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  1. Much apprecited Muttley. I went to Duxford twice this year, and Cosford, and in never once occurred to me to look at the top of the missile.
  2. I think that's available in 1:72 already. Interesting vehicle, but I wanted something a bit less obtrusive to go next to the Vulcan.
  3. Thanks very much. I’ve seen that image already, but it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s what.
  4. I think I read that, but again no top views. Thanks!
  5. I'm currently (very slowly) building the new Airfix Vulcan, and wanted to display the Blue Steel missile included in the kit separately from the model. There are a couple of trolleys / transporters available in 1:72 kit form, but I wanted the 8-wheeled version, since I kind of liked the robust look of it better than the skinny low-level loading trolleys. I assume it's compatible with the Vulcan (looking at several reference pictures), but it's really just something to put the thing on. So after finding some decent online images (not easy) I contacted the RAF Scampton museum, who kindly se
  6. All, as per the title, for a camoflauged aircraft, what colour is the area behind the headrest bulkhead, ie the fuselage, visible under the canopy? Is it camo colour, or cockpit green, or black, or something else? Does whatever colour it is extend to the upper bulkhead itself (and the stiffener that has the holes drilled in it) as well? Thanks.
  7. Thanks guys - I think I'll stick with XF-83 after all.
  8. Thanks. Hmm, now I've done a test-piece, it looks OK against Ocean Grey and Dark Green...
  9. All, for the Sptifire F. Mk.22, what is a good colour (Tamiya or Vallejo) for the underside Grey? I've got Tamiya XF-83 Medium Sea Grey, which looks way too dark to me, and according to IPMS paint charts, XF-53 Neutral Grey is correct, but that looks even darker. Any suggestions? Cheers.
  10. This is another long shot (but it's worked before!): Does anyone have a spare / scrap windscreen for an Airfix 1:72 Spitfire F. Mk.22, or does anyone know of an aftermarket item that actually fits? Mines got a moulding flaw inside the side screen: I've requested another, but I'm not convinced I'll get it soon, and even if I do, not guaranteed not to be the same. Thanks all & happy new year to everyone.
  11. Not sure yet - I definitely want a two-tone scheme though. Is it confirmed the one above was all grey? The rear fuselage looks to have a hint of low contrast camo on the rear fuselage?
  12. I don’t like mixing paints - makes the inevitable corrective work more difficult.
  13. According to the instructions (and a Google search) at least some had two-tone camo?
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