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  1. Nice to see one built ‘clean’ for a change. Someone gave me a nicely built one with the gun bays open - as usual. Definitely prefer them closed.
  2. Lovely model - perfect level of gloss too. Well done.
  3. It looks beautiful. Definitely one to be proud of. I just finished a Cyber Hobby Helldiver, also started in August. Satisfying to win a fight once in a while...
  4. Yep. Like that one - looks a nice kit. Is it the one with the option for gun bay detail?
  5. Thank you. Yes, all things considered I’m happy with it. The lower wing ribbing is almost invisible though, after all the corrections I ended up doing, but it’s done and off the bench now.
  6. Finished it in the end. Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I'd had enough and just wanted it off the bench. Pictures here: Thank you to everyone who gave me much needed encouragement...I'm having a rest from modelling for a while now!
  7. After a monumental struggle during which the entire stock of Hannants RAFDec "between the wars" decals were butchered to death, it's finished. Here are the finished pictures. Build thread here: Bristol Bulldog Mk.IIa, 29 Squadron, RAF, North Weald, 1932: So happy to get first prize in the 1:72 modified aircraft class at the IPMS show at Halifax yesterday, so it was worthwhile in the end... Thanks for looking!
  8. I know, it’s daft but I hate giving up. Especially when so much effort went into it. The next try will be the last; I’ve had the last set of decals that Hannants had in stock!
  9. Anyway, if anyone’s got a bagged, early version of this kit for sale, I’d buy it and try again. I can salvage most (if not all) of the scratchbuilt stuff, and at least now I know what to do! Cheers.
  10. Yep. I’ve had this before though - I near the end of a model that I think I couldn’t have done much better....and something totally unforseen happens. I then end up trying to correct the impossible because I’ve put so much into it. They never look right.
  11. Yes, as I mentioned before, that’s what I was hoping to replicate, but as a raised line by adding thin sprue (first image), but it didn’t work out - far too obvious even with the thinnest sprue. I did try scribing a line as a last resort, but the crack made a straight line impossible to get consistent without looking like a trench.
  12. Yup. It’s screwed. For some odd reason, a crack appeared in the upper wing. I’ve tried to cover it by making it into an assembly break line (which would have been ok), but it looked gash: So I’ve tried to scrape it out and dissolve some sprue into it: But obviously it means re-painting....and yet another decal: I very much doubt the wing can take another flat and re-paint, and it’s now fitted and rigged, making any repair 10x more difficult. I think I’ll end up stripping the wings off and retaining the fuselage and engine etc for another life. Shame really, since I must have spent dozens of hours on it, and most of it looks very good (and I’m quite critical of my own work).
  13. Finally got the decals on without something going wrong. Jeez. Also added a circular disc to represent the oil cooler vent. I’ve seen one image with what looks like a ventral lamp under there too, but can’t find a definitive reference. ETA note the deliberate stencil mistake. Wouldn’t be the same to finish a stage without a correction to make.
  14. The lower wings been stripped and re-painted twice since this morning (decal disaster and temperamental paint). The combination of silver paint (main issue - it’s a nightmare) and a rigged biplane was not a great choice. Drilling through the lower wing and repairing the holes was a really daft idea. So close to finishing it, yet I can feel something’s going to push this one towards the bin. At least I’ve got another two sets of decals before I run out.
  15. So I got the top wing on, after much fiddling and fettling (as usual). It’s very slightly out of alignment, but ok. Of course, a crack re-appeared along the joint line: It’s actually on a break line on the real aircraft, so I’ll have to find a method of turning it into an extremely fine panel line. Tried a strip of black decal (too obvious), silver painted masking tape (would also need red decals in the appropriate places, and looks clunky). Current idea is to use super fine elastic rigging looped around the whole wing and fixed with Klear... Anyway, the elastic rigging is done - used the drilled lower wing method, which I’ve never used before. As expected it greatly simplifies one thing (the rigging), at the expense of greatly complicating the painting of the lower wing. So after filling and flatting the rigging holes (predictably not very well), it’s now painted and awaiting the thankfully extensive decals: In the meantime I made some better rudder horns out of flattened and filed brass tube:
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