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  1. I have started following along. A nice and enjoyable build to follow and yes, the seatbelts look superb. This now makes me to get hold of one of the Harrier prototypes 🤗 and an AV 8A and/ or AV 8B . A 🥶
  2. That’s the film Jessie_C. The Zvezda 1/72 WWII Soviet Air Force Groundcrew are almost exact replicas of the main characters. It’s a nice easy film to watch. Popular in its time in the Eastern Bloc. They had no budget and/or a availability of WWII era Yaks, therefore used more recent aircraft, such as the Yak 18 here. Given the pause in transmission of the MiG 15 thread, perhaps the Yak 18 ‘Maestro’ should be started on a fresh thread 🤔? Well done on finding it; a nice still Shot of the music motif too 🎶 😊 👍 A 🥶
  3. Thank you kind sir 😊. The little rest is almost over. Convalescence time now. However, another of our friends is having a similar rest at the moment. The Laird that lives not too far from this Arctic igloo, is having a similar enforced period of rest. There may be a chance that the odd card or note may brighten up his Lairdship’s day/week. Whilst on my little break, I employed a team of cleaners to go and clean my igloo. 🧼 🧽 🧹 🚜. They did a good job at short notice, but strange things occurred. Most of my crockery has been thrown away, all of my knives and spoons. My sharp knives but the block remains and.....the MiG UTI kit. 😞. The top of the box was off. It didn’t really look like rubbish, but it’s gone. All that is left is a fuselage bottom piece 😔. The transfers and a fair bit of aftermarket were in there too. Fear ye not. A change of igloo is imminent as the igloo landlord was not happy enough with the cleaners work. This Eskimo must get on his Swedish reindeer and seek a new patch of snow, within the tundra, in which to settle. Meanwhile, at some point after the 20th, he will seek out another HobbyBoss Mig 15UTI/SBlim2, another set of transfers, the same aftermarket and start again. Sincere apologies for this unexpected break in transmission. Here is something from genuinely more pleasant times, something to soothe the eyes and ears, whilst Arctica123 works behind the curtains to resume transmission. With best regards A 🥶
  4. Another thumbs up for the LifeColor Matt 👍. I have not tried it before either. The insignia colours match nicely Doc. For the old transfers, you could try spraying a fine coat of clear varnish on them, then cutting them out. There’s also a ‘decal repair’ product that can be brushed on. I forget the name, buts it’s made by the Micro-Sol/Micro-Set people. I have used it on older TechMod transfers. The latter are lovely and very fine, but tend to shatter. Roden ones for their He-111’s and lots of early ICM can look lovely on the sheet, but they tend to shatter too. That brush on product works, but I’m sorry, hang on..... ‘Decal Fix’? Maybe? Quickboost make (or made) a nice resin P-40 prop and spinner with a little jig 💃. I used it to rescue a Heller P-40E that had also fallen victim to the carpet monster, then my slippers. CMK/Special HoMPFrrAzurCondor (moment) make nice aftermarket exhausts and Falcon/Squadron make nice canopies. Rob Taurus and Pavla May be worth looking at too, but I’m biased, love the clarity of Falcon Canopies. Sets are best; you know the best place for deals: Jay’s Hobbies in NZ. If you would like to club together for an order; 🥶 is open to suggestions as has been longing for canopy sets for FROG Maryland, Vengeance and SB2, Academy P-40E, various French Heller things and Soviet PE-8, Il-28 (Airfix(!) and Trumpeter) for a long time. True Details and CMK, others, make/made nice wheels too. Legato even used to make resin bodies, to eg convert a P-40E into a P-40K or M or something like that. I have one somewhere. Far away. Carry On Doctor!
