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  1. I was using a tin of "Red Flag" paint a year or so ago, same size tin as humbrol but from Ged knows when!
  2. I had my 1965 Rover Mk8 ( 2.25 original engine)off the clock and accelerating along the due carriage way between Sherbourn and Yeovil once, never again. The GPS said we were doing over 90 mph but it felt like 900 mph, surprisingly smooth and nothing fell off. I had my 1957 109 Series One ( 2ltr original engine) off the clock ( 75 ish mph) and still accelerating out of Crewkerne towards Yeovil, never again. And the yellow bit, is it off one off those there Canadair CL215/415 thingies?
  3. ... it would usually be the Yeovil model show. I miss seeing my friends and catching up on all the gossip.
  4. I have a small, 18 photo walk round of the aircraft on my facebroke page if anybody is interested. https://www.facebook.com/lastchanceatgettingausername/
  5. If they are the same as in the kinetic mirage 2000 I have a set, straight sides, left over from my builds. They are in 1/48.
  6. Can you tell me more about the replacement radiator matrix please, like where you got it and cost? Thanks.
  7. I once got into a very “interesting” conversation at the FAA Museum (?) show a few years ago when I put my Australian B47 in the fantasy class in the competition. The official insisted I put it in the aircraft class, which is where it ended up and took a silver. Regarding rivet counter car club members, the upset caused at my first Series One Club meeting when they discovered I had a red gearstick and not a black one!
  8. Rory

    The Stash.

    May I have a list too please.
  9. Drewe is doing very well fo himself, you should be able to look up his Facebroke modelling page to see what he’s been up to and he has a YouTube channel as well. https://www.facebook.com/drewesmodelpage/
  10. Good morning all. Over on my personal modelling page ( link below) I have just added a few albums taken from various aviation museums I’ve been to. Please feel free to pop over and have a look. Featuring aircraft like the Walrus, Hellcat and the Buccaneer. The Italian Airforce Museum photos have been published with the kind permission of Mr Robin Powell. Thank you Robin. https://www.facebook.com/lastchanceatgettingausername/
  11. Just flicking through the May 1961 copy of Air Pictorial and finding some very interesting things, like what looks lik a 4 seater Magister, a Potez/Henkel CM-191,a 5 wheeled Royal Navy Wessex helicopter and at 16.40, Tuesday , February 8 the Cessna Model 336 Skymaster flew for the first time from McDonnell Air Force Base. Just another 30 odd copy’s to look through now!
  12. Did I see this fabulous creation at the Poole Vikings show on Saturday? If I did I’m very sorry I missed the chance to meet and talk to you about it.
  13. I once gave away a Znosed desert camouflaged Halifax to an old bloke at a show who said he flew them only to see it a couple of years later on another clubs stand and getting the full explanation of how he had made it..
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