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  1. Here's a sneak peek at HobbyZone.pl's latest creation, the OM14 Sprue Organizer Module. This is designed to work with the modular storage system and sit atop the storage modules using the magnets that are included. We'll pass along the release date and pricing when it becomes available. What do you think?
  2. News for January 2018

    HobbyZone USA is the largest importer of the HobbyZone line of hobby workshop products in North America, and is a veteran-owned small business. Our online store is set up to ship anywhere in the United States. We carry the full range of modular workbench products, portable work surface products, paint racks, specialty tools, and other hard-to-find products. We do not play the in-stock/backorder game in our store. If you can order it on our website, we have it in stock, and all orders received before midnight will ship the following business day. New in the store: We've just received the latest shipment from Begemot Decals that now expand our selection into 1/72 subjects, restock our 1/48 and 1/32 sets, and adds the latest release with the Cold War Red Star set in 1/48 and 1/72. All of the Begemot Decals have free shipping in the US. We've also just received another resupply from HobbyZone that includes a new batch of PS01 Plane Stands. These are made exclusively for HobbyZone USA as are the OM13 Storage Hutch modules. We've also expanded our selection of specialty modeling tools from Japan including some new Alec scrapers that are designed for the model car modeler, and some high-end Tungsten panel line cutters. The details for these are online on the store. All of the Japanese tools have free shipping in the US. The latest shipment from ResKit has arrived to include additional 1/48 modern French AF armaments and Bf 109 crew figures. We just received word that they've released new wheel sets in 1/48 for the F-4J/S, RAF Phantoms, F-111/EF-111A, F-101, and F-102. These next releases will arrive sometime in February. All of our ResKit sets have free shipping in the US. Finally, the Academy 1/35 M1A2 SEP V2 TUSK II kit has arrived in the shop. This is the ultimate version as it has the SEP Version 2 details as well as the option for applying the TUSK II supplemental armor to the sideskirts and turret. This kit is also the first with the T158 individual track links as an option to the standard 'rubber band' type tracks. We'll be receiving the new Academy 1/35 Panzer IV Ausf.H which is an all-new-tool release and looks great! For more information, visit our website at HobbyZone USA (www.hobbyzone.biz).
  3. The final restock of Attack Squadron detail sets has arrived including the 1/48 Grumman F2F kit, 1/48 MQ-8B Firescout kit, 1/72 MQ-8B and MQ-8C Firescout kits. Last call before they're really gone! The restock of Res/Kit wheels along with their new releases including the 1/48 MiG-25, MiG-31, Su-25, etc., are inbound and should arrive next week. The HobbyZone USA PS01 Aircraft Assembly Jigs (Plane Stands) are now in stock. We now have the optional thumb nuts to upgrade the PS01 kit's wing nuts. The new Begemot 1/32 MiG-29 family airframe and weapons stencils sets have also arrived and are available in the store. The HiQ series of yellow-kabuki-tape specialty paint masks are now in stock. www.hobbyzone.biz
  4. Hobby Zone Aircraft Building Jigs and other news

    The PS01 Aircraft Assembly Jigs (Plane Stands) are now in stock. Thanks to all who purchased the jigs at the introductory price. Here is the link: https://www.hobbyzone.biz/ps01.shtml
  5. The HobbyZone Plane Stand (building jig) shipment is now inbound and should be here early next week. As promised, we'll have an introductory special - the first ten stands (one per person) will sell at $49.95 plus shipping, after that, they will be available at their regular price of $64.95 plus shipping. Thank you for your patience! Note: We're told by the factory that HobbyZone USA will be the exclusive seller of the Plane Stand for the foreseeable future. If you live outside the US, email me directly at sales@hobbyzone.biz and we'll see what we can do to support you. We're expecting the final shipment from Attack Squadron in the next few weeks, this will have the C-130E/H engines, C-130J engines, C-130 flaps, and C-130 wheels in both 1/48 and 1/72 for the Italeri and Testors kits. No word from Arma Hobby if they've had a buyer for the Attack Squadron molds, so this may be the final opportunity to buy a set. We also have the 1/48 SBD dive flaps, 1/48 BRU-57 cVER, and 1/48 GBU-54 reorder as well. Finally, we've picked up a few of the Attack Squadron kits: 1/48 Grumman F2F, 1/48 MQ-8B Firescout, and 1/72 MQ-8B and MQ-8C Firescouts. Res/Kit has released some new sets and we're adding some additional sets from their line-up including (all 1/48): Su-17/22 wheels, MiG-25 wheels, MiG-31 wheels, UH-34/Wessex wheels w/floatation (we already have the UH-34 land-based wheels), Matra 155 rocket pods, GBU-12 LGB, and Durandal bombs. For those of you with the Trumpeter or Revell 1/32 MiG-29 Fulcrum A or MiG-29UB Fulcrum C kits, we have the new Begemot 1/32 MiG-29 family airframe and weapons stencils set due in next week. For more information, visit our website at HobbyZone USA (www.hobbyzone.biz).
  6. Farewell Attack Squadron Products