  5. Go on, you know that you want to build that second kit. There’s lots of lovely after market around in case you are missing any parts. I must be one of the few people that likes the film ‘Flying Tigers’. Lots of good shots of the aircraft in that one. Then you could ponder doing a 49 fg aircraft too, or an RNZAF one. Not that I like the P-40 series at all.... 🤥 I’m still in hospital @Dr Loopy. I haven’t seen you on the ward rounds. Must be off building this kit. Never mind, watching you build this is much more entertaining than an ice cold enema 😨👍. Great stuff. The old bird looks ready for Cutella. Nice work on the re-touching. Once matron signs my discharge papers (it stopped leaking out long ago 👍) and safely home; my part of the deal will commence. A 🥶
  6. Due to a fairly imminent house inspection and yours truly having the speed of a 🐌, this will be a glacially slow build. However, feel free to have fun on the thread 😃👍. Meanwhile, I must admit that I would very much like to make a model of the Buchon in the photograph above. Thank you for the extra information Miggers 😊👍. Somewhere I do have the ‘Classic Plane’ 1/72 two seater Hispano Buchon kit. As far as I know there was only one two seater conversion; I didn’t know that it had been used in a movie. Was that repainted too Miggers? The Polish flag emblem is a very nice detail touch to an already very unusual repaint. Eccentric things like that fascinate me. At some point in the future I hope to build this: I have already led @RWG686 to the answer, but with no internet search, only noggin knowledge; I wonder if anyone can name the movie it features in? No prizes, just a smile from me due to perhaps finding a kindred spirit. Thank you @Gorby good to see you here and yes, I’m afraid I sometimes do have a tendency to ramble a little (erm, lot 😉). My GP really has given me some medicine that, I realise given current evidence to the contrary would appear to be a fib, is helping me cut down on the ‘waffle and gibber’ to ‘meaningful content’ ratio. Perhaps an increase in dosage is required? 😉 Back on topic, just one tiny bit of progress has been made. As mentioned, Mrs. 🥶 helped with my compressor and I have placed it in a trial location. For use, I hope, from that location. It is in the bedside cabinet immediately to my left. It is rather loud and my neighbours can hear a pin drop in this room. To be fair on them, I’m considering putting a folded up towel or some other method of vibration/sound proofing beneath it. Any polite and helpful suggestions most welcome. My neighbours are nice people and one works awkward shifts. Therefore she needs sleep, not to be concerned that someone may be taking a pneumatic drill to her ceiling 😱! Thank you for popping on board @Col. and @DC3 😊👍. That’s a lovely 1/24th Airfix Messerschmitt @Dr Loopy. I wish that I had room for models of fighter aircraft in that scale. Will you build it, or is it simply a nice collection piece? Their 1/24th Hurricane is one of my favourite kits. A Christmas present in around 1974 or 1975. I never did complete it, but was quite surprised when it attained £99 in an online auction, approximately 3/4 built, in 2006💰😃🕺. That’s all for now folks. My apologies, it really will be a glacial pace, but I do intend to finish this one. Fingers crossed 🤞 Best regards A 🥶
  7. I think that he will manage it. I don’t know how I know it. I can just sense it in the colour my waters feel 👍. Thank you for providing the photographic and lots of other kinds of inspiration too. 😊 A 🥶
  8. Thank you for the kind words and regarding the hommage. A really lovely idea. I know a bloke that has seen it. I had forgotten to tell you that: he told me he had forgotten to tell you that both the paintings *and* the models looked really superb. He’s a forgetful chap. Oh; hecsaid that it looked like a place full of welcoming people where one could enjoy the odd glass of lemonade too 👍. Thank you for following along A 🥶
  9. Thank you! I will try to keep them as clear as possible. Just like @Dr Loopy there may also be some experimentation with a painting booth and compressor. Mrs 🥶 provided these in January. My old ones, but needed dragging out of storage. My next post will be a brief look at that issue. Thank you for the positive words 👍👍 A 🥶
  10. I don’t think that I had a Do 215 Doc, but fairly sure that a lot of their kits were in that plastic. Yes, definitely from around 1970 to 1973. The latter a very interesting year. Felt like the last year of the 1960’s. Thank you for following along! A
  11. Exactly like that. Lovely Bf109 E. I’m looking forward for your plans for it! Please don’t make me wait 40 years! By the way, if your plans, when they come to fruition, don’t include the yellow/orange cowl transfers (Map of Africa and a lion head?); I know a chap that would love them for a plan he has afoot too 😉 A
