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  1. Did I see this fabulous creation at the Poole Vikings show on Saturday? If I did I’m very sorry I missed the chance to meet and talk to you about it.
  2. Mistaken for the real thing?

    I once gave away a Znosed desert camouflaged Halifax to an old bloke at a show who said he flew them only to see it a couple of years later on another clubs stand and getting the full explanation of how he had made it..
  3. Yeovil Show?

    It’s on folks. I hope this link works. http://ipmsuk.org/calendar/yeovil-model-show-2018/
  4. As the title says. Because I was stupid and didn’t get them when available. Cheers Rory
  5. Yeovil Show?

    Just has notification that there is going to be a model show in Yeovil next year in March . Apparently this was announced by flyers at the Bovington show this year. Anybody have any info? Cheers Rory.
  6. Airfix 1/48 Merlin

    Anybody want to swap a 1/48 Airfix Merlin for an Italeri 1/48 Wessex HAS.1 AND a 1/48 italeri Wessex HAS.3? Thanks
  7. 1/48 Wasp

    Anybody have the Fujimi 1/48 Wasp in their stash that they want to part with? Let me know please.
  8. Fly Bristol Freighter

    Paul, if you can find it and let me have a copy i would greatly appreciate it.
  9. Fly Bristol Freighter

    Paul, can you get the registration number of the Series One Landrover at the bottom of the artical please? One like that has just sold for about £12,000. Just noted it's from a different artical , would it be possible for me to have a copy of the artical please, costs would of course be paid. Thanks.
  10. Heller 1/72 Nord 2501 Noratlas

    Having built several of these the toughest part is getting the outer wings, tail boom and vertical tails all lined up. On my second, or third , one I left the verticals off and taped the fuselage to the desk and squared every thing off that. It's a cracking kit.
  11. III/52 1/48

    Can you put up a picture of what you want please?
  12. 1/48 Me110 Parts

    Due to stupidity I have lost all the undercarriage doors for my 1/48 110. Anybody have any loafing about that they would like to part with? Thanks. Rory
  13. Eduard weekend kits

    I built, painted and finished the Tamiya Krupp Protze in just under 4 hours, 30 minutes of which was waiting for the water coloured washes to dry!
  14. 1/48 Me 110 Bits Please.

    Parts received thank you very much. Actually they came yesterday but somebody didn't tell me.