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  1. Now that i didn't think of!! Good shout
  2. Cheers mate, I ordered a BTR-152 today which has set the time period to the early sixties
  3. Here is the finished M1960 camo, not 100% sure of it however.
  4. Current progress on the what I've called the M1960 type 2 camo
  5. Trying another camouflage pattern, this time based on the East German Flächtarn pattern, I'll try make a closer match to the Flächtarn pattern for the rest of the troops.
  6. I'll try it, see what happens
  7. All 1/72, I'll try the stick!!!
  8. So as I said in my hello post, I'm working on a Cold War fictional Warsaw Pact army. Here's my current progress, some Zvezda hot War soviet infantry, painted up in my attempt at copying the Romanian motorised camouflage overall from the osprey book. Luckily for me I have around another ten boxes of these guys and some anti tank missiles to paint.... should be done in no time!! I'm using that camo suit as inspiration for now!!!! the end result, I'm not too keen on the size of the grey dots, but it's the best I can do?
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