be the best general moulding, but are quite expensive these days. This is a Novo re-pop and although it has little to no flash; the plastic is a translucent brown. It looks brittle. It will be a challenge. The ICM kit looks good. Construction appears to be similar to that of a real aircraft. Wing spars and modular. Welcome on board; I will try to avoid the hammer 🔨 😉
  10. That is a very valid point Gorby. I am liable to veer off topic a little, sometimes into an alternative universe. Everything will be ok; just wear a seatbelt 👍
  11. Time to break the break from muddling and build something. In this case two things, hopefully. The venerable and loved Frog Tupolev SB-100, alongside the more recent, quite finely detailed, Ukrainian manufactured: ICM Tupolev SB-100M . Both kits are in 1/72nd scale. Neither have the deep panel lines, that appear to have been in fashion for perhaps 17 years or so. That is a ‘must’ for me as; if the scale panel lines on such ‘trench line’ models; were to be scaled up to the real thing; the aircraft would fall apart. Even raised panel lines, or none at all, are fine
  12. Superb photographs, thank you for sharing. Is the last one a Lisunov? Hungarian markings? Very nice indeed 😊 👍
  13. Hello all This looks like a great resource; for those of us interested in making models of aircraft that feature in movies. I was looking for ‘The English Patient’; one of my favourites. It is spot on with decent photographs. http://impdb.org/index.php?title=The_English_Patient Looks like they need a bit of support to maintain the site; might be worth visiting them and sending a pound or two. Little sites like this are dwindling on the internet; need to look after them All the best Anthony / TonyT
  14. Thank you Paul, that is a lovely little model. Appears to b sold out...will research, however, Combrig looks good. I would like a Dreadnought to make a ship that participated in the Spanish Civil war. Revell make a Dreadnought, but I will need to check scale, price and which is most suitable for the Spanish one. Mars first. Thanks again Paul and @phoenix54Paul too. This is exciting now Anthony
  15. Hello all, Thus, as many may or may not know; Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are having difficulties again. That would be oneself and his darling Cleopatra; the name I cannot reveal here, but she is Desirable, looks a little like Kate Bush when her hair is dark, and, for that matter, Liz of the large diamond and; is without doubt, the most difficult but gorgeous lady this Mr. Burton, driven once again to drink and Poetry, has ever met. Ahem @Dr Loopy... My modelling interests have changed. The preference in all things aviation; Trainers, civvies, prototypes. Nowt wot k
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