    We just heard from the owners of Attack Squadron, Arma Hobby, and Adalbertus figurines. They have announced that all three product lines will be shut down once they process the last orders and they will turn their attention to plastic kits. While we have one last order coming, whatever Attack Squadron details and conversions we have or that you can find elsewhere, get them now. The company has yet to sell the production rights for their resin products and who knows whether any new owner can match the casting quality of these products. Last Call!
  7. HobbyZone Model Aircraft Assembly Jig

    We're expecting the new PS01 Plane Stand (model aircraft building jig) in stock soon with an introductory price of $49.95 USD. This new jig is far more flexible and stable/solid than those laser-cut alternatives on the market!
  8. Introducing the HobbyZone OMS Series Workbench Modules

    The first increment of OMS modules are now in stock. Check out http://www.hobbyzone.biz for more. We're also expecting the new PS01 Plane Stand (model aircraft building jig) in stock soon with an introductory price of $49.95 USD. This new jig is far more flexible and stable/solid than those laser-cut alternatives on the market!
  9. Introducing the new HobbyZone OMS series. These are the same workbench storage modules as the OM series, but these are 7.9 inches wide (20cm) instead of 11.8 inches (30cm) to help optimize the unused space on your bench. These new modules will work perfectly alongside your OM modules right down to the magnets. We'll have these in stock next week. You can find these on our webstore at http://www.hobbyzone.biz
  10. Begemot Decals are now in stock!

    We've received our first shipment of the Begemot decal series and shipping within the US is free. You can see what we have in stock here: https://www.hobbyzone.biz/begemot.shtml
  11. We have the Attack Squadron and Res/Kit detail sets now in stock and more to come. Check out our competitive prices at hobbyzone.biz/modeling.shtml
  12. Attack Squadron and Res/Kit Details Coming Soon!

    We've received the first shipment from Res/Kit and they are available now. Attack Squadron detail sets should arrive soon. See what we've got here: https://www.hobbyzone.biz/modeling.shtml
  13. HobbyZone Model Aircraft Assembly Jig

    Here's a look at the updated HobbyZone aircraft assembly jig prototype. This is close to production now and includes the rulers along the horizontal and vertical axes. While this image doesn't show them, there are two wing cradles per side (when needed) so you can set and assembly biplane wings.
  14. The HobbyZone Starter Sets are back! Look under the Modular Workshop System for the set(s) you need. Aircraft Assembly Jig: HobbyZone will be releasing a new aircraft modeler's assembly jig in a few weeks. We'll get that in the catalog when pricing and availability are announced. We are receiving resin detail sets from Attack Squadron and Res/Kit soon. Those catalogs are online under Modeling Accessories. We are carrying the TacAir Publications reference DVDs for USAF, USN/USMC, and US Army aircraft camouflage and paint schemes. Look under the References section. Stop by the store for the latest! http://www.hobbyzone.biz
  15. HobbyZone Model Aircraft Assembly Jig

    I'm not yet certain. The last item I helped to design is only available through my store (the OM13 Storage Hutch) but I am hoping these will be available to all HobbyZone dealers as I've wanted something like this for my own Wingnut Wings stash.