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  1. Cheers Kevin. Ive just taken a fancy in this model and thought I’d use a good reference for the build. Im just hoping someone would like to clear a little space on their bookcase and make a few quid.
  2. Hi, I’m looking for a copy of the Haynes Typer 45 Destroyer manual please. Cheers Ian.
  3. Now that's outer space, I did 19months in Sumburgh a few years ago, never known wind like it😉 Only warmed by the people in Shetland, great one and all.
  4. This time next week I'll be trundling up the M5 to the cold, cold north. Safe trip to you all who are braving the soap dodging, Buffy shirt wearing, ponytailed minority who give our hobby that certain cultural verity;)
  5. Always has a great selection of books, I've had a few in the past.
  6. Really nice build of a S61, great machine. Having spent 18 months on the Sumbrugh SAR machines it touches a few strings. Realy nice place to live, Shetland. I lived in the Bristow accom just by the Mainland shop, Heartbreaks. Knew a few guys who work on the S92 from the old BA days, when Sumburgh was very busy with Chinooks, S61's and Pumas. keep up the great build.
  7. Can't wait, my first show of the year. Usual plan, up on Friday, may be Cosford, then wandering the halls Saturday and Sunday. Great social on Friday and Saturday nights. Bring it on.
  8. Can't wait to see it in the flesh so to speak, great work Spen.
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