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  1. Artful69

    1/32 Bf.110G-4 Conversion

    Well ... for an update ... there's been a change ... The GT Resin venture went south ... pretty much at the same time that John (AIMS) decided to jump in. AIMS are now producing a Bf.110.F, G-2 and G-4 conversion ... all the work is done and sets are good to be ordered ... with the first 20 being made up as I write this. These sets are proving to be very successful, commercially ... which, given the subject matter, I always knew they would. However, the queue is getting longer by the day and at last count 75+ sets are on order. If this is your thing ... the construction thread and order details can be found here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=70279 Rog
  2. Artful69

    1/32 Bf.110G-4 Conversion

    No ... It's not the one I started up tried to get moving for about 2-3 years ... GT Resin wants to give it a bash ... ETA 4-5 months? http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=70239&page=1 Rog
  3. Generally, when we westerners think about science fiction in video media ... most will tend to relate to the 'Big 3' - Star Trek ... Star Wars ... and Battlestar Galactica. Of course there are the various peripheral TV series ... Babylon 5 was a hit ... Farscape ... and a favourite of mine - the cancelled TV show - Firefly. Star Trek's original series started up in 1966 and ran for 3 seasons ... the animated series ran in 1973-1974 ... I mention this only because my favourite SF series first came on air in 1974 ... and Star Trek is the only major SF series that precedes it. Of course there are others, such as Doctor Who ... but I'm referring to series that are almost solely futuristic / space orientated ... The favourite that I speak of Space Battleship Yamato ... a multilayered 'space opera' produced in anime ... 26 episodes long at about 30mins per episode. The plot (set in 2199) is awesome ... the characters are multidimensional ... and although some of the sequences stretch belief and defy the laws of physics - in reality, no more so than many other western based SF or fantasy genre movies or series. The music score is also terrific. Sequels came and went ... and movies ... all before Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. The Americans got hold of the series under licence ... and because of the politically correctness of the period, changed the 'war sensitive' names of characters and vessels - and removed a couple of episodes. It came out as 'Star Blazers' ... and that, as a kid, is how I first came across it. I didn't realise how badly the Americans had stuffed it all up until I got to see the original, in Japanese audio, with English subtitles. After a live action flick made in 2010 (in Japan) ... which was largely unsuccessful due to the overly cramped and convoluted nature of ramming a 13 hour 'epic' story into 2 hours, they decided to re-make the original series. Released in 2012, Space Battleship Yamato 2199 uses updated animation techniques ... A few small things have been changed along the way ... some characters have been gender swapped very cleverly (e.g. Akira Yamamoto), omitted or expanded to create a richer feel to the storyline ... After seeing Vaughns build of the Bandai kit based on the Yamato from the 2012 remake ... I was inspired to grab it at some point ... The delay in release of the HK Models Lancaster has given me the perfect excuse opportunity ... At 1/500 scale it's over 660mm long and will make an impressive display! One of my favourite sequences in the series is the launch scene for the attack on the Gamilas advance base on Pluto ... where the ship based fighters are launched from the hangar deck. The kit has a few extras but you need to get the expansion pack in order to fit the hanger deck ... or keep it as a separate display ... Im unsure whether there are other 1/72 scale shipborne craft besides the below offerings ... but if I can find them, I'd love to get a larger scale 'Seagull' and Type 100 2 seater reconnaissance craft to go with them. Melda Deitz's distictive ruby red Gamilian Czvarke ... is also a desired kit! Tactical officer Susumo Kodai's Cosmo Zero (alpha 1) Ensign fighter pilot Akira 'Rei' Yamamoto's Cosmo Zero (alpha 2) Lieutenant Saburo Kato's Cosmo Falcon (Flight Leader) Ensign Hiroki Shinohara's Cosmo Falcon (Flight 2IC) Looking forward to seeing the next series - Yamato 2202 Rog
  4. More AM ... GMF had one last Schatton-Modellblau 1/32 BK.5 brass barrel in stock ... So I nabbed it!! ... since I had to pay for shipping anyway, I added the B-25 tail end correction set: The BK.5 barrel was acquired so that I can make this: From this: The two problem factors now are: ... theres a telescopic sight for the gun which sits in the cockpit, poking out of the windscreen and the bomb-bay doors were bulged in order to fit the gun and magazine. I can't scratch build for nuts ... so what to do?? ... Rog
