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  1. We have the Attack Squadron and Res/Kit detail sets now in stock and more to come. Check out our competitive prices at hobbyzone.biz/modeling.shtml
  2. Attack Squadron and Res/Kit Details Coming Soon!

    We've received the first shipment from Res/Kit and they are available now. Attack Squadron detail sets should arrive soon. See what we've got here: https://www.hobbyzone.biz/modeling.shtml
  3. HobbyZone Model Aircraft Assembly Jig

    Here's a look at the updated HobbyZone aircraft assembly jig prototype. This is close to production now and includes the rulers along the horizontal and vertical axes. While this image doesn't show them, there are two wing cradles per side (when needed) so you can set and assembly biplane wings.
  4. The HobbyZone Starter Sets are back! Look under the Modular Workshop System for the set(s) you need. Aircraft Assembly Jig: HobbyZone will be releasing a new aircraft modeler's assembly jig in a few weeks. We'll get that in the catalog when pricing and availability are announced. We are receiving resin detail sets from Attack Squadron and Res/Kit soon. Those catalogs are online under Modeling Accessories. We are carrying the TacAir Publications reference DVDs for USAF, USN/USMC, and US Army aircraft camouflage and paint schemes. Look under the References section. Stop by the store for the latest! http://www.hobbyzone.biz
  5. HobbyZone Model Aircraft Assembly Jig

    I'm not yet certain. The last item I helped to design is only available through my store (the OM13 Storage Hutch) but I am hoping these will be available to all HobbyZone dealers as I've wanted something like this for my own Wingnut Wings stash.
  6. HobbyZone Model Aircraft Assembly Jig

    Here's the new product coming from HobbyZone that we mentioned recently, the HobbyZone Aircraft Model Assembly Jig. Take a look at the photos and specifications posted in a preview article here.
  7. Painter's Grip

    Got it. That's the Polish graphic - I'll ask them to update that. Good catch and clearly I need more coffee...
  8. Painter's Grip

    One slot on the stand holds the paint subject straight up, the other will hold it leaning forward or aft several degrees, but one at a time. One of two angles.
  9. Painter's Grip

    The Painter Grip is a figure painting jig that features a leather-covered handle for comfort while painting miniatures, figures and small models/subassemblies. The Grip is covered with genuine leather which makes even prolonged use comfortable in the hand. The knob at the top of the Grip with the HZ logo controls the clamp that holds your figure or model. A base is included to keep the Grip standing while taking a break or waiting for paint to dry. Main features: grip covered with genuine leather grip onto figures and miniatures mounted on pins to provide maximum level of stabilization (maximum width of gap - 0.2" (5mm)) knob for regulation gap's width desktop base to hold grip upright base will hold grip in one of two angles minimize unintended effects caused by the muscle tremble of your hands usable in either right or left hand product comes ready to use This is handmade product. Dimensions 5.9" x 1.5" x 1" (15cm x 4cm x 2.5 cm) These are available in the US for $28.95 plus shipping at www.hobbyzone.biz, and outside of the colonies at your local HobbyZone retailer.
  10. Kitty Hawk 1/48 Su-17M4 Fitter K Quick Build

    None. This was a quick build as explained in the linked notes.
  11. Here's a look at my quick-build of the Kitty Hawk 1/48 Su-17M4 Fitter K. My build notes are here.
  12. New (lower) Shipping Rates to Canada

    Attention Canadian customers! We have received new (lower) rates from UPS and gone are those expensive brokerage fees! On orders up to $200 USD, the brokerage fee is now $4.00 plus your shipping, duties and taxes (sorry, can't help you with Canadian duty and taxes). In addition, UPS now allows you to pre-pay your duty and taxes online so you will receive your package without any delays. Please email sales@hobbyzone.biz for a shipping quote!
  13. BB01 Brush Box is a perfect solution to hold brushes and other tools for home, workshop or on the road. This compact box consist of two parts with magnet closure and handy edge recess for easy opening. HobbyZone USA BB01 Brush Box
  14. Fine Scale Video Review

    Here is a video review of several HobbyZone modules recently done by Fine Scale Modeler: Fine Scale Video Review
  15. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! With the new year comes the inevitable rate increases to ship via USPS, UPS and FedEx. We still offer free shipping on orders over $100 anywhere in the lower 48 US states. Orders under $100 are shipped at a flat fee of $10 up to a subtotal of $50, and $15 between $50 and $99.99. Canadian customers can now obtain HobbyZone products through Leading Edge Hobbies in Ontario to avoid the hefty shipping costs and import duties. Customers at APO, Hawaii, and Alaska addresses, please email sales@hobbyzone.biz with your address and the item(s) you are interested in purchasing, and we'll provide you with a quote with the cost of shipping to your location.