  12. Hello everyone 👋 I am fairly new to the forum, but some here have known me for a while. This will be my first attempt at a build. Some information about the chap (me) typing on a little phone here; My Grandad introduced me to model making. He was a Royal Navy man during (and just slightly before and after) WWII. Three of the infamous Arctic/Baltic convoys and some other theatres, including being on the Ark Royal when it received the final blow that sealed it’s fate. Curiously, he did not introduce me to ships. I have a little health issue at the moment that is causing a kind of occasional memory loss, a dementia. Normally I would be able to write my first model here; I have told the tale so often; but I have temporarily forgotten. Maybe @Dr Loopy can remember it better than I can at the moment? It was either: The Revell 1/72 Brewster Buffalo. One of the ones with the lovely box artwork, suitable for cutting out to make a little postcard or picture to frame. I loved that model and especially that it had Felix the cat on the side. I really love cats 🐱. On the other hand, it could have been the Revell Corsair which, too late, I realised that I had glued the wings on upside down. I had also used so much glue that it would not dry. It just remained that sort of wobbly putty texture with burn holes in it from too much cement. Anyone else remember that happening when starting out? That was the first model I ever painted, wings upside down and rubbery base or not. The newsagent (‘Papershop’ in the colloquial English of that part of the world back then) only had Gloy paints. I’m fairly sure that it became an overall metallic green. I was four years old. The final possibility was the favourite build of the three, and one I would gladly build again tomorrow if I had it: The Airfix Savoia Marchetti SM.79. Such a stunning looking model; in that old light blue plastic that Airfix used to use. I think that they used it on Spitfires and the Dornier Do.17E/F too? I just remember thoroughly enjoying building that as a team work effort with my grandad (who for convoluted family reasons played the role of my father/dad) and then we went to a hardware store that also sold: Matchbox toys. Model kits; injection moulded and balsa. The Airfix paint and glue range. Brushes and sandpaper and so on. A real Alladin’s Cave for an impressionable four year old. As a treat for ‘starting school’; I was allowed all the paints and some brushes. Grandad sorted out brush cleaning. Everything went well until the mottle stage. At four years of age; it was too hard for me. I kept on retouching it so much that there were so many layers of paint, it simply would not dry. For the moment I can only remember it being on top of a table, outside the greenhouse, in the Yorkshire sunshine (yes, it does, sometimes 🌞) leaving it there to hopefully dry. As a child that spent at least a third of each year in hospital, another third convalescing, until the age of 13, grandad had thought about ways to pass my time. Model building. Tea card collecting. Stamp collecting, Reading. Drawing I started on my own steam, Grandma taught me to knit 🧶 🧣 🧤. Also piano and later, guitar playing. Hobbies that to a greater or lesser degree remained with me through the years. I must admit that I have not completed a kit since approximately 2005. I went through an intense period of modelling 2003-2005 following a bereavement. I still had all my old paints and brushes and managed to revive nearly all of them. Lots of patience, lots of stirring, lots of thinners, many paper towels. My first completed model then was the Airfix Mosquito, done OOB as the silver Australian Version. B-NA Maybe? I have often wondered if that is why one of the big model stores in Australia is called ‘BNA’? It was a more tricky kit than I imagined and needed a little filler. However, I was very pleased with the result; still totally naïve and ignorant of the advances made in model making since 1970 and early 1980’s when I’m afraid I discovered girls. One girl in particular. The model trains, slot cars and kit building took a very long break. Work and study contributed to that break too. I have wanted to build a kit for a few years now; maybe three years, but there is some kind of block. Also; I am often bedbound and like to Airbrush. A tricky combination. I find modern model building a little daunting. I am not a rivet counter; I absolutely do it just for fun. However, I am very fussy about some things. Aircraft exhausts, canopies, guns and wheels. Interiors, due to my chosen scale of 1/72, worry me less. In so many models, especially Spit.. erm, Hurricanes, so little can be seen of the interior; I really prefer a nice pilot figure in there. Sadly,only a few manufacturers include pilot figures these days 😔. Not for this kit, but for others, please save any civilian, 1930’s to 1970’s Warsaw Pact, Soviet, French, Spanish, Italian, German or British pilots for me, if you do not use them. I love pilot figures 👨‍✈️ 👩‍✈️ 👍. I’m fussy about panel lines. I don’t like them. In 1/72 they really are a little absurd. I have seen an almost wartime time warp unrestored Bf 109 G6 up very, very close. Field repaint splodges, real RLM06 patches not painted over, as there was a war on. Different shades of colours where repairs had been made too. Then