  5. Into some AM ... Brian Fawcetts correction set for the Trumpeter Ju.87B ... Rog
  6. Yes indeedy ... after my original response ... hence the **edit** at the bottom of it Rog
  7. Here we go ... Very impressive - The postage out of China collected 4th March ... arrived at my post office 10th March! I have already acquired the Trumpeter renditions of the Ju-87A and B ... Here's the Ju-87D and G ... Of course, with these there are the typical Trumpeter issues ... A couple of inaccuracies. Though in this instance I'm pretty sure that most can be worked out with a bit of parts swapping!! In a weird quirk ... the bomb load/crutch required for the D is in the B kit ... and vice-versa ... corrections to the shape issues in the B kit will come via Brian Fawcetts resin correction set. The G kit under-wing guns are handed ... which, of course, aren't on the real bird ... The D kit contains a repeat sprue for this (for whatever reason) - so I should (barring any weird fit issues) be able to pull the required correction from this kit. The D and G kits also contain some Geißkanne pods (suitable for a D-3) ... Those who know their Stuka's will remember that the earlier D variants had the shorter wingtips ... So a Hasegawa/Revell kit will be needed ... either to install this ordinance variation ... or for the wing tips, perhaps? Rog
  8. Ok ... so ... much more upbeat in this post Firstly ... My second Fly Hurricane Mk.I arrived ... Complete with 2 'extras' bags (instructions, decals, photo etch etc) - the extra being for the first kit which didn't have it packed .. It also arrived in decent time, taking only 3 and a half weeks to arrive - instead of the 2 months for the previous example!! Also ... The second Revell Me.262B kit arrived from Hannants ... A MUCH improved effort in packaging sees this kit box without damage. ... and in reference to said, damaged kit ... a fellow modeller sent me the most amusing email ... The email, in summary, alludes to the concept that I should have just 'put up' with the earlier mentioned damaged kit ... as the contents were probably ok. I should "expect" items to get damaged in the mail - especially from overseas suppliers and I shouldn't "con" additional "freebies" from outlets when nothing was really wrong with the item anyway. ... apparently I'm the reason that kit prices increase at retail outlets and English retail outlets (in particular) go out of business flabbergasted ... I just laughed and hit delete! My take? ... I pay "new" money and shipping - I get "new" (read undamaged/unused) goods! If you stuff up on packaging, not taking reasonable care and effort to ensure "safe" delivery - you replace! Rog
  9. Hi guys ... if you re-read my post ... the 'first hand' experience I was referring to was with the kit itself - not the aircraft ... obviously the fact that the plastic has actually been examined now AND the examiner has had experience with the real thing qualifies some form of judgment! My point still stands that posting any sort of judgement based solely on photos of the subject alone is fraught with error in itself. If you read my original post there's an **edit** listed in bold down below acknowledging the posts made after the ones I quoted. Rog
  10. So ... You don't actually HAVE the kit in front of you? ... You haven't actually SEEN the plastic with your own eyes? ... and you're posting, what looks to me, more like a judgement of condemnation than an educated opinion ... and based on photographs alone? ... Correct me if I'm wrong, of course!! ... If that, indeed, is the case - perhaps it might be worth checking the plastic yourself against drawings etc? ... It is well known that photographs have all sorts of issues with angle, light and reflection - and don't always tell the true story. It would be VERY unusual for ZM to make that sort of basic error and as such, I'm immediately skeptical of said review. I have several ZM kits in the stash ... while the internals (framework etc) are not overly accurate (they are not meant to be) ... there have never been any 'Major' external shape issues with their kits ... Lack of crisp detail on the earlier releases, perhaps ... but no ridiculous faults. As an aside here - if instructions are followed correctly - and the modellers mantra (Check three times glue once) are followed, the fit and finish are also unsurpassed ... and in my opinion provide for a much more engaging, enjoyable and fulfilling build than a Tamiya kit. This is one reason I never go on photos and a single persons opinion ... The kit may very