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  1. Here are some pictures of the finished model (paper, laser-cut card, acetate and elastic thread/sprue). Partial build thread here: Won best in class at the IPMS Halifax model show this month. Very happy with that:
  2. This is the old (1973) Matchbox Boeing P-12E. Added an instrument panel and control column from scrap, replaced the missing windscreen with one from the spares box, and used Uschi van der Rosten elastic rigging. Drilled out bore-sight and wheel valve holes. Decals were too old to use, so I used Model Alliance versions - almost identical to the kit (95th Pursuit Group, March Field, California, February 1934). It's a nice enough kit, but it does show it's age. Thanks!
  3. All, I’ve got a Swordfish Floatplane, a Walrus and will have a Seafox when I can find one. I’ve got some Vallejo Model Colour paints that I think are correct in theory for the topsides (70.867 Dark Blue Grey and 70.892 Yellow Olive). However when I put them together they are very low contrast and very dark. Even though this might be correct, I’d rather have slightly brighter versions on 1:72 models - scale lightening if you like. Has anyone got any advice for Model Colour or Model Air for a bit of scale fading or scale lightening for this FAA scheme please? I don’t want to mix paints. I notice that in the Vallejo Air FAA set, for the Swordfish the lower wings are lighter versions of the uppers (like a few RAF biplanes I think). Any advice on the true relative lightness would be appreciated; I tried just adding white for my RAF Tiger Moth, but didn’t add enough - it looks the same.
  4. Makes sense, yes. The reason I fixed them like that was partly because of the image on the plan, but mainly because the chain cut-outs don’t line up exactly with the chains!
  5. I was wondering where these curved laser-cut panels went. There’s no mention of them in the instructions: I eventually found them on some old plans - looks like they could be fold-down gratings to stop people falling down the anchor chain hole: So that’s the guns fitted. Took a bit of adjustment, and the hull doors still need fitting, but at least they’re in place now:
  6. All 18 guns finished now. Glad that’s done tbh: Now to fit them...
  7. Pretty much finished the main deck guns: This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 720x563. Each complete gun comprises 30 parts. And there are still four more to build for the hull guns, then the secondary armament. This bit of the build isn’t that much fun. Deck mounted 5.2 cm guns completed this evening: This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 654x720.
  8. Very nice - I’m tempered to start my Airfix refuelling set after seeing the fuel truck! Is it based at East Kirby?
  9. Did some work on the main guns (or a gun). Some of the parts: Assembled to an educated guess, and some reference images (instructions are vague to say the least). First, without the shield: And with the shield: Just another 5 of these, and another 4 without shields. Then on to the secondary armament...
  10. Made a start on the main 10.5 cm guns, by making the barrels. Each one comprises three overlapping rolls of paper:
  11. Bridge finished, with the addition of extension pieces, navigation lights and the ‘boxes on stalks” on the wheel house roof:
  12. I needed some easy wins on this, so I cut out the emblems and name plates and stuck them on. I think the crest on the stern should maybe go a bit lower, but it conveniently covered a gap higher up, so it was too good an opportunity to miss. Also added the anchors and foredeck railings (which didn’t fit too well). Dampening helped a bit, but the fronts still needed trimming:
  13. Bollards and foredeck details this weekend:
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