the panel lines. Even in real life; from about six feet, almost invisible. These things were made to be streamlined. It did teach me something. That the fine raised panel lines on e.g. a Heller 1/72 Bf 109 K-4 (lovely kit), look far more realistic than the recent trend for trench lines. Yup. Fussy. Also weathering. They didn’t really look like they were covered in dirt and oil and crud too much. The Russians were quite good at using this as a method of camouflage, but ground crews tried, even in dire conditions, to keep the aircraft looking respectable. Therefore, I don’t really weather very much. Only when the subject chosen was clearly very worn/weathered/oily/leaky. ————— The kit that I will literally be bedtime building is a Hobby Boss Mig 15. It will be built as a Polish Special Navy Service model; ‘White Lady’ in 1991 colour scheme. I believe the one chosen was rebuilt as an Sb-Lim 2b late in its life. This kit was very kindly given to me as a birthday present many months ago by the Laird of Strathclyde. I have slowly acquired the twiddly aftermarket bits, that I was a little reluctant to admit I wanted for it, over the intervening months. My phone will, as far as I can work out, only upload one photo at a time to Village Photos. A slow process. Recently my MacBook charger and iPad cables both met with grim circumstances involving bodily fluids. One may have been replaced by tomorrow. That may make photo uploading faster, allow me to include more photographs. Much more fun 🖼 😊. I love emojis. I’m sorry to those that don’t, but they remind me of hieroglyphics and I use them to try to express irony, humour and so on; things that can sometimes be misunderstood in any written communication. Here are some photos of the kit and some aftermarket goodies. I have never used this transfer manufacturer before, I hope that they will work well: This is the subject to be made, chosen due to spotting it in a photo taken by @RWG686: Please let me know if the photograph quality/focus is suitable. I now have a cutting mat and, unlike at the time, spectacles. As it is ‘bedroom model making’ I’m a little restricted in terms of light options. Happy to try suggestions to improve photographs as the build, hopefully, progresses. I did promise @Dr Loopy that I would try to build and complete a kit if he did, he appears to be doing a splendid job, so now it’s time to try to keep my promise. Thank you for reading. More photographs of aftermarket goodies next time, then onto the build. Best regards and to continued good health and avoidance of Covid-19 for you all 😊👍 A 🥶
  13. Finally caught up Doc. Good grief it really has come along. I agree with something @RWG686 wrote a few posts ago. Along the lines that; this is a really good thread in that it shows the trials and tribulations we all face in modelling for recreation, not for work. Also on the transfers; yes, do whatever makes you happy. I’m all for building a kit in the way I used to as a kid, in an afternoon, no paint at all or whatever paint was around and wallop the transfers on. Then hop in bed with a ‘Victor’ comic and a mug of Horlicks and all was good in the world; my new creation gently giving off lovely toxic Airfix paint fumes on the bedside table. Learning by trying different things is superb and reading, watching it as clearly described as this is great stuff. Well done Doc 👍. Regarding the copydex, masking fluids and so on. The Gunze one is really gloopy. However, very good. I can’t remember if you have put any e.g. Future on the canopy yet? It helps to key the canopy frame paint sometimes. Great resilience shown and apparently no hamsters harmed during the production 🐹. Marvellous. Onward 👍
  14. Superb work Doctor. All of it. That looks a lot like a nice P-40E to me. Not thwarted by various challenges, including yours truly not texting at an opportune time, this causing a crash landing 😱. Sincere apologies 😐. Well rescued. Nice masking too. The pilot sitting on a Cornflake is a favourite moment 🤩🤩🤣🤣👍 MiG as promised, to come. Some photographs already taken. Far less complex kit than this. Great stuff 🥇 👏 👏 A 🥶
  15. One of my cars to the left, my wife’s to the right. Both. Blue. Yes, one week before I moved home, someone broke the Mercedes Benz symbol off. Didn’t steal it. Just broke it. If they wanted to make me very sad and frustrated, they achieved it. The car is a 1969 W114 250/8. All original. Running. The mindless delivery man rushed reversing it off of the flat-bed and dented my front valence and bumper. Both bolt on and replacements purchased. I’m trying to bring it and two others here (not blue). They are the deposit for a house in asset terms. My wife’s is a 1998 Peugeot 406 coupe. 3 litre V6. It has been nowhere. Smells new inside. We have owned it for 12 years. Bought it from the first owner. Have hardly used it as my wife was a journalist at the time then; thousands of journalists were made redundant. Internet news. No resources to run the car hence; stored. Selling not an option. Too nice. Plus: Blue 😉
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