well yield a shape error, that's true and I'm in no way saying that the reviewer is incorrect in their assessment ... but in the multitude of counsel there is wisdom. I'm not talking about the multitude of nodding heads at one so-called 'expert' persons ranting either ... sheep do not constitute valid opinion. I never buy a kit without seeing several reviews from individuals who actually have the plastic to hand ... preferably a number of those who have some basic knowledge of the subject matter ... AND ALWAYS tend to avoid overly critical reviews that use hyperbolic, sensationalist language, which in the end, seem to be written with an arrogant 'show-off' attitude of " Oh goody!! Look I found an error! This kit is crap!" ... Every kit has errors, seek and you definitely SHALL find! ... My HKM B-17's are a case in point ... there are definitely issues ... with either kit! ... But if I let one or two opinions from 'experts' sway me, I wouldn't have bought them ... and I would have missed out ... because they are GORGEOUS!! The ZM Phantom kit is not my cuppa ... so I'll never have one, myself ... besides being in the wrong scale (1/32 and up, for me) it's a post WWII bird, which holds little interest. I don't have a dog in this fight. I do, however, think that posting judgement without first hand experience is a little over the top! Rog ** Edit ** ... Though my point above remains valid, it appears that you've had a chance to examine the kit for yourself since your initial comments on the subject ... I hope you've had a chance to compare with accurate drawings also!
  11. On a positive note for Hannants ... I spoke to their customer service manager today ... and he's sending me a new kit - one he's packaging himself. Rog
  12. Today was supposed to be a day of joy ... regardless of what had not arrived ... I had a parcel waiting for me at the Post Office for collection - and miracle of miracles, I was due to finish work at a reasonable time. A new pair of headphones (wired because I go to certain places sometimes where bluetooth devices are considered to be "ignition sources") for my iPhone. Well the headphones are great - feel more sturdy than my Beats Studios ... but the cover I have on my iPhone won't let the plug go in. New case required! Then I went out the front door to check the mail after I got home ... and found a flimsy cardboard box waiting. It was the package from Hannants that had gotten lost in Luxembourg ... Normally I'd be happy the thing finally got here ... except I got this - It's supposed to be brand new, mind!! Now we all know how notorious Revell are with their weird kit box packaging ... but if you are a major retailer ... and you know the package is going international ... wouldn't you package it accordingly?? I've seen paper with more structural integrity than box Hannants used ... Not happy!! Rog
  13. A while back I grabbed my second Ju.88A-4 so I could do an AIMS conversion or two. A few emails back and forth between John (AIMS) and I had me sold on doing another variant ... Even though A-1's are in plentiful supply and cheaper ... I needed another A-4 kit ... likely to be even more expensive as they get rarer ... So, failing stock availability at local suppliers ... it's off to e-Bay! Surprise of surprises ... I got this out of Germany, including postage, for about $102.00 AUD Rog
  14. Well ... This one is a bitter-sweet post for a number of reasons ... Originally I was going to wait until the Mk.I kits were released before buying all the Hurricanes from Fly ... Then, thanks to Dean ... I got the heads up that the original Mk.IIc's were out of stock at Fly and from Jiri that they were now OOP. So I grabbed a couple from Hannants ... a bit more expensive than from Fly direct ... and then there was the additional shipping cost ... bummer! On the 23rd of November last year (8 weeks ago!) ... I placed an order, with Fly, for the remaining Hurricanes ... thinking I'd had a decent win, thanks to the free postage ... Unlike the Arado's before them - where I got them within 2 weeks, instead of the expected 3 ... They didn't arrive before Christmas. A few emails have passed between Jiri and I over the last couple of months ... To his credit he was going to replace them if they hadn't arrived before months end. Yesterday I was advised via a card that they had arrived at the post office and were awaiting collection ... and so here they are ... ... but not quite! ... I make a habit of checking the kit boxes when unpacking. Whoever packed the Mk.I kit forgot to include the bag with the instructions, decals etc ... It's all good - I'm sure Jiri will be happy to send them ... and since I was wanting to get another Mk.I anyway, he can just double up in the next box I order. Rog