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  1. Thanks! I ordered the wood, glass, and steel display case the other day for the finished diorama. I’ll post some more photos of that when it comes in.
  2. Today’s progress: The aft funnel is made from aluminum sheet to give it that thin and delicate look. Aluminum is easy to work with but damned difficult to glue. The interior and exterior pipes are all there, the funnel containing something like 30 individual pieces and hollow right down to the main deck. It was probably more work than it warranted but a solid block of wood wouldn’t have answered, no, not at all. I suspect the forward funnel will be easier to build now that I have a notion how to do it. I’ve already made a boxwood former and plan to start its construction tomorrow. Additionally, I hope you notice the awning support stanchions with its associated rigging. This was another all-day affair. Many folks choose not to model this detail on their ships but I think it adds to the delicacy of the model, worth the effort in the end.
  3. Ha! Very carefully! I Spent all day building the aft funnel from aluminum as thin as foil, just so it’d look delicate, I thought I’d lose my mind, but on the second try, it all came together.
  4. There will be a few more progress photos. I’m building the awning stanchions as we speak, all 54 of them, not to mention their rigging...
  5. Thanks! The hull is boxwood, the rest is mostly brass.
  6. Why thank you! I’ll post a few more since you folks seem to be interested:
  7. Ha! Thanks!!! Here is my finished SMS Viribus Unitis in 1/1500 if you’re interested.
  8. Greetings! I thought I’d introduce myself by sharing a work-in-progress photo of my 1/1500 scale, scratch-built, HMS Dreadnought. The model is made predominantly from boxwood and brass, with some styrene mixed in here and there. The deck is planked with basswood, and the whole model measures just over 4”. The total parts count has just topped 500 for what you see here, and I figure it’s about 40% complete.
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